Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello Guys!!
I did a little Colourpop lippie haul a few weeks back. Now Colourpop is at the top of their game right now and they are releasing new colors and collections every other day. For the price, what's not to love? Before i picked these up, i did some research on the colors i felt would suit my skin tone as there where just too many to pick from.

Colour pop released 25 shades of liquid lipsticks and at a later date, released 8 new shades. You know those sold out in a flash! I was able to purchase 7 shades from the first set and 1 shade from the second. I got Mars but i had already taken these babies their group picture and i really didn't feel like doing it over again.
Trap is a good dupe for Lime Crime Cashmere and L.A Splash Ghoulish. This color slides on easy and dries to matte greige color. This color is such a popular alternative to nude now. They whole grey lip trend suits a variety of skin tones too, depending on how you apply it.It is super long lasting and i had no problems using this. You can even get away without a lip liner. 
Bumble is a good dupe for LimeCrime Riot, L.A Splash Latte Confession and  Kat Von D Double Dare. This color is so pretty and flattering on all skin tones. I used this recently for a makeup look at it is just the prettiest color. It will look great with a peachy gold eye look and even an intense smokey eye.
Tulle is one of my favs from the bunch. It is such a cool 90s inspired color that looks great with  simple neutral eye and a sexy brown smokey eye. This is easy to apply, not streaky and does not move till you take it off. Gorgeous!! 
Limbo is a spot on dupe for Lime Crime Salem.This has to be one of the most spot on dupes i saw for it. I wanted to get Salem for the longest time but i kept holding off on it for some reason. The makeup gawds have told me why! This color is intense. I usually tend to stay away from such colors as i am a bright lip girl and deep colors tend to make me look older. With this, not so much. Same as the others with the consistency. Easy to apply and super longlasting. MAC Antique Velvet lipstick is also similar but not so dry. It can always be blotted down to erase the shine.
Lychee is a bright violet color that reminds me of Candy yum yum without the extra neon. I actually thought this was a dupe for LimeCrime Utopia but they are two very different colors. Utopia is more deep in tone. This color is very pigmented and stands out. If you are into brights this is definitely for you.
Now Highball is a beautiful color!! I mean just look at it. But the formula, HORRIBLE!! It is super streaky and clumpy. I do not know how colourpop managed to mess such a pretty color up. I had to layer it about three times to get it even. After doing that, my lips became so heavy. I tried to move it a little bit and it just cracked on me. I was super dissapointed with this one. If you can skip this i advise you do, or wear it with a lip liner and apply just a tiny bit in the center.

Now this is my best color from the 8 new shades released. This color is a star!!! This is the most vibrant true purple ever. I thought it would be a dupe for LimeCrime Pansy but it is deeper. The color is so pigmented i cannot even describe. If you follow me on IG(preciousbeautie) i did a look with this and it was just so nice. This color is one of a kind and the matte finish is everything. I highly recommend this color.

Thats it for my review guys! What colors do you like and have? Kindly let me know below.  I cant wait to get my hands on Kapow and Beeper. I have a big thing for nudes. 

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  1. You already know how i feel about Limbo!! I love tulle too...Bumble is my least favourite of the ones I own. I want Trap and bedazzled.

  2. Your pictures are stunning :) Need to try these out....