Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Hi Guys,

I haven't purchased MAC Lipsticks in a while because there are just a ton of new and affordable makeup brands over shadowing them. Quite frankly, i lost interest. All those collections where making my head spin and i just couldn't keep up. I know MAC has their cult of followers who will never boycott them but i think they are gradually losing their spot at the top and people are gradually shifting their attention to other brands. The liquid lipstick market has gradually taken over and i'm sure MAC is working tirelessly to come out with their's too. What is taking so long tho??

A few months ago, MAC released a second "THE MATTE LIP COLLECTION" . It didn't have any special name just the 2015 collection and i must say i wasn't too impressed. Some of the colors where recycled and re promotes of older colors like Please me, Steady going and Instigator, Ruby woo and Heroine. Also, most of the colors look like something that have previously been released but now in a matte finish. There were some notably fresh colors like a first time blue from MAC called Matte Royal, Stone, Whirl and Persistence.

After stalling for months , i finally caved in and picked up two colors i thought i needed. I purchased Antique Velvet and Whirl. 
ANTIQUE VELVET- This is described as an intense brown with a matte finish. It is very vampy and intense. Super pigmented too. I thought this would be a great alternative to Lime Crime Salem in a lipstick form but this is much darker and not as drying. This color looks great with a neutral eye or a brown smokey eye. I really like it and it gives off a very 90's vibe.
WHIRL-This is described as a dirty rose with a matte finish. This color was originally a lip pencil that wasn't so popular until Kylie Jenner brought it to the limelight and everyone went crazy about her 90s mauvey nude lip. MAC made the lipstick version of it that sold out really quickly. I love that it is a universal shade and looks great on everyone. In all the pics i have seen online, i have never seen anyone look funny with this. LOVE!!

I dunno guys i might pick up some more colors just because... Maybe Naturally transformed.. I have been looking for a nude with no pink or peach or beige undertone and that looks like it could work. Also i have been feeling Tropic Tonic and Instigator!

What do you think of these and the MAC LIP COLLECTION in general? Kindly let me know.

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  1. I am loving Whirl lipstick and I am so pleased it is much easier to find than when the Kylie lips were very hot on the radar. Vampy or dark lips always make me look wicked so I avoid them (hehehehe)...xx

    1. HAHA. I totally get what u mean about the vampy lips too. It gives a very stern facial expression when you are really just beaming on the inside. I prefer my subtle pinks and nudes

  2. I recently got runway hit which was a huge disppointment, regret buying. Looking at getting stone and yes Whirl is a lovely shade, definitely interested

    1. Oh hi Annette. Really? Was it too dry? I think you should wear it with a lip pencil if you didnt. Preferably a dark purple or a chocolate brown. Let me know how it turned out. You def need WHIRL. It is gorgeous