Saturday, November 24, 2012

FOTD: Merry Berries!!

Hi Dolls! Can i just start this post by saying i am very sad .and i want to rant a little... The story is this.... After my makeup look was completed, i took TONS of pics... Almost 70 pictures and they where the best work i have done and i was really proud of them. I decided to do a little editing with picasa and next thing i know all my pictures are DELETED!!!! OMG i was so pissed! I try to see if  i could reverse the action , search the recycle bin, Local C drive blablablabla... all to no avail... I also made the mistake of cutting the pictures from my memory card to my laptop instead of copying.... How ridiculous!..I was so upset yesterday. Anyways i still had about 8 pictures that where saved on the camera memory before i popped my memory card in..

So onto the POST!

This look is Shirley Beniang inspired. If you do not know who Shirley Beniang is she is the fashion and beauty blogger who runs the blog meek-n-mild .. I really loved the look and was inspired to recreate it...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MINI HAUL: Revlon,Mac, Rimmell....

Hello Dolls!! Hope everyone is having a lovely day so far! Just wanted to show you guys a few stuff i picked up recently. I haven't really gotten a lot of makeup recently as i can't get a lot of the stuff i want here. e.g Ben Nye Banana visage powder and UD Vice palette.:( oooh and also the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman.... hopefully soon....

Now unto the post...... First thing i have to show...


I have wanted to get this foundation for a while but never found it here.... Thanks to Konga i was able to get my hands on this FINALLY!!! A dear friend of mine from twitter sent me one in the shade Caramel but it was just too dark for me. The swatches and pictures i had seen of people who use this foundation online matched with my own skin tone and i was quite disapointed. I decided to grab the toast and it was a little too light but i mix then together and i get the perfect shade.. so YAAY!!

I am actually quite pleased with this product. It gives me a nice matte finish and it STAYS!!! It really does what it says even though it gives me a tough time when i try to take it off. I have worn this out a couple of times and i had a nice dewy face after a while as i have oily skin... These are still available on Konga for N2350 and they stock them in a variety of shades. I must say i do prefer this to my Mac Studio finish foundation, it controls my oilies and the price is great.


I also picked up the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Copper penny recently. I realised that i do have a lot of shimmery eyeshadows but i don't have a decent GOLD eyeshadow.. I don't know if you know what i mean  but YEAH!! :D... I have worn this quite a couple of times and its the prettiest eyeshadow ever. I love to apply this in the corners of my eye to make them pop...

with flash

no flash


Now this one i saw on a friend and just had to have it!! She used it as a cheek highlight and she was glowing all over the place.LOL. I picked this up Kudi store in Lagos and it cost N1500.

with flash

 Just look how pretty it looks from the picture.. Its the most gorgeous bronzer ever!! It gives a lovely glow. I like to dust this on the tip of my nose,forehead and my cheeks! POP!



I have never been a fan of cream eye shadows as they always crease after a while and aren't the easiest to apply even though they promise that. I saw these on KONGA and after reading reviews on them i decided to get the colours MERMAID and GET FRESH.. 

with  flash

  I must say i am  really impressed with these.. I do use them as a base and they make my eye shadows look more vibrant and last longer. I also like to use GET FRESH on my eyes alone. It gives a nice shimmer.

no flash

 These have been discontinued by Rimmel but can be found on KONGA for N450.. get it Ladies!!


I picked up some more Jordana lipsticks which i seem to be really enjoying. They are very creamy,pigmented and not drying on the lips AT ALL!! These are cheaper alternatives to the high end lispticks.. I cant figure out what MAC lipsticks these would be dupes for but if you want a nice pink and berry lip color i would suggest these....


with flash

no flash


This is a very bold and INTERESTING lipstick.. Its an amplified finish and very pigmented on the lips... Honestly, its one of those hard to describe colors... A light magenta, purple... :S.. It has a very pretty sheen to it and i have worn this out a few times at night because i'm too scared to wear this out during the day.

This is the boldest purple lipstick i own and i absolutely love it! Its a very sexy, in your face bright lip color. I will do a FOTD with this soon! Hopefully im bold enough to actually wear it during the day. :D

 Hope you guys enjoyed the post!! More Hauls coming soon!

 I also wanted to thank everyone for the support and all the love on twitter! It's very encouraging.. Thank you so much!! :D

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nail Art: Neon Leopard print nails!!

Hi Dolls, hope everyone is having a great week so far. I just wanted to show you all this quick nail art design i did.This is my first DIY nail design and i was super excited with the results. I was looking up nail art tutorials on Youtube and i saw how easy it was to create a nice leopard print nail design. Knowing me i got to work right away trying to master it. Honestly it is super easy!!

 I looked up some leopard print wallpaper designs to get inspiration and this neon multicolored print design on a white background caught my eye. I just had to recreate it on my nails.


  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Pink,green,pink,blue nail polish
  • A dotting tool(u can use a toothpick, the tip of an eyeliner brush or even Qtips)
  • A pointed nail art brush or nail marker
  • Top coat

  •  Start by applying 2 coats of white nail polish on your nails after they have been buffed and filed.
  • Use a dotting tool to make multicolored dots on your nails and leave to set.. make as many dots as you want its up to you.
  • Use you nail art brush,preferably a pointed one to make random uneven shapes around your dots. They don't have to be perfect but do make the shapes with a steady hand and on a flat surface.
  • Leave to dry for a few minutes and finish off with a top coat.. (Make sure u let it dry properly before applying top coat or the black polish will smudge and mess it up.Happened to me but oh well  :)

 Pics below....

so bright and in your face.. had to try it out

This is my first time trying out nail art design !! I'm sure you guys can see my many imperfections but i'm getting better! :D I was so excited i just wanted to show you guys what i did.

Do let me know what you think of it!! Do you like nail art??

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