Friday, November 29, 2013

Review: L'OREAL Super Liner Gel Intenza

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So today i shall be talking about EYELINER!!!

Eyeliners are one of my favourite parts of makeup application. I remember when i used to make my sisters Kajal dissapear every time she got a new one. *coughs* Dont ask me how. I have been an eyeliner lover even before i knew how to apply makeup properly. My simplest form of makeup till date is some liner, mascara and lipgloss for a fresh face

I have tried different kinds of liners, (liquid,pencil) but never Gel . I purchased my first gel liner which was the wet and wild one; i really liked it and used it up until i travelled and saw this at the l'oreal stand. WHY? The lady at the counter had it on and it was the most intense black eyeliner i had ever seen. She had on eyes full of eyeshadow but the liner was so intense i just had to grab it. 

 What L'OREAL SAYS: Create your signature look and dare to be graphic with Superliner Gel Intenza. Easy application, long lasting result.The luxurious gel texture glides on easily. Up to 24 hours of wear. The product is professionally inspired.

PACKAGING: This L'oreal SUPER LINER gel intenza*which ia a muthful and not a very appealing name*  comes in a sleek gold pack which is very pretty and eyecatching. It also has a clear peep hole so you can spy the product. *uhmm that sounds a little pervy but u know* LOL. The product itself is contained inside a little glass container with a gold screw cap top. It also comes with an eyeliner brush which is the most useful brush that has ever come with a product i  have purchased.

PRODUCT: I picked up this eyeliner in the color 'Pure black" and it is what it says. It is very dark,pigmented, creamy and dries quickly when applied to the lids. I also use this on my lower lash line and it does not sting or irritate my eyes. This eyeliner does not smudge also. I love to layer my eyeliner on thick and it does not transfer once it has dried. It is long lasting and it does say 24 hours but honestly,it doesnt last that long say 8 hours and  i really dont need my eyeliner to last for 24hours.
PRICE: I purchased this eyeliner for 50 DIRHAMS i think. Which is a little over N2000  which i think is a fair price.  Compared to my MAC gel liner which i have since boycotted i must say i prefer this to that one . I give this liner an A+ and will definitely purchase again.

What do you guys think of this liner?

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mac Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Review

Hi Guys, i have been in a very bloggy mood all week! Whoop!! :) So i will be reviewing a product i have been using for over a year now.

Before i started using primers or knew what a primer was, i used to apply foundation directly on to my face after cleansing. Dont Judge i know!!! *covers face*... I have extremely oily skin and i have to keep blotting  my face repeatedly when i wear makeup to avoid looking shiny and ridiculous all over the place .It became very annoying and kept ruining my makeup. I decided to go online and do some research and i got a little info on primers..

So basically this is what a primer should do for you
  • Make your foundation last longer, control shine and minimize the appearance of pores on your face.
  • Act a good base for your foundation and make it an easier and smoother application for you.

MAC Cosmetics says:

"An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder."

PRODUCT: The primer is very lightweight and drives to a smooth matte finish. It is  velvety to the touch and blends well into the skin. When i apply this i feel like it is actually covering up my pores and it has a film like effect on my skin . This primer also helps me apply and blend my foundation properly. My foundation stays in place for hours but when it comes to controlling oil?? Oh NOOOOO! This primer failed in that department. Whenever i use this primer, i get shiny in less than two hours and i have to blot my face repeatedly. I also do not like that it has little particles in it even though that doesnt show up when i apply foundation or change the color of my foundation. It doesnt affect anything really, but i just dont lie it!

PACKAGING:This primer come in a black tube container with a dispensible pump. It is lightweight, not too bulky in size and easy to use. It doesnt dispense more product tha you will need and i like this. What i do no like about the packaging is that it comes in a black container so you can't tell when the product is about to run out. I find this very annoying. :/
PRICE: This was purchased for me for 18 pounds .. I do not know how much this is at the MAC Store here in Nigeria but i think it should be priced between N5000-N6000. I think the price is fair and if you use this consistently it will run out between 5 or 6 months which is the shelf life of this product from what i hear.
Overall, I would give this products a B+. If you have dry/combination skin i believe you will enjoy this product a lot. It will work better for those skin types but for me and my oily skin, i think i was a little let down. I like it i dont love it. :)
Does any one use this primer? Love? Hate? Let me know what you think.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MAC Lipglass/ Cremesheen glass Review

Hi Guys,
A while ago i shared this pic on instagram and i said i was going to do a post on this. I am a big MAC Cosmetics fan but i realised i was only purchasing their lipsticks which happen to be their best selling item amongst their range of products. 
I went to their website hoping to get some help on what lipglosses to purchase but i was overwhelmed as there was a large variety of colors and finishes to choose from. Mac has their glosses in different finishes such as the Tinted lipglass, Creme sheen glass, dazzleglass, plushglass, lustreglass which are the most popular ones.
I searched for the most popular lipglosses and this aided my purchase. I picked up a few in two different finishes (tinted liglass and cremesheen). All the products i purchased are permanent and can be purchased at any MAC store.

A unique lip gloss available in a wide variety of colours that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own...

OYSTER GIRL- Described as a Fresh water Pink. I really do not know how to describe this color. It is a very pale nude pink. It is also shimmery and best paired with neutral lip colors.

CULTURED- Described as an Opalescent Mauve Pink. Packs  a little shimmer and very pigmented. I love to wear this alone because it gives just the right amount of pink color i like on my lips.

UNDERAGE- Described as a soft pale pink with subtle shimmer. This color is very popular but i do not understand how as it is a very hard color to work with. I was torn between getting this and C-Thru but i went with this because of the pictures i saw online. This is very unflattering on my lips and i would advise to skip this and go for C -Thru instead.

NYMPHETTE- Described as a Sunny Golden pink. This is a frost lipgloss. It is a pink liploss with a lot of gold/bronze undertones. I always find it hard to wear this with a lipstick as it totally alters the color so i wear it alone. 
As much as i love these, they are very sticky on the lips. If your hair gets caught in it u will drag it accross your face to pull it out.LOL.. As pretty as some of the colors are,  i am not too crazy about them because of this one reason.
What MAC Says: A lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M∙A∙C Lipglass. Soft, comfortable, non-sticky. Applies with a doe-foot applicator. Use as a top layer to its namesake Lipstick or on its own.

JUST SUPERB- A dirty neutral pink. This is great pinky nude color. It leans between both colors and can be substituted for both as well. Perfect with( MAC Modesty, Spirit, Please Me|)
BOY BAIT- A light neutral beige wit pearl.It is a beige nude  with no shimmer in it. I love to pair this with my nude lipsticks. It gives a pretty nude pout. Perfect with ( MAC Cherish, Viva glam II, Freckletone, Modesty)
DEELIGHT- A mid tone Neutral. This color is a little deeper than boy bait. Not as light and great with brown tone or dusty rose lipsticks. Perfect with ( MAC Spirit, Twig, Touch)
PARTIAL TO PINK- Light creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl.  It is quite similar to Just superb but a little brighter when swatched or applied to the lips. Perfect with light pink lipsticks( MAC Snob, Cremecup, Steady going, Revlon Pink pout)
These Cremesheen formulas are great and my favorite formula of all the mac lipglosses. I love all the colors i purchased and would definitely purchase more soon.
Where to Purchase: MAC Store in Ikeja Shopping mall or Palms Shopping mall.
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Monday, November 25, 2013


Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know i did. This beautiful morning i will be reviewing products from an indigenous makeup brand.... KAYGE COSMETICS. A few months back,  i did a review on one of their lipglosses i was gifted at the LMUF and i absolutely loved. I was sent some goodies which i shared a picture of on instagram and now i am here with a full and honest review...

The Kayge makeup brand is a lipservice line with Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Lip pencils and Lipstains. They cater to the lips only and have a variety of gorgeous colors and finishes to suit different tastes .




FEMME: This is a pale pink milky lipgloss. At first sight this lipgloss looked interesting because i am not a big fan of pale pink lipsticks and lipglosses and i try to stay away from them as much as possible because they do not really flatter me. When i  wore this, i didnt like how it looked on me but after a few minutes the paleness cooled on the lips and it looked pretty. I also tried this untop a pale pink lipstick and it looked gorgeous. I would advise you rock this with a lip pencil for wearability.

FLIRT: When i gotmy first lipgloss from this brand, i was very impressed and couldnt wait to get more of them. I was very pleased when i received this color beacuse i had been eyeing it for a while as it was a very gorgeous hot pink. This gloss can be worn on its own or untop a lip color. Either way it is very pigmented, non sticky and long lasting.. (3HOURS) for me which is enough before reapplication.

MIST: We all know how hard it is to find a gorgeous nude lipstick that will not wash you out or look ghostly. This nude lippie gives just enough color to the lips without making you look dead. It has a yellow undertone which is quite creamy but after a while dries a little matte on the lips. I paired this with my Zaron lip pencil in Cappucino and i absolutely loved the results. Best paired with a neutral or smokey eye for full effect.

CABERNET: This is a gorgeous berry lipstick i mean just look at it!!It is creamy and not matte at all. I guess thats why i like it so much.  My camera isnt the best guys but you can still see how pretty and pigmented this is on my lips.  I had no problems with application as it went on smoothly and did not sink into my lips. I must say i was very impressed with this color and have been wearing it a lot of recent.


DEEP PLUM: I am not a big fan of lip stains and pout polishes and i always ignore them because i feel they are too much hastle to use and a ittle unhygenic. Id rather use a tube/ wand lipgloss and keep it moving. When i got these products, i decided to try this out FIRST because i usually avoid them and to my surprise i was very impressed. Deep plum gives a beautiful wash of color to the lips without being too pigmented. I guess thats the job of a stain. Just a little color/ tint to the lips.I absolutely love that Kayge threw in a mirror too!! Great Job guys..;)



PLUM: This is a dark purple color that can be worn on its own or with a lipstick/gloss. It is very easy to apply and very pigmented. I had a little issue with this sharpening as the pencil kept breaking off but i realised that i only had to do it gently because of how soft the product was so that solved it. This is one of my new favorite lip pencils to pair with lipsticks because it gives a beautiful gradient effect.



 This nude lip pencil was included but had no name on it. The packaging was also different from the rest so i am guessing this was limited edition. The pencil as all the other products is pigmented and i use this as a base for nude lipsticks as i dont like to line my lips with a nude pencil. In my opinion, it doesnt look nice but this as a base works just fine..

Kayge Cosmetics as an indigenous brand, has done an awesome job with their first collection of products and i am a big fan. For a Nigerian makeup brand, i am very impressed and i will definitely recommend their products.. I give it an A+ . Looking out for more colors and collections from them.
Instagram: @kayge27
Twitter: @kaygecosmetics
Facebook: Kaygecosmetics
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Friday, November 15, 2013

BH Cosmetics "Take me to BRAZIL" Palette

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So today i have a review on a product i purchased randomly/impulsely. What was i doing that day? I think i was on youtube looking at some bright eye makeup tutorials with this palette and i absolutely loved the looks that where created. I had seen it on the BH Cosmetics official website and i wanted to see if i really needed it. A few hours after i was going through the MYMAKEUP site and what do you know..... They had this palette!!! I was so excited i just had to grab it so i placed my order and i got the palette in less than TWO HOURS!!!! Honestly, this company has never failed me and i absolutely looove them! This is no free advertisement i really really mean this...

So on to the review,
BH Cosmetics recently released some new palettes with some really pretty packaging/ amazing colors and i am a huge sucker for pretty packaging. The name of this palette instantly reminded me of the Brazil carnival widely attended by people from all over the world and i just had to include a pix for you guys!! ughhh Absolutely amazing! Looks like a lot of fun too! :D

What BH Cosmetics says:
Wild and exotic colors await you inside the Take me to Brazil, 30 Color Eyeshadow Palette! This fantastic collection of shimmer, satin and matte eyeshadows is inspired by the outrageous Brazilian parade, Carnival! Get ready to Samba with this highly pigmented rainbow of colors in reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples. Featuring 2 extra-large bonus eyeshadows in iridescent white and matte black that will help you add glow and mystery to your finished look! 
Packaging: The packaging of this product is absolutely pretty and if you are a girl who loves colorful and bright packaging, you will instantly be drawn to this. The brazil carnival was definitely their inspiration for this packaging.It is not the usual boring style packaging at all. It is made out of "colorful" " cardboard with the single eyeshadows placed inside.
Product: This palette has 30 shades and a variety of colors from matte to shimmer. All the colors are very pigmented and easy to work with. I had no problems blending the matte eyeshadows together. A few of them where chalky but i think this made them even more blendable. How thotful, they even threw in a highlight shade and a black eyeshadow!
I swatched all the eyeshadows with NYX Jumbo pencil as a base.
First of all this palette has all the colors of the rainbow!!! From different shades of yellows to greens, pinks, blues and purples... It screams party, daring,loud, playful, happy, i could go on!! loool.  This i love about it and would give it a definite A+++
PRICE: I purchased this for N4000. I do not know if the site still stocks this palette. If they dont, i know they will definitely restock soon. Do visit their website for details or send them a tweet!! They always respond.
        I did some fun makeup looks with this palette and i will share them on the blog soon.
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