Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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Last week i did a little hauling and i picked this up. I get product fever anytime i hear people rave about something. I always want to try it out and see if i'l like it too. I picked up the lipbalm in "Honeysuckle Honeydew, ughhh how adorable is that name. LOL. I fell in love with the name and said i'm getting that one just because.

What EOS Says: Give your lips a healthy boost with this all-natural, antioxidant-rich lip balm that is filled with refreshing blueberry and acai flavors. 

DazzleBeautie: These come in different flavors like Strawberry sorbet, sweet mint,Lemon Drop, Pomegranate raspberry among others. I'm a big chap stick lover because i love to give my lips a good moisturizing before putting anything on. Ladies if you put on Lip gloss or lipstick without moisturizing your lips with a balm please STOP! Its not cute o. Anyways i tried this lip balm and its fair. Its nothing fantastic i dont know what all the hype is about. My Baby Lips is ten times more moisturizing. Even the regular N200 chap stick is better. Hmmmm. The size is even too big to fit into the makeup purse i carry everyday. For this singular reason amongst others it shall become a form of beautification to my Vanity unless i am applying makeup at the table.This baby is also pricey for a lip balm. It does smell nice though. That's all i can say. If i was to choose between skip or buy.. Definitely skip unless you are a die hard EOS fan and have to have it in every color!! 

PRICE: N1200

Monday, April 28, 2014


Hi Guys,

I have been a bad blogger!! I know.. Over the past two weeks i have not had time for myself much less blogging. I apologize for my absence but ya favorite girl is bacckkk!!!

Everyone knows i have my reservations about this highlight thing because it has disgraced me a lot of times in public due to extreme heat coupled with my oily skin. I don't know when i offended the highlighting gods but i apologize. Recently i was going through instagram and we all know there are some fantastic makeup artists on instagram.FANTASTIC!! I noticed most of them use creme products to highlight and not liquid. When i say cream i know concealers are cream too but i mean like cream foundation type products. I started thinking of products i could use for this as i wanted to try IT out. I decided to get a cream foundation for this, crossed my fingers and hoped it would turn out great. I have not given up on this highlighting life. I must nail it! LOL

IMAN is not a strange product in Nigeria. It has been around for a long time. I think Montaigne place has a stand for them and they can be gotten from most beauty vendors. I have used this creme to powder foundation before and i liked it so i decided to give it a try as a highlighting product. I am a Clay 2 but i got Clay 1 for this and it is just right. I love how IMAN has a wide range of shades to suit many skintones. There is a shade match for everyone. Something i love about products made for women of color.

What IMAN says:
Gives the flawless look you want, with a truly natural appearance. Glides on like sheer silk to give the coverage of cream combined with a velvety powder finish.  Full coverage foundation imparts a velvety powder finish. PERFORMANCE FEATURES- Apply foundation and blend downward in the direction of your hair growth for a more even texture- Velvety, creamy consistency blends easily- Contains powder for a velvety finish- Reduces the appearance of large pores- Helps to hide discoloration- For all skin types

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: I think i have found one product that will help me with highlighting. I wanted something that would blend well with my skin but show some shade difference on some parts of my face. The first time i tried this, i applied it with my hand and made sure to blend in properly. I even did a reverse contour on my cheeks and i like how it dried on my skin even without me setting with a powder. I guess whats where the "Creme to powder" effect came in. I applied this under my eyes, forehead and cupids bow. 

One thing i must say about this product is that it is quite oily( or maybe its my skin) and i have to use just a little so i don't end up looking like a grease ball. Over all i like this and i will keep using this. It is not heavy on the face and when set with a powder it looks great.

Still on the hunt for more cream products to highlight. I'm open to suggestions guys!!

PRICE: N2500. I purchased this at Tejuosho market. This can be found anywhere makeup is sold. And i seriously mean this o.Anywhere!! Also, there are a lot of fake IMAN powders now. Be careful not to buy that. Do purchase from a store or online.

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Friday, April 11, 2014


Hi Guys,

So this is the Part 2 of my earlier blog post.. Now some of these brands i believe just had to come into Nigeria. It was inevitable. I am very sure if they check where their major source of income is from they will realize Nigeria is  one of them. I remember walking into a Sephora store and i was talking to the attendant and she asked me where i was from and i said Nigeria and she said "Ahhhh Nigerians love makeup" LOL. 

Its great that we now have a ton of foreign brands here and i love how they put the word NIGERIA behind their brand names. It really makes if feel more homely.

So in no particular order,


Everybody loves MAC!! I most especially.. Imagine my surprise when i went to the Ikeja Mall and saw the MAC sign on a shop... I freaked out!! I was excited, happy, jumping for joyyy!!! No more begging anyone to run to a MAC counter for me. No more stalking the MAC site for limited edition makeup like i could get my hands on it. Plssssssss. Now i can walk into a store and get my fix! Do i need to go on? Their makeup is amazing... They keep us all on our toes releasing collections and sending us all into fairy tale land. I cannot say enough!! Thanks for coming MAC... SHE LOVES YA!!



Sleek cosmetics which is a UK brand launched in Nigeria in 2007 and it has been super successful ever since. It such a household makeup brand. Super cheap and affordable and they are here to stay. Some of their most popular items are their eye shadow palettes, blushes and their super famous Contour kit.


Maybelline was introduced into Nigeria in 2013 and has been very successful ever since. They did a launch of their products with a release of their collosal mascara and kajal which has been very successful. They recently launched their new powder a few weeks back and i am yet to try that. Cant wait for their full line of products to be launched.

 Make Up Designery popularly known as MUD launched in Nigeria in 2010 and has trained over 1000 makeup artistes since. They have three offices in Nigeria and their products are sold through dealers and distributors. Honestly i have never physically sighted any of them before.(WIERDDDD) but i have seen some reviews on them and they are stocked on Jumia. I also love the AD's with the face of their line which happens to be Genevieve Nnaji. Beautiful!!



Prestige Cosmetics is another international brand that has come to Nigeria to stay. I cant tell when it came from info online but there are some new Beauty Ads featuring Beverly Osu on line so i'm guessing 2 years ago. The official distributor of this line is Taries Makeup World and they do stock a wide variety of their products. I haven't tried anything out yet but they look interesting. Has anyone?



Now this is one of my personal favourites!! Black UP which  is a french brand has been in Nigeria for over three years now and where exclusively socked by Montaigne Place until they launched their stand alone store in 2012 at Ikeja Mall. This brand products makeup suitable for women of color and have a wide array of lovely products. Their foundation and powders are awesome and i love their  blushes too.



NOUBA cosmetics is a premium italian makeup brand. This line was created by a makeup artist called  Rosy Armanini in 1978 and was introduced into Nigeria in 2010. Like some other makeup brands, i have only seen this brand at makeup fairs. I did take a look at the products but being the makeup snob i can be sometimes i dont really like trying out products i havent heard much of. I have done a little research online and visited their website. Hopefully il try something soon if i see something i like.


Oh by the way i hear INGLOT is coming soon o!! I was really excited when i heard about that but we wont know for sure until there is a launch or the store is open or something. I really enjoyed typing up this post even though it was so random and even last minute. I hope i was able to cover up all the foreign brands we have too. 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hi Guys!!!

A few years ago, it was a huge task getting makeup in Nigeria.. If you dont ask your aunty or friend coming back from America to help you get something from MAC or ULTA you will be on amazon or even ebay trying to see if you can get something shipped to the country for you. My fellow makeup enthiusaists  know what im talking about. 

Fastforward a few years now and there is so much makeup for us to consume!! From both indigenious and foreign brands ,its so exciting for me and i am loving this new wave. Presently, we hava a few indigenous makeup companies that are doing great and feeding we makeup lovers with a healthy dose of all things beauty. There are also a few foreign companies that have seen potential for great business here and have come to pitch their tents.

Being the tidyness captain that i am, I recently tried to compile a list of the makeup brands we have in Nigeria both home grown and foreign and this inspired me to do a blog post. I must confess i have not tried all these brands out even though i have heard about them and seen their products. I will not be talking about the quality of the products that i have not tried. 

Im also going to split this post in two sets. First set will be makeup brands from Nigeria to the world (Indigenous) and the second will be from the world to Nigeria(Foreign).

So here goes... 

In no particular order,


House of TARA also known as HOT.. (I like) was founded by Tara Durotoye in 1998.I want to believe HOT is the first indigenous makeup brand in Nigeria.Correct me if i a wrong. This brand has been around for the longest time and has continued to top the list. They have a wide variety of makeup products (start to finish) and recently rebranded and relaunched. I love their products even though it took me a while to actually purchase anything from them but now i am loving them so much. i particularly love the eyeshadows and the lipstains... H.O.T is truly HOT!!!!!!



Zaron Cosmetics is a Nigerian Makeup brand that was established in 2011. In 3 years, they have come to be one of the leading providers of makeup in Nigeria. They provide foundation, powders,eyepencils, blushes, eyeshadow palettes, lip pencils and the rest. They also deal in hair extensions but i have never tried it before .Their products are very affordable and of great quality. I purchased some Zaron products on Dealdey for a great discount and i was really impressed with the pigmentation of the lipsticks and lip pencils. They are fantastic and very pigmented. I also love how their lipglosses are long lasting and their EYESHADOWS too. BOMB!!! 



BMPRO is a professional makeup brand designed by Banke Meshida Lawal. BM pro offers a wide variety of products to suit all skin types. This line has been around for a while now and i personally have not used any of the products but i have heard how great they are. Cant wait to try them out soon.



Kayge Cosmetics is another home grown and very successful indigenious makeup line that was established in 2013.  They boast of a line flled with beautiful lip products in different finishes creating one pretty pout at a time. I am a lip product lover and this line is soooo ME. They offer lipsticks, lip pencils, lip stains and glosses. Can we say lip service agent? I have tried all the categories of products and i really like them all. You will probably find their melon and flirt lipglosses in my bag as i type. The products are also very available .With Kayge your lips are covered.



This makeup line is owned by Enitan Balogun. I remember when i used to see the ads of this makeup line in magazines. I was especially fascinated by the lipglosses. This was many years ago. I would take my mums magazines and stare and stare and wonder if this really was a Nigerian brand. I always drive past their store on Awolowo road but i have never gone in to look around. I know i know very bad of me. I have seen this brand at a few makeup fairs too. They recently had a makeup review party about a month ago from what i saw online so they are very much here to stay. I haven't read any reviews of thier products so i dont know what they are like but i will definitely be trying something out soon.

Facebook Page:


Now this brand i have a soft spot for because they have satisfied a ton of my makeup cravings over the past one/two years. I really like the ladies behind this brand and i was very excited for them when i heard they would be coming out with their own lip line after stocking other brands for a while. The lipsticks are so beautiful and apply very well. I cant wait for more from them.



I remember attending the launch of this line in 2012(I think) at Oriental hotel.. This line offers foundation, lipsticks, lip pencils, lip liners, eyeshadow trios amongst others. They dont do a lot of press and promotion as i would have expected but i know they do stock their products on Jumia. I havent tried anything out yet but i have seen some reviews of their products and they seem great.


These are the Indigenous makeup brands presently known to me. I will do a seperate post on The Foreign brands in Nigeria next. I hope i covered everyone and if i didnt kindly let me know guys so i can include it.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hi Guys,
Before i started wearing foundation i had been wearing eyeliner. Eyeliner and lip gloss!! I love Eye liner. It is a must have for me and there is no way you will check my makeup purse and not find a variety of eyeliners brands in there. I especially like the L'Oreal ones.

I moved on to gel liner for a while but i realized that gel liners do not give me a precised signature wing that i love. After lining my lids my eye lids with the gel ,i always grab my liquid liner to get the flick/tip  just right! I never nail it with the gel one.I ran out of my old L'Oreal liner and decided to get this one i had seen online and was interested in.

L'OREAL: The cleverly designed applicator of Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner allows you to create delicately thin or dramatically bold lines with precision. Fragrance-free formula lasts all day up to eight hours.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: I really like this eyeliner. It is avery intense black and they did not lie about it being long wearing. It lasts all day until i take off my makeup. No cracking or color dulling. I know that tends to happen with some liners. After a while they start to look greyish on the eyes.. I like using this with the L'Oreal lineur gel liner i reviewed a while back to give myself a beautiful winged eyeliner.  The brush tip is long, soft and firm at the same time and gets the job done so beautifully. I am sucker for a great winged eye... ;D

PRICE: N2500 

PLACE:  MYMAKEUPNG to purchase click HERE

Does anyone have this liner? What do you think about it?

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Friday, April 4, 2014


 Hi Guys!!

Its the beginning of a new month and you know what time it is!! Time to share my favorites from MARCH!! I recently got a few items i had been eyeing and you know i definitely put them into good use last month just because..
So here goes

MAC DEVOTED POPPY PALETTE This palette is a really old mac palette from a collection they released i think in 2008. It was called the 'Passions of Red" hence the red packaging i guess..This had been sitting in my makeup space for such a long time and  never use it for anything. I decided to compulsorily include it in my makeup purse and i really liked it.

BLACK OPAL OIL BLOCKING POWDER: This powder and i have come a very long way!! I have been using this for years and my go to powder ran out and i havent gotten time to go purchase a new one. I used this alone or to set my foundation and remembered how much i liked this. Dont sleep on this powder guys its awesome.

RED CHERRY #43: I recently ordered a ton of Red cherry lashes from Amazon all in the #43. I really like the lashes soo much. Every event i had to attend last month you know i was rocking these and people complimented. I know there are a few nice red cherry eyelash styles out there so if you guys know anymore kindly let me know.. These are great and im still on the first one. I've used it four times already and it still looks good for a couple more times before i throw it away. 

SJP LOVELY PERFUME- I'm not really a fan of celebrity perfumes. As much as i love Beyonce i dont have any of her perumes and i read that she doesnt wear perfumes but body oils because she is alergic to em!! *Dont quote me o*.. Anyways i bought this in dubai for a very good discount after gettig a whiff of the scent. This is such a pretty soft, powdery and intimate scent. I dont think anyone will not like this and i love how it lingers for days on my clothes.

TARA KAHINA LIPSTAIN: I used this for a look in did and i was featured on the TARA IG page. That was so cool. This nude is  a very pale nude that settles on the lips in a way that will suit all skin tones.I wore this to work with my zaron capuccino lip pencil and it stayed on for a long time.

MAYBELLINE GREAT LASH MASCARA: I think i featured this in my January favourites. This mascara is great. Its my go to mascara.

LOREAL LINEUR INTENSE LIQUID LINER: I recently got this after seeing BEAUTYBYJJ use this on Youtube. I really like the applicator of this brush and i would recommend this for eyeliner beginners.

MAC CULTURED LIPGLASS: I am such an abandoner. This is what happens when you are a makeup hoarder. I went searching for my MAC Lipglasses that i got a while back and made sure to use them and i forgot just how pretty they are. Cultured is a pretty pink color that lasts all day long.

HOUSE OF TARA NSA LIPSTICK: Pretty purple color. Applies smoothly and is super long lasting too.

MAC OYSTER GIRL LIPGLASS: This shell coloured lippie was ma best friend last month. I even wore it over my kahina lisptick and i was absolutely loving it. It gives the prettiest tint to nude lip colors.

SIGMA PENCIL BRUSH: I get stingy when it comes to eye makeup brushes but i always want my eyeshadows to come out banging. If  you are into those three- four eyeshadows on one eye looks you definitely need this brush o.It helps with precise application of colors most especially on the outer corners of my eye.

COASTAL SCENTS FOUNDATION BRUSH: I stumbled upon this brush and i was not expecting a brush from coastal scents to deliver they way this brush did for me.It is very similar to the Sigma f80 Flat top Kabuki Brush. This brush buffs my foundation in so well. I was pleasantly suprised. Makup retailer in Nigeria need to stock this brush. I got this for N1500 and for that price it is a steal for how good this brush is. If you want an air brushed effect with your makeup flat top brushes always do that.

So those where my favs for the month of March!!!

What were yours? Id love to know.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maybelline Makeup Fair Pics

Doyin of Chloes Makeover
Did a little TV

Unoma of Vieve Butterfly Blog.

Hi Guys!!!
So i will be sharing some thoughts and pictures from the just concluded Maybelline makeup fair. I was really excited to attend this event as i wanted to meet a few people and i generally enjoy these fairs because i get to buy products at cheaper prices.(Everyone loves a great price)

The most annoying thing happened to me. I made sure to charge my camera battery because i had used it the night before and didn't want it to die on me at the event. Only for me to turn on my camera and i see one battery bar!! I was dissapointed but i go to take some pictures of the products up for display before it finally went off.

Sorry this is a pic heavy post because i really don't have much to say so kindly enjoy the pics...

I didn't get to sit for the Masterclass but i watched from the sidelines as Bimpe Onakoya did her thing before  i walked round  to find some makeup to buy but sadly i didn't purchase ANYTHING!!! I was quite dissapointed at the number of retailers that showed up for the event. I didn't find any of my favorite products and honestly most of the makeup there were stuff i already had. I did see a lot of Original beauty blenders but the prices where a little bit ridiculous.

All in all the turn out for the event was pretty high and i was glad i got to meet a lot of people personally. Hope to attend more of these in the nearest future.

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