Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hi Guys,

I love perfumes. I love how a perfume can change your mood, especially perfumes bottles.. Be it a girly or a mature scent, there is something for everyone. Recently i got a ton of perfumes that where very different from what i would normally buy. I must state that i am a very flowery /fruity perfume kind of girl. I like to smell fresh and sweet. I wanted to get some more mature perfumes  or just something to wear when i want to smell more "womanly".

What YSL says: Belle d`Opium is the new addiction by Yves Saint Laurent; a fragrance that is a disconcertingly bewitching new oriental. A woman who wears it is full of ambivalence, elusive and obsessive, powerful and troubling, ingenue but dangerous.

So this perfume has Top notes of mandarin, Casablanca lily, gardenia, jasmine. Heart: incense, peach, white pepper, tobacco, hookah accord, fruity notes. Base notes: amber, sandalwood, patchouli, smoky notes. Honestly i just threw this in there for people who want to know. I honestly don't know or care what is in a perfume i just like to know how it makes me feel when i spray it on. I'm not allergic to anything as well.

First of all...Did anyone see the AD for this?? Now it inspired me to get this one. The bottle is also really beautiful. A beautiful perfume bottle just does it for me.This scent is for a  sensual, mature woman. When i sprayed this i just fell in love .This perfume is not too strong or too sweet. It's not too dark or spicy. I must say the staying power of this is not too great. I didn't like that at all. I have to reapply during the day when i can't smell myself. 

Overall, nice perfume. Grown up but not too grown up. Sexy, sweet and sensual.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hi Guys,
My skin regimen is very important to me but sometimes i get lazy.I know i'm not the only one this happens to. Might be the products i use, or i have a cumbersome routine that i'm too tired to perform when i get back from work.

Up until recently, i was doing a very lenghty routine with more products than my face could handle daily. I got this aveeno brightening face scrub and i decided to give it a try.

WHAT AVEENO SAYS:Helps improve skin tone, texture and clarity to reveal brighter, more radiant skin.This daily scrub helps improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Its unique formula combines ACTIVE NATURALS® moisture-rich soy extract with microbeads to gently exfoliate while you cleanse, leaving your skin looking luminous. It’s also oil free, soap free, noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic and gentle enough for everyday use, even on sensitive skin.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: This stuff is great. I have been using it for two months and i love how it feels on the skin. It has micro beads in it which helps with exfoliation and my face felt smoother. I have gotten through half of the tube and i must say my face looks great. I only use this and my clearasil face wash because i wanted to cut down on using so many products and not knowing what's working and whats causing my skin to go crazy. It doesn't feel harsh  on the skin too. Overall this is a nice product. I will keep using and will definitely repurchase. 

Anyone ever used this scrub or any product from Aveeno? I would like to explore.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hellooo People!! Happy February. I know i'm super late on this post. I did this look when i had my braids in and that was about a month ago. Now the inspiration for this look was the lipstick. I got the Mac's Who's that chick lipstick a while ago when the whole Riri loves MAC hype was in full swing. Sheeesh who remembers how those things where getting sold out on the website in a flash?

Anyway, this lipstick i have only worn a few times because it is not very wearable. Well.... if we throw it back to the early 2000's i remember my mum wearing something very similar to this . It was a lipstick from Island beauty called light bronze or something. At that time, i couldn't be bothered to own it but when i saw this it instantly reminded me of the color my mum loved tand this is kinda me paying homage to it. LOL.

*Whose mum wore this lipstick too? like seriously? spilll!!!! I wanted to play with my sleek sunset palette which is their best in my opinion.Hope you all like the look. 

Beautifully Matte Primer
Black UP in HCO5
L.A Pro conceal in Fawn
Kamaflague HD setting powder(undereyes)
MAC Mineralise skin finish in Medum Deep
E.L.F Mist and set spray

Black Opal eye brow filler in Medium
Mac Brownscript eyeshadow(Crease)
Sleek Sunset Palette(Blue and Gold)
Inglot #77 gel liner
Mac Fascinating eye khol
MAC zoom lash mascara
Red Cherry DW lashes 

Sleek Pumkin Blush by 3 palette
MAC Gold Deposit (Cheek Highlight)
Maybelline CACAO powder

Maybelline Baby lips
Mac "Whos that chick: Lipstick

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Friday, January 23, 2015


Hi Guys,

I have another lipstick review from MYMAKEUPNG. This color is called MRS.S and it is a bluish/purpley color. Now this color is not your everyday color, well maybe for some people but it is very HOT.I love to experiment with makeup and i'm glad i have this. This color is super pigmented and bright.It is a different color but honestly more wearable than other colorful lipsticks i have seen. 

I would suggest this lipstick for editorial looks, and fun nights out with your friends. It sure does draw attention and is a head turner.

Would your rock this? Let me know your thoughts below guys!! ;D


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hi guys!!
How are we doing? This girl has been down with the sniffles but i feel a little better now. At the last makeup fair, i was gifted this set from the lovely lady at AccessoriesNG. I do not have one bare minerals item in my makeup stash and i never really gave the brand much thought. I love to try new products and i couldn't wait to play with them.

So this set holds three essential makeup products for everyday wear. It has a rosy blush , a light blush pink lipstick and a shimmery champagne and gold eye shadow to give a soft and romantic look. Now there are no names to this products but i'm guessing they are exclusive to this palette so...

I did a quick makeup look with it and i was super impressed with everything. The eye shadows are super pigmented. Almost as bright as pigments. The blush shows up on the skin pretty good and the lipstick is just the prettiest blushing pink color with a lustre finish but packs a lot of color. It says satin finish on the packaging but i beg to differ. 

I'm not sure if this set is still available but i guess it should be. I love it and it has fast become a stable in my makeup purse to create subtle everyday looks.

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