Friday, March 21, 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Haul.. Review, Pictures, Swatches

EMBARK: Matte intense reddish brown.
BROWN SCRIPT: Matte warm chestnut brown
SWISS CHOCOLATE: Muted matte reddish brown

Hi Guys!! Its the weekend!! whoop.

I love my Fridays. Its the day i start having fun after a busy week. I either go see a movie, or go out with my friends or do whatever.
So to round off an amazing week i'l be doing a review of some eye shadows i've  had for some time now. Ever since i really got into eye shadow looks, i realised that to me the crease was the most important part of the eye look. If you do not have the right crease color your eye shadows will not transition . I have used a couple browns but i was just never satisfied so i went online and did some serious research for the best transition colors out there.

After my research, i settled on Brownscript and Soft brown as i saw these where the top two on almost all beauty platforms. I went to the MAC store armed with this information but to my surprise ( or not so SURPRISE) they didn't have either. I was really dissapointed and the mac attendant tried to get me to buy something close to brown-script and showed me a gang of other eye shadows.

I was eventually persuaded into buying Swiss chocolate and Embark even though those weren't what i really wanted. I had already started checking up on Amazon for brown script because i just did not feel like asking anyone abroad to help me get an eye shadow. I decide to go on the ACCESSORIESNG site to peruse and what do i seeeeeeee.. BROWN SCRIPT!!! Ahhhh i was so excited i quickly ordered it and it is as amazing as it is described to be.. Still haven't gotten soft brown yet but i'm sure i can always dupe that..

So on to the review...
EMBARK: MAC describes this as a matte intense reddish brown. This eye shadow is a great transition color if you are going for an intense smokey eye. It can also be used as a lid color depending on how you want to wear it. It is not chalky and has awesome staying power. I mostly like to use this in the outer V of my eye for a smokey effect. I must say this is a very dupable color so if dont want to spend N3600 on an eye shadow, you can always find a color close to this and you will get the same effect. It is not a must have in my opinion.

BROWN SCRIPT: MAC describes this as a matte warm chestnut brown. This is a brick reddish brown color. Now this a huge favorite of mine. I also featured this in my recent February favorites post. This eye shadow is the best transition color ever. It can also be worn on the lid for day time or to the office with some black eyeliner. It has reddish/ orangey undertones and looks great untop gold or bronze eye shadow. Its so beautiful. Honestly this eye shadow made me love MAC eye shadows. This one is a must have ooo. If you use this eye shadow you will notice how easy it will be to create lovely eye shadow looks because it works well with a wide range of colors. Try it out. You will love it.

SWISS CHOCOLATE: MAC describes this as a muted matte reddish brown. Honestly, i dont know why they use the word "muted" to describe eye shadows. This was supposed to be the "dupe" to Brown script that the store attendant picked out for me. Its not even anywhere around the bus stop of  brown script. *side eye*

This eye shadow has a reddish undertone to it when worn lightly but if it is worn as a lid color it does look pretty plain. Its best worn as a crease color. Minimal fallout, it is a drier matte but it is quite pigmented. Best worn on your outer V to intensify makeup looks.

So this is my little review on my brown transition colors. I'm still on the hunt for great transition colors in other shades. If you have any kindly let me know... :D

Oh, also if you know what "MUTED" means please tell me o. I don't know and i want to.


Brown script for N3800 on ACCESSORIESNG
Embark and Swiss Chocolate for N3600 at the MAC STORE 

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