Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SLEEK MAKEUP GOODY BAG: First look, thoughts,pictures....

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I haven't posted in a week!! I know i've been so busy ! I am quite active on instagram so if you want to keep up with me kindly follow me on there.. @beautiebyprecious.

So i wanted to share with you this amazing goody bag that i received from Sleek Makeup! My story is different because majority of the people who own this got theirs at the Social Media Week!! I kept seeing pictures of this awesome goody bag on Instagram and i left a comment under someone's page on how awesome it was and SLEEK sent me an email to come pick up mine.. Oh boy was i excited.. I was not expecting it at all and i really appreciate the sweet gesture.. Soooo once again...Thanks SLEEK!!

The products included in the bag where both makeup and  skincare.. If you do not know sleek does not just do makeup alone, they also have skin care products and i have never used any of them till now.. As i type this post,  i can tell you i have been enjoying the products and i really like them.
So the bag contained:



COME CLEAN Gentle Cleansing Foam with Tea Tree
NEUSKIN REVEAL Exfoliating Night Cream
NEUSKIN REVEAL MORE Exfoliating Booster with fruit acids
 Lightning in a jar Whitening Anti-Acne

Lip glosses

Flash "a" Pout in Forbidden
Flash "a" Pout in Revolution
Flash "a" Pout in Naivety
Flash "a" Pout in Coined
Flash "a" Pout in Siren
Flash "a" Pout in Duke
Glowshine in Pink Beam


Emery board( Nail file)
Blotting Paper
Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator

I will split the reviews in two parts so i don't do a super long post and bore you guys.

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  1. Hopefully, I will get my own e-mail just by commenting here... lol... u really look fab now dear. Nice one Precious