Friday, March 28, 2014

RANT: My TOP 10 Overrated Makeup Products!!

Hi Guys!!

How is everyone doing!! So today i will be doing a different kind of post.. I always review products and rave about them but there are some that i feel receive more props than they do deserve. All over the beauty community i see a lot of products getting the most hype and not delivering as much as they are expected to.

I must confess i have done this too.I might like a product and later change my mind when i see it has dissapointed me once or twice after declaring my love for it. I have also fallen victim to this. I have purchased a product just because someone said they absolutely loved it and it did not work for me at all.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to run any product down because i do have some of these products listed here and will continue using them.. I am not saying they are BAD or WACK.This post is just my opinion about some products that are good but not as great as people say they are.. I am aware of the fact that people have different skin tones and types that make products work for some while others not so much.

So here goes..


BEN NYE BANANA POWDER: Yes Yes Yes!! I get it.. Kim Kardashian  uses it. Its great for highlighting and contouring. It is Holy grail..Its great for setting under eye concealer. It is lightweight. It is amazing, fantastic, *YAWWWWWWWWN* This magic dust has failed me several times. The first time i used it i think it was during the harmattan period and my makeup looked great. I did notice that it got patchy around my forehead but i said oh well i guess i put too much or i didn't blend out my concealer properly. I tried this powder again and went out only to look at my face and it started to CRACK.... My face was seriously patchy i couldn't wait to run home and wash d sordidness off. I tried it out last week Saturday to a wedding and i must confess it was quite hot.. Before i left my house i noticed the patchiness again. I said let me try and solve this so i sprayed some Skindinavia finishing spray.. Oh geeeez worst mistake ever. My whole makeup was messed up. I had to wash my face and start all over again. The anger and annoyance i felt... I know this product works for a lot of people, but not ME honey!!

MAC FIX PLUS: I have tried this a couple of times. I do not own my own bottle and i might purchase this just for the refreshing feeling it gives to the face before applying makeup. But not after!!  I have very oily skin and i do not think this is a makeup setting spray. It is for refreshing your face but it will not keep you matte and shine free as i have read on some blogs. People swear how it keeps their faces shine free and matte but i dont think some refreshing water will hold layers of foundation by some miracle. I wanted to purchase this at the MAC store in Dubai and the lady told me" If you have oily skin don't buy this you don't need it"... I do like it before makeup but its over rated to me.

MAC BLACK TRACK FLUID LINE: This eyeliner is fair. I have it and stopped using it after it dried up on me. I mean rock hard drying. There are tons of drugstore gel liners that beat this HANDS DOWN in the pigmentation department. I purchased it after all the hype but this was quite disappointing for the price. Wet and Wild's gel liner will hook you up good. L' oreal's gel liner is amazing too.

YSL TOUCH ECLAT: Does any reaaallllly know what this thing is for?? I mean i know we all know but does nay one really care to use it as opposed to doing the concealer method instead. OK fine its a highlighter pen but i believe people where sold by the fanciness of the brand and the name. This product is too expensive and there are tons of cheaper products that will "wake up your face" like this. I hear there is a Maybelline Highlighter pen just as good as this for less than half the price.

SLEEK CONTOUR KIT: I like this. I also like its versatility. The dark color can be used in your crease and the light color can be used as a brow highlight. I tried to love it but the contour color was just too ashy and muddy on me. I am NC45 skin tone and i did use the Medium color but i didn't like it at all. It works great for a lot of people but not me.

MAC BRUSHES: The UNDUPABLES!!! Lol... I know MAC has a strong cult following that will buy anything they make down to a sharpener. But these brushes are highly over rated and over priced and i can get the same effect with makeup brushes like sigma, sedona lace or bdellium brushes. The 217 and 224 brushes are a fave for a lot of beauty bloggers and makeup artistes but they can be easily duped too.

REAL TECHNIQUES STIPPLING BRUSH: After hearing about this brand i wanted to try out of the brushes because my brush game was seriously slacking. I always wanted a great stippling brush for foundation but this brush did not live up to expectations. Firstly the bristles  get dirty easily and i have to wash them a lot if i want a smooth application of foundation. It leave my face looking super streaky!! I always have to use the expect face brush after i use this so i never use it again.

URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTES: The queens of queens eye shadow palettes. Many have fantasized prayed wished for them. I even featured this in my wishlist for 2013. I was caught up in the hype. I do not own Naked 1 &2 but i have gotten the chance to play with them and at first glance i was like.. "Whats all the fuss about".. A ton of the colors in there i probably have in other makeup palettes so whats the big deal. Dont get me wrong i have the Naked 3 and i really like it. I use it and i can create a ton of looks but its not worth all the hype and praises it gets. It does have a little fall out with some colors nothing crazy but *sigh* OVERRATED!!!

NARS BLUSHES: This is another one right here that just baffles me.. People swear by the pigmentation. I think they are really just caught up by the popularity. Orgasm, Superorgasm, Taj Mahal, Deep throat, Albatross!!! *rolls eyes*They are pretty but very very dupable!! NYX has proper dupes of these.. Sleek Blushes knock these out the park !!I saw them instore and i thought they were pretty but i could think of a nuber of dupes for them right there. They are beautiful and if i had a ton of extra money to spend i might buy maybe ONE.. but not now...

URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTIONS: I have these and i like them. I also got little samples when i purchased my NAKED 3 palette. But i think there are other great eye shadow primers for cheap.  NYX HD primers and ELF's primer works just as great!! 

So thats it. I know some people will agree with me and some battle me out. LOL.I really enjoyed drafting this post. I think il do an Underated product post next.

Does anyone have any products or know of any products that are over rated to them too? I would love to know.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Event: Maybelline Makeup Fair!!

Hi Guys,

So this is all over the social networks and i'm so excited about it. The Makeup fair series is back again this year and im really excited. I have attended two and i had an awesome time. This time around Maybelline is teaming up with POPS Concepts to bring a fair like never before. There is going to be a Master class as well. So for all those who missed out on the first one you will get a chance to see Bimpe Onakoya do her thing. Im going to share the email i got down below...

This is to inform you with excitement about the Maybelline Makeup Fair happening this Sunday, 30th of March organized by Pops Concepts- corganizers of the Makeup Fair Series in Nigeria.

There will be free Masterclass Sessions by the Maybelline Artistic director- Bimpe Onakoya during the event.

See below FREE Makeup Masterclass schedule 

Colour Theory & Makeup Artistry 1pm - 2pm

Highlighting & Contouring 2pm - 3pm
How to achieve a Flawless Look 3.30pm - 4pm
Editorial & Runway Look 4pm - 5pm

There will be lots of shopping, fun, networking, music, Food, makeovers and freebies up for grabs.

DateSunday 30th March, 2014 

Venue: 10 Degrees Event Centre- 2 Billings Way opposite Unilever Oregun Ikeja Lagos.

Time: 10am – 6pm

Attendance is FREE

For more information: 

Phone No: 08188905667

I love attending these makeup fair's. I get to me a lot of my co beauty bloggers and some IG buddies too. Its always great to see you guys. So who's coming?

Cant wait till sunday!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Black UP Perfect Mattifying Primer...

Hi Guys,
Hope you all had a great weekend!!
So this wonderful Monday i will do a quick review of a primer i purchased recently. This is none other than the Black Up mattifying primer.

I like Black UP cosmetics.. Maybe its because they cater to black skin and i absolutely love their foundations. They are great for Nigerian weather and the coverage is so beautiful. So i had been using the foundation for a while and i had just run out of my MAC matte which i really liked but didn't think i would repurchase because it didn't keep my face shine free even though it helped create a smooth base for my makeup. 

I actually didn't know black UP had two primers.. I went into the store with this in mind but i get to the stand and i see this 8Hr correcting primer that also doubles as a treatment. I was tempted but i eventually gave in to this one. Has any one tried the other one? Let me know pls...

What Black UP says: A makeup primer with incredibly velvety touch which matifies shiny zones and helps both oil control and pores reduction. It improves makeup hold and gives a soft and velvety finish.

• New Ever Mat Active ingredient to regulate and control excess of sebum while minimizing and smoothing pores
• Long lasting matte look for even the oiliest skins
• Leaves skin feeling velvety soft and smooth
• Provides superior make up hold that lasts all day
• One pump enough for the entire face
• Fragrance-free and Paraben-free primer

Directions for use:To apply on bare skin for a perfect makeup finish and hold. The skin gets a perfect matte finish and it helps both reduce the appereance of pores and control excess of sebum
Dazzlebeautie: I always have problems with primers because they promise you so much but deliver so little. This primer is great and actually does what it says it will do. It is very velvety and smooth to touch. It applies beautifully on the skin and you can actually feel it covering your pores. I just love how easily it glides on the skin without much hastle. This primer prepares your skin for beautiful makeup application. When i put it on my face, i actually wait for about two minutes for it for really sink in before i put on my foundation. Sometimes i put it on, do my eyes before i wear my foundation.

I also like that it is a clear colour because i feel white/ cream color foundations somehow changes the color of your foundation a bit. Or maybe its just me. I think that was what made me change my mind about the other one.
I must say i did get a little shiny after a while. Maybe because i was under the sun and oh well its not magic really. It doesn't have super powers it can only do so much. lol. 

I must also state that this primer is a little pricey, but still i would highly recommend this primer for anyone looking for a great primer and also for my super oily skinned sisters out there. Its great!!

PRICE: N7,030 
WHERE TO BUY: Surulere Shopping Mall/ ikeja Mall.

You can purchase this primer at the Black UP stand alone store or at all Montaigne Place outlets.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Haul.. Review, Pictures, Swatches

EMBARK: Matte intense reddish brown.
BROWN SCRIPT: Matte warm chestnut brown
SWISS CHOCOLATE: Muted matte reddish brown

Hi Guys!! Its the weekend!! whoop.

I love my Fridays. Its the day i start having fun after a busy week. I either go see a movie, or go out with my friends or do whatever.
So to round off an amazing week i'l be doing a review of some eye shadows i've  had for some time now. Ever since i really got into eye shadow looks, i realised that to me the crease was the most important part of the eye look. If you do not have the right crease color your eye shadows will not transition . I have used a couple browns but i was just never satisfied so i went online and did some serious research for the best transition colors out there.

After my research, i settled on Brownscript and Soft brown as i saw these where the top two on almost all beauty platforms. I went to the MAC store armed with this information but to my surprise ( or not so SURPRISE) they didn't have either. I was really dissapointed and the mac attendant tried to get me to buy something close to brown-script and showed me a gang of other eye shadows.

I was eventually persuaded into buying Swiss chocolate and Embark even though those weren't what i really wanted. I had already started checking up on Amazon for brown script because i just did not feel like asking anyone abroad to help me get an eye shadow. I decide to go on the ACCESSORIESNG site to peruse and what do i seeeeeeee.. BROWN SCRIPT!!! Ahhhh i was so excited i quickly ordered it and it is as amazing as it is described to be.. Still haven't gotten soft brown yet but i'm sure i can always dupe that..

So on to the review...
EMBARK: MAC describes this as a matte intense reddish brown. This eye shadow is a great transition color if you are going for an intense smokey eye. It can also be used as a lid color depending on how you want to wear it. It is not chalky and has awesome staying power. I mostly like to use this in the outer V of my eye for a smokey effect. I must say this is a very dupable color so if dont want to spend N3600 on an eye shadow, you can always find a color close to this and you will get the same effect. It is not a must have in my opinion.

BROWN SCRIPT: MAC describes this as a matte warm chestnut brown. This is a brick reddish brown color. Now this a huge favorite of mine. I also featured this in my recent February favorites post. This eye shadow is the best transition color ever. It can also be worn on the lid for day time or to the office with some black eyeliner. It has reddish/ orangey undertones and looks great untop gold or bronze eye shadow. Its so beautiful. Honestly this eye shadow made me love MAC eye shadows. This one is a must have ooo. If you use this eye shadow you will notice how easy it will be to create lovely eye shadow looks because it works well with a wide range of colors. Try it out. You will love it.

SWISS CHOCOLATE: MAC describes this as a muted matte reddish brown. Honestly, i dont know why they use the word "muted" to describe eye shadows. This was supposed to be the "dupe" to Brown script that the store attendant picked out for me. Its not even anywhere around the bus stop of  brown script. *side eye*

This eye shadow has a reddish undertone to it when worn lightly but if it is worn as a lid color it does look pretty plain. Its best worn as a crease color. Minimal fallout, it is a drier matte but it is quite pigmented. Best worn on your outer V to intensify makeup looks.

So this is my little review on my brown transition colors. I'm still on the hunt for great transition colors in other shades. If you have any kindly let me know... :D

Oh, also if you know what "MUTED" means please tell me o. I don't know and i want to.


Brown script for N3800 on ACCESSORIESNG
Embark and Swiss Chocolate for N3600 at the MAC STORE 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: MY Makeup Lip Candy Lipsticks.. Review, Photos, Swatches

Hi  Guys!!
How's your week going!!
Today i 'll be doing a review of two lipsticks sent to me by the wonderful team at MYMAKEUPNG! Recently, the team launched a line of lipsticks called 'LIP CANDY". There are over 10  colors in this collection. From reds, pinks, oranges and even a beautiful blue this line has it all. They also have the cutest names like Lekki Babe,Blue my mind, Shakara, Engagement and Wedding Crasher.  I like the simplicity of the packaging and the colors of the lipsticks they have so far. I was gifted "Blue my Mind" and "Lekki Babe"

Oh also,the face of this  line is the gorgeous EZ of Beauty in Lagos who is such a sweet girl.. HI BOO!! ;D

What MYMAKEUP says: "My Makeup’s own line of Lipsticks ranging from Matte to Semi Matte Finishes."

BLUE MY MIND: Ink blue color with silver micro glitter. Honestly, I have wanted colored lipstick for the longest time but never had the courage to purchase one. I first liked it when i saw it on Amber Rose. That girl can rock any color of lipstick and look soo gorgeous but I kept saying if i buy it will i even wear it out?

 After trying this, i will be getting some more fun colors to rock on a night out. This color is for the bold and fearless and im slowly getting there. 

LEKKI BABE: Semi Matte cool purple color. This color is very pretty. Its in between a pink and a striking purple which gives it a great balance. I also love the name so for all you Lekki ladies this ones for you. :D

These lippies cost N1500 a pop. To grab some click HERE


Does anyone own these? What colors do you like? Im loving them a lot.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Beauty Experience: Maybelline MasterClass

Now all the while she was demonstrating i kept staring at the table in front and i wanted to have a look at the products she was using. After the demo i went forward and took a ton of pics.

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Last week i attended the Maybelline masterclass at Radisson Blu Hotel and it was a lovely experience. If you missed it i have a little gist for you so read on.. :)

After attending my first masterclass with Jackie Aina i decided i would attend as many masterclasses i could because Knowledge is never too much. The event started at 10:30am with a welcome address from Maybelline's brand manager who gave a brief history of Maybelline and its expansion over the years. Its amazing how the brand has been around for this long and still have as much relevance as it does while still producing great quality products at affordable prices.

Next, Bimpe Onakoya gave a full face demonstration showing how to apply foundation, concealer and most importantly how to highlight and contour like a pro. It was an eye opening experience for me as this was the main thing i wanted to see LIVE. All through the demo she gave tons of tips and tricks and advice on makeup and techniques.. Especially on brows and highlighting. 

I was also surprised at the number of upcoming makeup artistes that attended the event. Some people came from outside Lagos. That is determination and willingness to learn. Kudos to those ladies. Maybelline also stated that they will be releasing new products to the Nigerian market starting with their 7 in 1 face powder formulated for the Nigerian weather. Cant wait to try that.. Oh and also, anyone who attended this event got to know Bimpe's secret.. "CACAO POWDER".. LOL

Thank you Maybelline for a good time..

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