Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sigma Individual Brushes E35 & P88 Review, Photos..


 Hi Guys!!
 So i bought my first sigma brushes recently. Whoop! Ive heard so many great things about their brushes and i even fell in love with them before i tried them. Na wa.. Every beauty page i go to i either see a SIGMA banner or i hear it on youtube.. Their brushes are just in your face you cannot avoid them no matter how much you try.

Every beauty fiend wants a Sigma brush essential set!! Honestly i've wanted one for the past two years ooo. If you check my Wishlist for 2012 and 2013 you shall find them there looking all pretty but to buy them is another story. Call me stingy but they are quite pricy.. I just cant bring myself to buy them yet. *sigh*

My dear friend's at MYMAKEUPNG stock the individual sigma brushes for a fair price and i was able to pick two up to try them out and get the feel of them.. I purchased :

Unique Feature: Small, dense and flat angled head
Function: Precise contouring
Recommended Use: Use for precise application of concealer products anywhere on the face. Works particularly well around the eyes and nose.
Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax®


Unique Feature: Longer, slightly firm bristles
Function: Controlled application of crease color
Recommended Use: Using just the tip of the brush to pick up color, apply product directly onto the crease and sweep through. Effect is blended, but defined.

E35- I have been on the hunt for a great blending brush. I use CALA crease brush which i have had for the longest time and works wonders but i always had my eye out for this one. I hear it is similar to the MAC 224 brush which people swear but MAC brushes are too damn pricy.
I like this brush because it is very easy to use. It is very soft and fluffy and evenly distributes the eyeshadow on the crease. It gets rid of harsh lines and i have experienced no shedding whatsoever.I have washed this brush twice and not one strand of hair came out. Thats great quality if you ask me. This is a great brush if you want to apply a wash of color to your crease and also do some eyeshadow layering. I absolutely love this brush and it is a must have ladies.
Ok one thing i dont like is the fact that the brush is white and shows up stain but i guess i can live with that..

P88- This brush is such a great brush. I use it to apply concealer under my eyes and around the corners of my nose. It gets in there and gets the job done. I like that it has a firm grip too. I also  use this to cover up spots on my face and contour . It doesn't shed and the bristles are super soft .

PRICE: N2700 .. 

Im really enjoying the two brushes i picked up and i am definitely interested in getting some more.. Also face brushes too. Let me know your favourites guys ..

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  1. I have their angled brush and I love it. Absolutely no shedding, firm but soft. (Sorry for the mini review) lol. The P88 looks interesting... Might purchase that. Xx

    1. Review on sweet!! Lol. I'm dying to get d whole brush set

  2. I know! They're so pricey! I have them on my wishlist too (the e35, e36, e38, e40), I look at them sometimes and go "one day, one day"