Monday, March 17, 2014

Beauty Experience: Maybelline MasterClass

Now all the while she was demonstrating i kept staring at the table in front and i wanted to have a look at the products she was using. After the demo i went forward and took a ton of pics.

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Last week i attended the Maybelline masterclass at Radisson Blu Hotel and it was a lovely experience. If you missed it i have a little gist for you so read on.. :)

After attending my first masterclass with Jackie Aina i decided i would attend as many masterclasses i could because Knowledge is never too much. The event started at 10:30am with a welcome address from Maybelline's brand manager who gave a brief history of Maybelline and its expansion over the years. Its amazing how the brand has been around for this long and still have as much relevance as it does while still producing great quality products at affordable prices.

Next, Bimpe Onakoya gave a full face demonstration showing how to apply foundation, concealer and most importantly how to highlight and contour like a pro. It was an eye opening experience for me as this was the main thing i wanted to see LIVE. All through the demo she gave tons of tips and tricks and advice on makeup and techniques.. Especially on brows and highlighting. 

I was also surprised at the number of upcoming makeup artistes that attended the event. Some people came from outside Lagos. That is determination and willingness to learn. Kudos to those ladies. Maybelline also stated that they will be releasing new products to the Nigerian market starting with their 7 in 1 face powder formulated for the Nigerian weather. Cant wait to try that.. Oh and also, anyone who attended this event got to know Bimpe's secret.. "CACAO POWDER".. LOL

Thank you Maybelline for a good time..

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