Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 Tips for flawless makeup

*YOU WAKE UP*... FLAWLESS!!* POST UP.... FLAWLESS!!*RIDING ROUND IN IT* FLAWLESS!! *FLOSSING ON THAT* FLAWLESS!!I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!!!  I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!! LOOL. I just had to guys.... After typing up the title of this blog post i starting singing that song and my fingers went off on my keyboard!! 

 Everyone wants flawless makeup!! Flawless Skin!! Flawless EVERYTHING!! I know we all  look at the pages of magazines and drool at how polished, blemish free, smooth and gorgeous the models are that grace the vanity filled pages of Vogue , Cosmopolitan and Tatler magazines to name a few. I always wondered are these people REAL!!! Oh and the celebrity photshoots too!! That's another one too! Did God select these people to just be fine and oppress we regular folk?? 
* Questions that trouble the heart*

Now, everyone knows most of those pictures and retouched and photo shopped. These people are not joking. They can  distort the body shapes, put a head on a different body and  all sorts!  Even we regular folk have some apps that can turn you into a flawless butterfly! *coughs* Perfect 365!! YES I'M GUILTY TOO AIN'T NO SHAME OR BLAME IN IT!! We all want to look like that too. Okay let me not say all because some people will say oh no i'm fine the way i am! *side eye* Okay o! Now i'm not saying these people who are edited do not have great skin. I believe it is what the camera sees it captures and this is what can only be enhanced. There are also great makeup artists that understand the art of makeup and know how to cover up  imperfections and serve a bad ass beat on these people!!

There are different levels to makeup o!! One is Airbrushing but i'm not going to go into that on this post.Today i just want to give a few personal tips to achieving flawless makeup for those weddings and parties we all attend. Its no secret , magic or big deal!! So here goes,

- KEEP YOUR FACE CLEAN! Heaven helps those who help themselves! Pls wash your face every night before you go to bed. Whether you applied makeup or not. I have been guilty of this too. I'l say "but i didn't put any product on  my face now it should be fine" It doesn't matter!! There is bacteria in the air from dust and other stuff  that can clog your pores and cause those annoying pimples we all can't stand. Also, i saw on THE STYLE NETWORK that you should not use the same soap you use on your body to wash your face. I don't know what the repercussions of this is because i have done this in the past and still do when i don't have the energy to wash my face. But on the days i do, i make sure i wash my face thoroughly and follow up with my other products i use when i do my skin care routine . I haven't had any major pimple issues in a verryyy long time. Maybe one here and there but nothing serious. 

- CLEANSE, TONE, MOISTURIZE! For great skin, you have to put in a little work. You can do this five minutes a day. That's all you need really. Cleansing is very important for the skin as it helps remove dirt and makeup which can block pores and lead to break outs. It is adviceable to cleans twice a day especially if you have oily skin. Using a toner helps to keep skin clear and leave you with new healthy skin cells.
Apply moisturizer lightly to your face using your finger tips. Start by rubbing the cream into your forehead,  Don’t apply too much of the product, as this will just sit heavily, and prevent your skin from breathing. 


-USE A PRIMER! Ok don't just use a primer, use a GREAT PRIMER!! This step is very important . You want to go for a party in this hot weather and you want to wear, foundation, concealer, powder, highlight and contour, but you didn't give it anything to sit on. That's just like balancing a sack of rice on toothpicks. Noo dont do that! Get a great primer. This helps to give your face a smooth base for foundation and helps your makeup lasts longer. Don't be cheap with this. Buy a high end one and you will see a major difference with this especially if you have oily skin like me.


- PICK YOUR FOUNDATION! Some people have great skin. They feel they don't need it. That's fine, just grab a BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer, whatever works for you. But if you are like me and want a great base and some coverage. By all means grab a foundation. This is very important. I honestly cant wear just powder on my face. I go bare  faced or i wear foundation and then powder. (Personal preference). Now when it comes to foundation, SPEND THAT MONEY!! I know there are a few drugstore foundations out there that are great and people swear by but i prefer the high end ones. They give great coverage and last longer. You can use any formula of foundation you like, liquid, cream or stick. Just make sure to blend this out perfectly and make sure it is your SHADE!! Pls plsss plss ladies that wrong foundation shade is old and expired milk!!Pls take it off the shelf! Thank u ! ;). Test it out in daylight or go to a makeup counter and let a professional try it on you.


- HIDE IMPERFECTIONS ! Foundations give coverage. But sometimes some spots and imperfections just be poking their head through. For some extra coverage, go on ahead and apply some extra concealer where necessary. You can use a brush or just your good ol fingers for this step. Try not to load it on too heavily so your makeup doesn't look cakey. Concealer should further enhance the beautiful foundation work you have already layed on. 


- USE AN EYESHADOW BASE: If you are an eye shadow girl like me, you have to make sure you have a great base to aid beautiful application. Eye shadow bases can be gotten from different brands and the drug store ones are some of the best too.


- USE THE RIGHT MAKEUP BRUSHES: I cannot stress how important it is to use quality  brushes.  Buy some!!  Now when i say great i'm not talking expensive. There are a ton of good quality makeup brushes now you don't need to spend a ton of money to get a 15 pc makeup brush set that will get the job done. Even the E.L.F STUDIO brush set is great for both beginners and professional makeup artistes. The price is also great too!!


REASSESS /USE YOUR FINGERS TO PERFECT: Nowwww i'm going to talk about using fingers. When you apply foundation with a brush  sometimes you need to go in with you hands to smoothen everything out. I honestly believe the fingers are a great blending tool. They are also great for applying concealer under the eyes and aligning a nose contour. I do it and it works well for me. Also take a moment and step back to look at everything. This is for makeup artistes especially. If there are any corrections to be made, do this and perfect your work.

- APPLY LIGHTLY AND BUILD UP: Now i've been guilty of this, i have made many makeup Faux pas and i have learnt from my mistakes. Always start with a light hand when you are applying any aspect of your makeup. If you are not satisfied with coverage or intensity of product on any part of the face, you can then build. Apply that crease color lightly, starting from the lightest color to the most intense. Start with one pump of foundation on your face. If you need more coverage then reapply. I always say it is better to go slowly rather than rush, make a mistake and then correct.


- USE A FINISHING SPRAY: I never really thought these where all that necessary but  not i am a living testimony of the wonders of a great finishing spray. When you highlight and contour and use all those powdery products to set , your makeup may come off a little BAKED. A finishing spray will take off that cakey look and also help to hold your makeup for hours. This is guaranteed to give you a flawless finish every time.


I'm sure someone is thinking, this isn't anything i don't already know right? I told ya , there is no magic to it. But the problem is, do you do it? Also, do you do it RIGHT! I'm sure there are tons of extra tips out there but i hope this gives someone out there some advise next time they about to give themselves an amazing beat!! 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Elf Mist and Set Spray

Hi Guys,

I've been hunting for great products on a budget for some time. I had been meaning to get this product for a while as it is a great dupe for the MAC Fix+. Prior to this,I had been using a setting spray and i had a big problem with the nozzle. Every time i spray this on my face, it unleashed an ocean of liquid on my face and drenched me!! I was like ughhhhh?? Is this what the spray is supposed to do? I mean, i see people use it on youtube and it gives a nice mist and settles gently on their face and immediately takes off that cakey powdery look after an awesome beat but oh no not mine!! I was put off from it until i attended the makeup fair and saw this. I was like "Whatever let me get this again, it wouldn't hurt to try a face spray from another brand, besides it's just N1000 or N1500 depending on what online store you buy from"..

Before i go into the review let me give you some gist on:

 What E.L.F says: Wish you could have a product for your makeup like Hairspray is for your hair? Well…keep your makeup staying in place all day with a radiance boosting invisible hold with our new Makeup Mist & Set. The invigorating mist moisturizes and soothes the skin with key ingredients Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E. The lightweight, comfortable and alcohol free formula improves makeup wearability and prevents color from running or fading.

HOW TO USE: Spray on after makeup application to set makeup in place or during the day for a quick touchup to refresh. After you have applied your makeup spray a light mist 12-16 inches from your face with eyes closed to set your makeup in place or use for a quick touchup throughout the day to refresh your makeup. Let it dry naturally or blot with a tissue to help speed dry.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: First of all this product is $3. Three dollars!!!! Honestly, i get put off some products especially things like this because i just feel they won't live up to expectation. Come on the product is $3 dollars, there is a 50/50 chance you will like it. But i am super pleased with this.

 This spray is set in a dark plastic case that is so compact and handy, I really like how tiny it is. It doubles as a great product to dampen your brushes when applying pigments as well as a great makeup setting spray. When i say "setting spray" i don't mean it does an "ALL NIGHTER" on my face, but the moment i spray it on, it erases that powdery look that i absolutely dislike.

Secondly, the NOZZLE!! I know some people have complained about that for this product and truly, that is the most important part of this product. If it doesnt give a fine mist, you will not enjoy this product. I took a que and switched the top for my Skindinavia spray and now i'm loving it. This is a great dupe and a super cheap alternative for the MAC Fix+ so if you are on a budget this is your baby.It does the same thing. I also use this to intensify my eyeshadow pigments. One "splooof" on your brush is all you need.

Lastly, it is CRUELTY FREE!! No cute furry animals where harmed in the production of this product, :)

I must say i really like this spray. E.L.F did not dissappoint with this one! Does anyone have this? Kindly let me know what you think below. Have a great weekend.

WHERE TO BUY: WWW.ACCESSORIESNG.COM. (I was gifted this at the makeup fair by them. Thanks guys..)

PRICE: N1500

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Hi Guys,

So i'm sharing some additional information on the Beauty Africa Exhibition coming up. Not only will there be Nigerian experts but there will be some International ones too. Now i'm super psyched. The organiser's of this event sent some important info to share with you all...

"We are excited to see that the upcoming Beauty Africa Exhibition & Congress has managed to secure a great panel of regional and international experts! What better way to get some advice on how to set up your own salon, or to market yourself as a make-up artist or to build your clientele? All of these people have done the ground work and have made it to the top of their profession. Beauty Africa (7-9 October 2014 at Eko International Convention & Exhibition Center, Lagos, Nigeria) offers a fantastic opportunity to sign up for the free business talks and get the chance to meet face-to-face with the professionals that can make or break your business.

  This is what Award-winning hairstylist Dionne Smith has to say about the event: “Beauty Africa exhibition & conference is a fantastic ground to come and refresh your skills, learn the basics and bring the education back to the fore front of people's mind. I am very happy to be invited and I am all for education and learning, my motto is "education is key!" Hair styling is so much more than just doing it! Its consultation, theory, knowledge and skills in a professional manner. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with you all and feel free to check out some of my work on my website, this is a show not to be missed.” 

For more information about the event or to register, kindly go to"

This is a great experience to attend and best of all "Registration is FREE". Guys you don't want to miss this. For a quick link, kindly right click on the image above.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

MAC Dodgy Girl Lipstick.. Reviews & Swatches

Hi Guys,
Its review time again!! Today i'l be sharing wih you the Mac Dodgy girl lipstick from the Kelly Osbourne collection.

This is described as a light lavender. It reminds me of the Viva glam Nicki 2 lipstick but this is not as pale. This is a matte finish but it is not too matte. It is very easy to apply and has great staying power. Honestly, i didn't think this lipstick would suit me but it really does. I just had to get it after i missed out on Riri boy. I does sink into lip lines a little bit but it isn't much of a bother to me I have no problems reapplying and checking up on my makeup throughout the day so i can always fix that. 

In the picture above, i wore it with Zaron's "Prune Juice" lip pencil. I tried it on with M.A.C Currant lip liner but it didn't like how the pencil took the shine off the lip color. I didn't want an ombre look so i switched it out for this. Prune juice is a more subtle purple lip pencil and works well with it. This lippie looks great with a smokey eye. A lot of drama on the eyes will balance out the coolness of it

Overall, i love it and i will be rocking this for real!! I know a lot of dark skin people will shy away from this. Nooo!!! Trust me there is no lip color that is not wearable no matter skintone. I shied away from St Germaine for the longest time and i tried a friend's (with some lipliner of course) and it looked really pretty. I will be adding that to my collection now. Don't be scared, Givd it a shot!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

How awesome are your Blending skills?? +Tips and Tricks.....

Hi guys,
Sometimes i just feel like talking! And im talking today!! The constant reviews and makeup looks can be a little boring and today i said i'm just going to talk about something im passionate about! BLENDING!

Now everyone is comfortable with slapping that gold eye shadow on the lid and you keep it moving. I remember back when i used to do this. That was my comfort zone and i stuck to it for a long long time. I had no eyeshadow brushes then but i would see pictures of people with three or four eyeshadows on their eyes and oooooh i wanted that so bad.

Fast forward a few years now, i have definitely gotten the hang of combining eye shadows and blending. When it comes to blending, i feel i do pretty well. I'm not perfect by any means because i do mess up sometimes. Especially with cut creases!! I spend a lot of time on my eye makeup especially when i'm doing smokey looks or playing with a lot of bright colors. Honestly, sometimes i over blend for fear of not blending right. I know i still have a lot of learning and growth to do.

Now, WHAT IS THE GOAL OF BLENDING YOUR EYESHADOWS? Well honey, this is to eliminate those harsh lines that you get when you put colors that are not in the same family together. When two different shades meet they  CLASH and we want them to be buddies. That's the idea! When you blend, it should be gentle and light handed. When you start blending colors with shimmer in them and they are merging into one color, hmmmmmm, something is going wrong dear and you need to probably start all over again. When it starts going  "greyish".. Trust me i've been there a TON OF TIMES. Its even more annoying when you need to be gone in a few minutes.

Let me give you some personal tips and tricks to blend like a PRO.. HERE WE GO...

- To get a great blended makeup look, use a nice, soft, fluffy dome brush. There are a ton of brands that have this. I trust the mac 217 ,224, Sigma E35 E40 and E45, CALA crease brush, and a ton of other products out there. Just get something that is loose and not tightly packed and your good to go.

- This is a personal preference of mine but i always start my eye makeup from the crease. If you apply your transition color first,this helps to build the "foundation" around the entire eye look you are going for. I have some primary crease colors that i use for this from neutral to smokey looks.. MAC Brownscript is my absolute favourite transition color. Others to use are Browndown, swisschocolate to name a few. Start from the middle and work your way to a fabulous eye look.

- For a very defined blended l i recommend using four eyeshadow colors.. Yes you ca use three. I believe three is standard. LID,CREASE and BROWBONE. But if you want a really defined look, you need to put a little something in your outer V. That is where we introduce the fourth color. For an everyday look, i recommend a black, dark brown, medium brown, and pale.  

Typical eyeshadow placement guide
- Try to blend moving in one direction. This helps you to not over blend and end u with that "greyish" color on your eye as opposed to what you were going for. When you get crazy hands and do windshield window motions, it will mess up your blend. I do recommend this for your crease color. It helps to evenly distribute but when working with more than one color.. NOT SO MUCH...

-Practise makes perfect. Also start out with familiar colors. This will help build your blending confidence. I  included a color wheel here to show you colors that are beside each other. These naturally compliment each other.They blend easier and make the task a lot more fun. Have a look. What do you think?

I hope i've been able to share some useful information for someone out there. Makeup is fun. Always make sure you have fun when applying makeup. I always do! No knowledge is too little or two much, and most of all ....Practise makes perfect!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference

Hi Guys,
I have some exciting news for yaaa!!! I am an OFFICIAL BLOGGER for the BEAUTY AFRICA EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE coming up in October. I received an email from the company setting up the event, when i saw the part where i was asked? Oh my was i estatic!! Of course i would love to.. I mean who wouldn't. Where there is BEAUTIE there is MEEEE!!

This event is tagged "Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference" and it is being put together by a company called Informa Life Science Exhibitions. They have a few very successful events under their belt like The Bride Show, China Beauty and Beyond Beauty. 

 Beauty Africa will be held at the Eko Hotel & Suites on 7-9 October 2014; the event will provide a platform for companies to interact with beauty and wellness professionals as well as industry leading dealers and distributors. It will be a unique event providing a mix of business networking and trade opportunities along with high quality workshops and talks designed to assist in building the African capacity in the sector by discussing the hottest topics, trends and innovations within beauty, haircare and skincare & spa and wellness.

Nowwww, this sounds like so much fun and i cannot wait for October. I have always wanted to be part of something so exciting guys. I would love to meet the brains behind those big beauty companies. This is all just a little info for now!! Beauty Africa is coming to town!! I will be posting regularly on this event and giving you all more info so do keep checking back for updates.

To REGISTER, kindly RIGHT CLICK on the picture below . It's absolutely FREE!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mac Kelly Yum Yum Lipstick- Review & Swatches

Hi Guys,

I have never been a Kelly Osbourne fan!! I mean yeah shes popular and is from a popular family and has done music and bla bla bla! But when she redefined herself , oh my she became super gorgeous! She is also a  total hit on Fashion Police and when i heard she was coming out with a makeup collection with my favorite brand in the world...... I WAS SUPER EXCITED. You know i kept checking for updates and pictures on temptalia and all other sites that give juicy details on the collection. I already knew what i wanted to get... 

MAC Kelly Yum-Yum Lipstick  is described as a “bright blue pink with a Satin finish.” It’s a vibrant, medium, fuchsia pink with cool, blue undertones and leans slightly magenta. It had rich, opaque color payoff, and the consistency is creamy and makes is super easy to apply. This lipstick reminds me of Candy yum yum and is DEFINITELY  inspired by it but is a tad bit darker . 

KYY is definitely more in the comfort zone for a lot of people who can't wear CYY because they feel it is too bright . Yes it is blue based and has a little hint of a neon/ flourescent look to it, but it is more wearable than CYY, even without a lip pencil. I must say this lip color will stain your lips so if you like a little tint to your lips you will enjoy this one. The satin finish applies  easily but it gets a little dry after a bit. I like to put some clear lip gloss in the centre to keep it moist.

The packaging of this product is really pretty. Lord knows i love me some MAC  limited edition packaging. They are so pretty and i love to collect them.It is the standard MAC bullet packaging but the color is a light violet and it has Kelly's signature in red.

I'm so glad i was able to get some stuff from this collection. I got dodgy girl as well and i'l post that up next. What did you get? I'd love to see!!!! :D

PRICE: N4000

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Friday, July 11, 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Clearsmooth all in one Powder

Hi Guys,

I thought i would round off the week with a review of this product i got recently. If anyone attended the first maybelline masterclass that held at Four points a few months back, you definitely heard about this powder..Most especially in the shade CACAO!! How can i forget that name so soon. It was said that there was going to be so new inexpensive powders suitable for Nigerian weather and i couldn't wait to try them. This powder comes in 

The Maybelline clear smooth powder is one that makes a lot of promises. It says on the pack, discover the powder that does it all... THROUGH IT ALL. Clear Smooth All-In-One is available in 6 shades from lightest to darkest- Toffee, Caramel, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Mocha & Cocoa. It promises to do a few things to your skin once you put this on

Controls Shine
Conceals flaws
Perfects tone

DazzleBeautie: Now let me tell you what i think. First of all, i like the packaging. It is so pretty and i love that they made the packaging pink. It is slim and sturdy. It is also very compact so it sits perfectly in your makeup purse or in the corner of your bag. Wherever you want to keep it. Now, this powder is very good. I have been using this powder on its own since i got it. It really matches my skin tone and it gives really good coverage.It is lightweight but still manages to give good coverage too. It also helped to control shine. That part was what really interested me because i never find powders that do that.It doesn't have any funny smell too. 

One thing i would say is Maybelline needs to make more shades of this. The color Toffee is great for me but it also matches my skin a little too much. I mean this in the sense that when i wear it with a foundation that is my shade it will look a little dark for me. 

Overall i like this product a lot and i will recommend.

WHERE TO BUY:  Any House of Tara store near you.
PRICE: N2000

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