Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: MY Makeup Lip Candy Lipsticks.. Review, Photos, Swatches

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Today i 'll be doing a review of two lipsticks sent to me by the wonderful team at MYMAKEUPNG! Recently, the team launched a line of lipsticks called 'LIP CANDY". There are over 10  colors in this collection. From reds, pinks, oranges and even a beautiful blue this line has it all. They also have the cutest names like Lekki Babe,Blue my mind, Shakara, Engagement and Wedding Crasher.  I like the simplicity of the packaging and the colors of the lipsticks they have so far. I was gifted "Blue my Mind" and "Lekki Babe"

Oh also,the face of this  line is the gorgeous EZ of Beauty in Lagos who is such a sweet girl.. HI BOO!! ;D

What MYMAKEUP says: "My Makeup’s own line of Lipsticks ranging from Matte to Semi Matte Finishes."

BLUE MY MIND: Ink blue color with silver micro glitter. Honestly, I have wanted colored lipstick for the longest time but never had the courage to purchase one. I first liked it when i saw it on Amber Rose. That girl can rock any color of lipstick and look soo gorgeous but I kept saying if i buy it will i even wear it out?

 After trying this, i will be getting some more fun colors to rock on a night out. This color is for the bold and fearless and im slowly getting there. 

LEKKI BABE: Semi Matte cool purple color. This color is very pretty. Its in between a pink and a striking purple which gives it a great balance. I also love the name so for all you Lekki ladies this ones for you. :D

These lippies cost N1500 a pop. To grab some click HERE


Does anyone own these? What colors do you like? Im loving them a lot.

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  1. They are soo cute.But why do dey have on thier bio?I have been trying to purchase some stuffs frm them.These colours are so nice.

    1. Hi Dear! I think they changed the name of their website from what they had before and they also redirected the old name to the new one.

  2. Hey boo, heyyyyyy!!! lol. They look gorgeous!xx