Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sleek Flash "a" Pout Lipstain Review.. Thots, Swatches,Pictures...

Hi Everyone,

So i will be reviewing some of the sleek products i received in the goody bag i posted about yesterday. I've been itching to post!! I already gave a little gist about the products and how i got them so il go straight into this post.

Every girl and their mummy knows Sleek cosmetics. They have been around for the longest time.. Honestly, the only products i have from them are their super successful eye shadow palettes that every girl has.. I also have some lip glosses that i purchased from Ghana a few years ago and that's it.

Sleek is a household name when it comes to makeup and i was really excited when i received these lip stains. I have never been a fan of liquid lipsticks because i feel they are just too much hassle and pls why not just get a lipsticks already. Now i understand the reason for lip stains. The formulation is very different from that of a lipstick. They are meant to save you the hastle of reapplying and touch ups through out the day.

The Sleek Flash "a" Pouts are fantastic. I could say that a 100 times. They are super matte, super pigmented, long lasting and i mean this with all my heart.. They last all day long.. I'm talking 6-8 hrs straight. They are a teeny bit drying but i think that is the reason i am absolutely in love with these. ( I never thought i would say that).

These lip stains come in a clear glass case with a mirror on the side and an LED light on the top. How coooool is that. I believe that was the inspiration for the name. I have never seen any lip products with a built in light and i was so amazed i just kept clicking away. You can totally apply these in the dark too. Just pop on the light and flip the mirror to your side... Sleek Slayed this...

So on to the products...
FORBIDDEN- This is a matte brick red shade. 
NAIVETY: Matte Neon Pink
REVOLUTION: Matte Bright orange.
COINED- Shimmery peachy gold color. 
SIREN: Matte retro red color
DUKE: Matte dark purple/berry color. 

FORBIDDEN- I honestly wasn't expecting to like this color .I thought it was a "granny red". It is a very mature colr I absolutely love it and its the best color for me of the whole bunch. Looks can be deceiving.

NAIVETY- This is a matte Neon Barbie Pink color. Oh how i love pink. I love pink in all shades.. This one is not for the faint hearted oo. It is bright and gorgeous. Every skin tone can rock this color.. Dont be scared/.. ;)

REVOLUTION- This is a matte Bright orange. I never thought i would own an orange lipcolor this bright. This color is soooo fine. It screams high fashion to me. You know like something you would see on those models  in vogue magazine posing with a fierce pout and some bright lips. It totally brightened up my face. Gorgeousness.

DUKE- This is a matte dark purple/berry color. Honestly, i like this color but applying it was a little issue. I would apply one layer, smack my lips together to even out quickly before it dried and the color would transfer from my bottom to top lip. ;s I dont know why as i didn't have the same issue with the others. I'l keep trying with this gurly right here because i really like the color.

COINED- This is a shimmery peachy gold color. It is sheer and not as pigmented as the others. I would wear this if i was going for a full shimmery night time glam look.

SIREN- This is a matte retro red color. It can also be described as an orangey red. I like this a lot and i will substitute this with my other red lipsticks from now on. It is so sexy and long lasting. No need for touch ups too.

Overall, i love these.. I mean SLEEK did a fantastic job with this. I am so happy i received them and i believe these will be wildly successful in Nigeria. The concept behind the line is great. The formulation and packaging are targeted at saving time and all the extras( LED light, mirror) just make it an all round fantastic product. I absolutely recommend this to everyone. Go get it guys you will love them if you are a matte lippie lady.

NB: I skipped out on the Glow shine even though i included it in the group pic... Il do a separate post about it. I just wanted this to be about the GIRLS.. 

My favorite colors are: Forbidden, Naivety and Revolution. Whats are yours?

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  1. Yaaaaaay... my best is forbidden .

    I had a similae problem with duke as well.. but guess? I still kept it in my personal kitty.

    Nice review dear.

  2. I've got my eyes on Naivety,
    Revolution and Siren!
    Amazing colours!

    Btw, i'm loving the new layout!
    Very nice! :D


  3. Oooh!! These are so pretty especially Siren! They look great on you btw :]