Friday, February 28, 2014

MAKEUP MASTERCLASS with Jackie Aina( Lilpumpkinpie05)

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 So over the weekend i got to attend my first makeup masterclass which was put together by the lovely ladies behind MYMAKEUPNG.... Bukky Kinoshi and Tayo Sojebe. They brought to Nigeria the super popular and talented youtube beauty vlogger and professional makeup artist Jackie Aina(Lilpumpkinpie05)... Im sure everyone knows her and if you dont do go check her out.

The first time i came stumbled on Jackie's blog i think i was searching for bright coloured eyeshadow. This linked me to sugar pill cosmetics and then to her blog and guys i was wowed. This was like four years ago i think. Her eye shadow applications are the BOMB and she teaches people especially women of color how to wear makeup to suit their skin tone. The first time i heard of Shadow shields it was through her youtube channel and i stalked her channel when she did her Aaliyah series. I also did try out some of the makeup looks. She  has an amazing personality and she is hi-la-ri-ous!! We were giggling all through the class.

The event was a very engaging one and i left with a whole lot of information plus  new techniques. The session lasted for a little over three hours and during this time Jackie did a full face makeup routine on Tayo and then there was also some Q & A at the end. I was most interested in seeing her highlighting and contouring techniques because i have tried and tried and i still dont get it. I dont know if im not doing it right or its just not for me being that i have the oilest skin ever.

I had to leave early but i must say this was a good experience for me and i want to attend a lot more masterclasses from now on. As a makeup lover or artist you cannot know everything. Makeup has so many facets to it and i love to learn new things everyday. Knowledge is key.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi Guys!!!
So i wanted to get this post out quickly before it gets stale!!! On Sunday, i attended the Launch of the New House of Tara makeup store at Centro Mall and boy did i have a good time. I got to really MEET Tara products for the first timeget a feel of them and peep the new store. I also got to hang out with a few beauty bloggers and they are so sweet and fun to be around.
So if you are in Nigeria and you do not know about House of Tara i dont even know where to start from because there is so much to be said. House of Tara is an indigenous makeup brand owned by Mrs Tara Fela-Durotoye and has been around for a very long long time. Ive had a few freinds rave about how fantastic some of their products were like their eyeshadow base and mascara and i said i would try them out someday.( I tend to be a product snob guys but i have since repented). The various products in the line are all given interesting african names after people and places and i really like that. It makes it feel really "Homely"

 So the gist of that day..When i walked into the store, i was completely blown away. I honestly could not believe that a Nigerian makeup brand could produce a stand alone makeup store of such high standards. It is so welcoming and the design is gorgeous.I expected it to be bigger but the size seems just fine. The products are displayed so beautifully you just want to play with them and purchase too of course. The staff were also very friendly and full of smiles. I was very impressed. I also noticed that the packaging of the products had changed from the old silver packaging to black. I absolutely love the new look as it makes it look much more classy. I went armed with my camera so you know i took a ton of pictures...

After peeping out the store we were ushered to the roof top for a little party where i got to hang with some beautiful ladies.

Unfortunatley, i noticed  that i didnt have any pictures with them. You know how the person taking pictures never gets to be in any. Well, that happened to me.. I was able to borrow(STEAL) some from Shally of Olumakeovers...

 Last four pictures courtesy OLUMAKEOVERS BLOG...

Look at me taking pictures like a pro though!! Honestly, this is the first time i really got to use my camera for anything other than product pictures.
 In all, i had a fantastic time!! I also did a little makeup shopping and i loved everything i purchased. I will be sharing with you guys what i bought soon along with reviews  so stay tuned .
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Get that color: Riri hearts MAC PleasureBomb Lipstick (DIY)

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Hope you all had a great weekend.
Today i will be doing a different kind of post. This review was inspired by my rummaging through my friends makeup purse and finding PLEASUREBOMB.

So we all know how hard it was to get these Rihanna and MAC collaboration lipsticks because they were so impossible to own. I dont know what was the deal with Rihanna and MAC because they made such low quantities of a line they knew everybody wanted. Im not a Rihanna fan( fans pls o) but the lispticks seemed more like a collectors item to me and i thought it would be a nice idea to own them. These collections were selling out in minutes online and if you are lucky to find a reseller just get ready to part with a huge sum of money. But for a lipstick?. Hell no!!
So the inspiration behind this post was a picture i saw on Instagram on how to dupe this lipstick.. To get this you have to apply two coats of Ruby woo or Ririwoo twice and top off with two coats of candy yum yum . I tried this out and it was a very close match. I must confess i didnt really know how much of a match it was because i did not have the original product to match with this but i went online and what i had created looked very similar to the original thing. When i saw my friends lippie,  i decided i would try it and do a post for my lovelies who wanted pleasurebomb and couldnt get it. Now you can create the shade yourself..

Pleasurebomb is described as a Matte brightened vibrant fuschia color. Its pretty but i dont think its special. It can be duped easily and il show u how..

You should have a close color to Pleasurebomb. The thing with this is you will NOT get the exact same color because not everyone will apply it the same way but you will get something pretty close. From the comparison pic above you can tell that they are pretty close but the combo is a little more red.

On temptalia i saw that close dupes are Moxie and All fired Up. If you have these i guess you are good too.

I hope this post is helpful guys. I enjoyed typing it up.

Have a great week ahead!!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

MAC Prolongwear Painterly Paint Pot Review

Thats a lot of P'S but Hi Guys,

Its friday again!! So today i will be doing a review of a product i just started using recently. I never wear eyeshadow without a shadow base. It is an abomination!! Ladies are you hearing? Pls ooo. Dont wear eyeshadow without a base if you dont want to see "Nightmare of the creased eyeshadow" act out on your face. It is not a good look.

In those days when i was a makeup newbie( not like i am an expert now o) i used to do this. You know those DAVIS eyeshadow palettes with 16 color or so. Best believe i had about five of them and i used them on my eyelids alone and they would crease so bad. I graduated to so called  high quality products, still they would crease.. :/ . This had me very dissapointed.
My oily face also translates to me having oily lids. This would make my eyeshadows slip and slide. I remember my first proper eyeshadow base was the Marykay eye primer and i absolutely loved it. It totally erased the glossiness from my lids and my eyeshadow applied so easily. From this point on, i decided to hunt for the eyeshadow primers out there.

I had read a lot about MAC paint pots and watched a lot of tutorials on how to use this but i just couldnt bring myself to spend so much on an eyeshadow base. I have used NYX and Urban Decay and those two had served me just fine. But i wasnt satisfied. I needed to know what the hype was about.

What MAC says:A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.

PRODUCT: This paint pot is fantastic. It is a matte nude beige color and works well for a lot of NC and NW sisters out there. It helps to neutralise the color of your eyelids, stays on all day and completely enhances the color of any eyeshadow you put on it. It blends easily but be careful not to put too much so it doesnt settle into your eyelids and cause creasing. Yes it can do that if you do not use it well . I am an NC45 and i was a little skeptical about this because it is way lighter than my skintone but for a base it doesnt affect anything and only enhances whatever color you put on it. It helps you blend eyeshadows with so much ease and if you like to create gradient effects this is your bestie.. I absolutely love it and recommend. I know this is always in close comparison to SOFT OCHRE which is a yellow beige. Im thinking of getting that but i dont know if i really need it. Maybe some dark colors like Groundwork.

PRICE: N4500 on 
WHERE TO BUY: MAC store at The Palms/ Ikeja City Mall.

 Does anyone use this as well? I am absolutely in love with it and have no bad comment whatsoever. Ok well maybe the price knocked me off a little but it is worth the price. Close your eyes and buy it if you are an eyeshadow girl you will not regret it. Im so glad i did and i'm really enjoyIng it.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Hair/ How i colored my Virgin Hair extensions

 Hi Guys,
Today i will be doing a post i have never done before (context wise) and i think i will also introduce this to my blog... I do mostly makeup reviews and i dont really talk about hair because honestly im not a hair treatment junkie.. I usually do the little i can with my natural hair and cover it up with extensions..
I must confess i am a weaveaholic!! I wear weaves a lot and once in a while i braid to switch it up.. That being said, i hardly ever try color with my hair. I m not very experimental and i stick to black or light brown hair colors. I dont even play with curls (bohemian, carribean) i stick to my wavy or straight hair because i know what suits me and i take hair seriously guys. I cannot go to a salon and leave if my hair does not come out looking right. I will not manage it for two weeks till i think its time for a new look. I also do not like short hair. I am not the tallest person and i feel it makes me look even shorter and boring. (Just my personal opinion).
This year i decided to try some new stuff with my hair. Firstly i decided to start with color. I have always wanted to try out blonde/gold hair but i didnt think i had the skin tone to pull it off so i experimented with braids and i got a lot of nice compliments on it. When i got this hair,i knew i didnt want it in its natural color. I ombre'd the ends of the hair but it was just too long for the color change to be significant but i did like it still..
This was the end result of the hair. Sorry guys i didnt take a picture of the hair before i colored it but from the top you can see the natural color of the hair. It was a light brown color and i guess thats why it took the dye pretty well..

I decided to recolor the hair and this was the result of my second attempt. I also chopped of about 4 inches because it was just too long and i couldnt deal.It came out with a variety of tones. The tips became really blonde and i had some honey gold at the middle. It is very intense under the sun but i absolutely love it.. I dont know what took me so long to wear colored hair. It doesnt look wierd on me at all. It also make my face look a little brighter too.

FREESIA Professional Dust free Bleaching powder
FREESIA Professional Oxidant Cream
WELLA Series COLOR Shampoo
WELLA Series COLOR Conditioner
Mixing Bowl
Hair Dye brush
Foil Paper

  • Brush the hair out into two or three parts depenidng on how full it is (i make sure not to get my hair chopped up in the salon. I hate it when its in pieces)and secure with rubber bands.

  • Mix a 50/50 portion of the hair dye and oxidant cream and mix properly. Make sure its pastey guys you dont want it to be too watery.

  • Start applying the cream on the hair from the tips. The trickis to color the tips and leave for about twen minutes before you apply the centre portion of the hair if you want to get a very prominent ombre effect. I didnt really care for that as i knew the hair would still come out with little streaks and i wasnt going for a defined ombre look so i didnt wait.

  • Make sure the cream is evenly distributed all over the hair and wrap the hair with the foil paper and leave for 20minutes. The foil paper will be hot to touch because of the Hydrogen peroxide in the oxidant cream.

  • Make sure to check the hair at intervals to know if it has reached your desired lightness. Leave the solution longer if you have not reached your desired lightness but not longer than 30 minutes.

  • Wash hair with your professional shampoo and leave to condition for at least one hour(my preference).

  • Leave hair to air dry or blow dry. 
Thats what i did guys!! I absolutely love the outcome and i will be sharing some hair stories with you all. What do guys think?  Do you like it? 

If you have any questions send me an email or leave me a message on Instagram. I always respond and i love to hear from you guys..

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