Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Colourpop is probably my favourite brand right now. Im sure you all already know that. LOL.Their products are good quality and very affordable. I picked up two satin lipcolors and i have been enjoying them. They colors are FRICK AND FRACK and TANSY.

FRICK AND FRACK -This is a dusty mauve color.” Pigmentation is great, texture is smooth and doesn't dry out the lips. This color is so pretty with a neutral look or smokey eyes. Very lovely everyday color and long lasting for a satin finish.

TANSY-This is a warm brown. Our Ultra Satin Lip is a lightweight, bold lipstick with a Satin finish. A super comfortable feel and healthy satin look for you lips. Ultra Satin Lip has a crazy high percentage of pigments for extra intense colour saturation. This lipstick is extremely long wearing, although not completely kiss proof– you may leave some marks on your coffee cup!

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I always wanted to get my hands on Mac Whisper of Guilt but that product stays sold out. Imagine my happiness when i found out a popular product from a cult beauty brand that is a dead on dupe for it. Funny thing is i purchased this from a friend and i was very excited to try it out. 

WHAT KIKO SAYS:Revolutionary eye shadow with instant colour release and dual wet and dry use.Mixture of groundbreaking spherical powders for an outstanding colour effect bringing together extreme coverage, pure luminosity, and long-lasting colour.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: This is a clear gold/ champagne color. This is firstly an eyeshadow so you know the pigmentation is great. When i swatched this, i was super impressed. The pigmentation is awesome and the color is beautiful. As a highlighter, it does give a blinding glow. I like to add this untop bronzey colors for an extra  pop. 

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  After hearing so much about Gerard cosmetics online and on IG i decided to give the brand a try. This brand has a sale every other day and i decided to do some shopping. I order some lipsticks and two of their most popular highlights and i must say i was super impressed.

I picked up Lucy and Marilyn Highlights as these two seemed to be absolutely loved by people.

WHAT GERARD COSMETICS SAYS: Lucy was inspired by the iconic comedian and sitcom star who will forever be America's sweetheart. This rosy highlight is ultra velvety and finely milled. We added a hint of golden shimmer to give it dimension and it looks beautiful on the cheekbones or mixed with the blush of your choice.

This highlight is my favorite ever!! Of all the highlights i have this wins!! I have a rosey golden high shine that is so beautiful on all skintones. It is super pigmented and doesnt look over done no matter how much you apply it. I absolutely love this one.

WHAT GERARD COSMETICS SAYS: Marilyn was inspired by the ultimate blonde bombshell. A golden, luminous powder that is an ultra luxurious and creamy texture. Reminiscent of crush diamonds, this highlighter will be a girl's best friend. 

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Monday, October 17, 2016


You know how after an intense face beat and setting all that cream and liquid with a ton of powders, the face can look a little too cakey and powdery. I personally cannot stand for my makeup to look baked and that is where setting sprays come into play.
WHAT GERARD COSMETICS SAYS: Lock in your makeup look and look flawless for hours with our cooling, oil control mist that increases the look and longevity of your makeup.
 DAZZLEBEAUTIEAfter trying a ton of setting sprays i decided to give the one from Gerard cosmetics a try. Asides from the variety of scents these come in, i was attracted to it because of the name. "SLAY ALL DAY".. How Catchy!!! This product comes in 5 different scents and i chose Peach because i like the scent and it felt like the safest choice for me.

First things First,This setting spray is great!!  When you first spray it on you are hit with the sweet scent of Peach which eventually fades out after  few seconds. The formula of this has a tingling sensation which i quite like. This helps my makeup melt into my skin flawlessly .The pump is also great as it dispenses it in a fine mist and doesn't leave water spots. I have been enjoying this spray and plan on  getting more scents as it is long lasting and helps my makeup stay on for hours too.

Has any one tried this?Let me know what you think.

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Monday, October 10, 2016


Hello guys,

I have been into big lashes and i keep looking for affordable brands with great lashes to try out. I was watching a snap chat tutorial and the lady doing the tutorial used these lashes and i decided to give it a  try. I went to the website and this brand struck me as a HOL brand for less. They share some similar styles one including one of their most popular styles "LUCKY LOLA" which is an exact dupe for the HOL "ICONIC".

WHAT HOL SAYS(MISTY): What is your character? Fun, Fashionable, Natural? Our Misty lash is celebration for your eyes that compliment your unique world in a natural sense of fashion. The perfect blends of two-toned black and dark brown gives you a soft and very natural look for daily wear. It's mother nature calling for those who love our natural lashes, with a hint of dramatic style.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: These lashes are so pretty and i love wearing them when i do a dramatic look. they are full but not too long where they overpower a look. I got the three pack of these and i have only used one. They are so sturdy and still maintain shape even after wearing them over ten times. All i need to do is clean the and put them back in the case and they are ready for use the next time. 
WHAT HOL SAYS(LUCKY LOLA): What can we say? Our Lucky Lola lashes are FAB-U-LOUS! Lucky Lola wants you to know you are strong and have the greatest personality! Lucky Lola lashes are you. Vivacious. Gorgeous. You will fall in love with them, forever! Forever! Your luck will never run out! 

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: Now these are my absolute favorite style of lashes. After trying the HOL iconic and finding these i have been stuck on them. I love how lightweight and wispy these are. This eyelash is dramatic and fabulous. It looks great with any makeup look simple or dramatic. I have worn them so much and i cant stop reaching for them every time i do a look.

I really love this lash brand and they are super affordable. They even have three pack bundles for an additional discount.STEAL!!!  I plan on restocking and trying out more lash styles soon.

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Friday, September 30, 2016


Hello Guys,

Colourpop released metallic lip colors a while back and i didn't know if i would like them. They seemed a little too shiny and i wasn't convinced on a metallic liquid lip color. Being the addict that i am i stalked colourpop's twitter and placed my order on the website immediately it launched. I could only grab two colors as the other two got sold out quickly.Boy do people love this brand.

My order included 3WAY and ZEBRA out of the 4 colors that where released. After receiving and swatching, i noticed there was very little product in the tube. I had to swatch a few times to get good color pay off. I was a little dissapointed with this. I have never had any issues with colourpop products. The two colors i have are quite similar but one is a little more wine than the other. On the lips there is not so much difference. The formula of this is a satin. I actually thought these would be matte but they aren't which to me is a good thing. For some reason i don't see myself wearing this a lot or maybe i just didn't get the colors i really wanted. For the price i guess i cant complain too much even though colourpop makes awesome products. Thinking of getting new shades to try out. Maybe Flitter or Salt? Let me know what your faves are!! 

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Friday, September 23, 2016


Hello Guys,
I was recently sent some lovely goodies from Tayo of MYMAKEUPNG. Tayo is my girl and she stays hooking me up with the lastest makeup. In my goodybag where 3 of the new colourpop lipglosses, 3 Nabi ip pencils and one of the softest beauty blenders i have ever tried . The AOA wonder blender.

AOA WONDER BLENDER: I am super picky with beauty blenders because they all promise the same thing but hardly ever deliver. I am loyal to my original beauty blender and try not to stray to other brands because they never give the flawless blend they promise. (side-eyeing my RT beauty sponge) They tend to soak up all the product on your skin and leave your face with patches. When i did the "feel" test with this one i was so impressed because even dry it was so soft to touch. I applied a drop pf foundation on my face and blended it out with this and the application was flawless. When i wet this and used it on my face my makeup was so well blended out!!! Honestly, this knocks the beauty blender out of the park. I will definitely be getting more of these to use on myself and future clients. LOVE!!!

NABI LIP PENCILS: The first thing i noticed about this lip pencil was the length. Its so hard to find a brand that gives you a pencil that doesn't run out after sharpening it more than three times. These colors are FAIR in my opinion. Pigmentation is not as great as other lip pencils i have tried recently or maybe its just the colors i received. They are not the typical bright colors so they do not line as intensely as others. 

COLOURPOP: I have been waiting for Colourpop to release glosses for the longest and time and i was super excited when i heard about this. The glosses have different finishes ranging from sheer-metallic. I received 3 colors Weho, Bestie and A-Boo. These colors are suitable to wear alone or over a lipstick. They are no sticky and give high shine. They are also not too light for dark skin. I think lip glosses can get a pass when it comes to being pale unlike lipsticks because they sheer out and dont end up looking ashy. If you are a soft lip/ nude lip love these colors are perfect for you.

All of these products listed can be found on the site and two of them are under N1000!! Can you say DEAL?

AOA BLENDER: N750. Purchase HERE
COLOURPOP: N4500 Purchase HERE

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hello Guys!!

I have a review of a makeup brand that is relatively new and yet to make its mark in the beauty industry. A few months ago i was contacted by PUR Cosmetics team in the US and they sent me these dual contour sticks to try out and review. I was super excited to give them a try as i am not really big on cream products because of my oily skin.

WHAT PUR COSMETICS SAYS: Meet the final word in flawless contouring. PÜR's dual-ended 2-in-1 contour stick adds depth and dimension to your natural features. Natural, light-reflective microspheres emphasize your face’s natural highlights and shadows to highlight your best features and minimize others. This easily blendable, creamy formula sets to a powder and can be used as a foundation.
DAZZLEBEAUTIE: This product comes in 5 shades :LIGHT , MEDIUM, TAN, DARK, DEEP. My shade falls between dark and deep depending on how dark i want my highlight and contour to be. This product is handy and super easy to carry around. It also takes the hassle of carrying a ton of products to work with during your makeup process. It is creamy and blends well into the skin. The only problem i has is the highlight side doesn't blend as well as the contour side and when u set it can look a bit patchy after a while. Also, the lighter side of the last three dark shades are bit too pale for WOC.

Each Cameo contour stick comes with a beauty blender that works very well for blending out the product. I though it would be one of those beauty blenders that soaked up product but this is pretty great. I quite like this product and i enjoy using it for a bomb ass contour. 

PRICE: $39.50

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