Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Black UP Perfect Mattifying Primer...

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So this wonderful Monday i will do a quick review of a primer i purchased recently. This is none other than the Black Up mattifying primer.

I like Black UP cosmetics.. Maybe its because they cater to black skin and i absolutely love their foundations. They are great for Nigerian weather and the coverage is so beautiful. So i had been using the foundation for a while and i had just run out of my MAC matte which i really liked but didn't think i would repurchase because it didn't keep my face shine free even though it helped create a smooth base for my makeup. 

I actually didn't know black UP had two primers.. I went into the store with this in mind but i get to the stand and i see this 8Hr correcting primer that also doubles as a treatment. I was tempted but i eventually gave in to this one. Has any one tried the other one? Let me know pls...

What Black UP says: A makeup primer with incredibly velvety touch which matifies shiny zones and helps both oil control and pores reduction. It improves makeup hold and gives a soft and velvety finish.

• New Ever Mat Active ingredient to regulate and control excess of sebum while minimizing and smoothing pores
• Long lasting matte look for even the oiliest skins
• Leaves skin feeling velvety soft and smooth
• Provides superior make up hold that lasts all day
• One pump enough for the entire face
• Fragrance-free and Paraben-free primer

Directions for use:To apply on bare skin for a perfect makeup finish and hold. The skin gets a perfect matte finish and it helps both reduce the appereance of pores and control excess of sebum
Dazzlebeautie: I always have problems with primers because they promise you so much but deliver so little. This primer is great and actually does what it says it will do. It is very velvety and smooth to touch. It applies beautifully on the skin and you can actually feel it covering your pores. I just love how easily it glides on the skin without much hastle. This primer prepares your skin for beautiful makeup application. When i put it on my face, i actually wait for about two minutes for it for really sink in before i put on my foundation. Sometimes i put it on, do my eyes before i wear my foundation.

I also like that it is a clear colour because i feel white/ cream color foundations somehow changes the color of your foundation a bit. Or maybe its just me. I think that was what made me change my mind about the other one.
I must say i did get a little shiny after a while. Maybe because i was under the sun and oh well its not magic really. It doesn't have super powers it can only do so much. lol. 

I must also state that this primer is a little pricey, but still i would highly recommend this primer for anyone looking for a great primer and also for my super oily skinned sisters out there. Its great!!

PRICE: N7,030 
WHERE TO BUY: Surulere Shopping Mall/ ikeja Mall.

You can purchase this primer at the Black UP stand alone store or at all Montaigne Place outlets.

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