Friday, January 23, 2015


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I have another lipstick review from MYMAKEUPNG. This color is called MRS.S and it is a bluish/purpley color. Now this color is not your everyday color, well maybe for some people but it is very HOT.I love to experiment with makeup and i'm glad i have this. This color is super pigmented and bright.It is a different color but honestly more wearable than other colorful lipsticks i have seen. 

I would suggest this lipstick for editorial looks, and fun nights out with your friends. It sure does draw attention and is a head turner.

Would your rock this? Let me know your thoughts below guys!! ;D


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hi guys!!
How are we doing? This girl has been down with the sniffles but i feel a little better now. At the last makeup fair, i was gifted this set from the lovely lady at AccessoriesNG. I do not have one bare minerals item in my makeup stash and i never really gave the brand much thought. I love to try new products and i couldn't wait to play with them.

So this set holds three essential makeup products for everyday wear. It has a rosy blush , a light blush pink lipstick and a shimmery champagne and gold eye shadow to give a soft and romantic look. Now there are no names to this products but i'm guessing they are exclusive to this palette so...

I did a quick makeup look with it and i was super impressed with everything. The eye shadows are super pigmented. Almost as bright as pigments. The blush shows up on the skin pretty good and the lipstick is just the prettiest blushing pink color with a lustre finish but packs a lot of color. It says satin finish on the packaging but i beg to differ. 

I'm not sure if this set is still available but i guess it should be. I love it and it has fast become a stable in my makeup purse to create subtle everyday looks.

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Monday, January 19, 2015


Hi Guys!!
Hope you all had an awesome weekend! I've always dream't of owning a lipstick line. Be as it may, i haven't even gotten around to thinking of anything towards that yet. It has always been a dream of mine and hopefully one day i will make it a reality.

A while back, i was browsing through the Instagram pages of one of the leading online makeup brands in Nigeria MYMAKEUPNG and saw they had added some new colors to their lip candy line, This line boasts of some pretty and pigmented lipsticks with super catchy names. To my pleasant surprise, i saw they had named one of their lipsticks after my blog!! Boy was i excited!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and find out what color it was. I guess Tayo really knows me very well because the color represents me well. How super flattering!! Thanks T!

I have reviewed two lipsticks from this line before.To read a review and get some info on the lip candy line kindly click HERE

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: This lipstick is a bright almost neon fuschia pink. It is semi matte and can be blotted down to a matte finish if you like. I love how it brightens up the face and is super pigmented. Two clean swipes and you are good. The staying power is also awesome and it leaves a pretty little stain on the lips after wear. I love this lippie a lot...Its so special to me even though i didn't get to create it.

Thanks again MYMAKEUPNG!! It really put a smile on my face.Thanks for all the support too. It feels great to know that people really do acknowledge my blog!! Who is getting the lippie soon?I'd love to see how you wear it guys!!! heyyyyyyyy!!! :D

WHERE TO BUY:To purchase click here MYMAKEUPNG
PRICE: N1500

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hi guys,

I have a makeup look to share today. Over the weekend i decided to play in some makeup as i hadn't worn some in about a week and i was missing it. I went through my stash for products i hadn't given much love in a while and there was my stash of Zaron lipsticks just sitting there . I opened the color called mystic and i gasped. Believe i have never worn it out ever since i got it a year ago. I was just thinking recently how i didn't  have an orange lipstick and was going to pick one up soon. Sigh.. *HOARDER ISSUES*

For the eyes ,i used two of the Taos cosmetics eyeshadows i reviewed to show you guys how pretty it looks. I hope you like the look. And oh.. i took my pictures out in direct sunlight this time. I was not in the mood for all that flash/white face mess. I quite like how the pictures turned out. Then guess who painted her face and forgot to charge her camera in time to take pictures... 0_0..LOL... ENJOY GUYS!! :)

Beautifully Matte Primer
Black UP in FL05(I love this product!!)
L.A Pro conceal in Fawn
Kamaflague HD setting powder(undereyes)
MAC Mineralise skin finish in Medum Deep
E.L.F Mist and set spray

Black Opal eye brow filler in Medium
NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean as Lid base
Taos Cosmetics eyeshadow in Savannah
Taos Cosmetics eyeshadow in Black star
Inglot #77 gel liner
Mac Fascinating eye khol
MAC zoom lash mascara
Red Cherry #43 lashes 

Sleek Pumkin Blush by 3 palette
MAC Gold Deposit (Cheek Highlight)
Maybelline CACAO powder

Maybelline Baby lips
Zaron MYSTIC lipstick

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


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Happy New year!!! Oh how i have missed blogging!! I had to take a break for christmas cuz it was definitely needed and i had limited access to the internet so i couldn't blog. I hope you all had an awesome Christmas. I know i did. ;D

I'm opening up the New year with a review from a new and upcoming Nigerian makeup brand called TAOS COSMETICS. It is run by a lovely lady named Vanessa.  Last year, i was sent these products to review and i took the time to wear each item  and give an honest review on each of them. 
I received 3 eyeshadows, a blush and two eyepencils.

TAOS COSMETICS:We are a growing brand that identifies with all Women of Colour. We go by the bond of the title WOC and we stick with it. Our Products are all made with love and natural botanical ingredients that would be good enough for sensitive skin. Our Products, from the eyeshadows to lipglosses, lipsticks are highly Pigmented.

BLACK ORCHID:This is a beautiful black eye shadow with flecks of silver glitter. I always wanted a black eye shadow that wasn't flat black. This adds the perfect amount of dazzle to the eye without being too bright. While applying this i would advise spritzing your brush a little bit so as to pick up the product properly and get great pigmentation. The swatches above show the eye shadow applied dry and wet. See how we get better pay off wet. Love it!!
BLACK STAR: I think Vanessa got a peek into my mind before sending me these. Anyone that knows me knows my fav color combo is black and gold. I can't pass it up for anything. Black star is a black eyeshadow with flecks of gold glitter inside. When i opened the lid, i fell in love. This shadow is very soft and smooth during application. As advised earlier, be sure to wet your brush a little before applying this to get maximum color payoff.

SAVANNAH: This is a rich chocolate brown color. I have substituted my Mac embark eyeshadow for this as this is a great dupe. I use this to smoke out my under eye and intensify my crease color. I actually used this one to contour when i couldn't find my contour powder(covers face) and it looked GREAT!! I know it's eye shadow but i don't think just because a product is tagged one thing that is all it can be used for. If you are looking for a great transition color or just a nice brown eyeshadow to add to the stash. I would recommend this.
BLOOD ORANGE: Now this blush!!BRIGHT MUCH!! When i opened the lid i went like O_O. It is flourescent orange.It is a very bright color and super pigmented too. I wore it once but i had to swipe super lightly so i don't look clowny. I also used this in my crease when i wore a sunset inspired look recently and it looked absolutely beautiful.See how this also doubled as an eye shadow. I'm not sure i would wear on my cheeks a lot but it will definitely get more wear on the eyes from me.

EYEPENCILS: The eye pencils are very similar in color.Navy blue is a tad bit darker in real life. They are twist up which i love and are very easy to apply. You also get great pigmentation with these.

Overall, i love all the products and would definitely add more to my collection. What do you guys think? Kindly leave a comment below.

Instagram: taos_inc

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