Friday, November 21, 2014


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I have an exciting new post for y'all. I got the U.D Vice 3 palette a few  weeks ago and i couldn't wait to review it.

The Vice3  is the latest  palette from Urban decay and in some ways it is similar to Vice 1&2. I don't own the other ones but i'm super glad i got this. EEEEEEEK!! :D.. This palette is every makeup lover's dream! The shadows are set in a sleek , slim and compact case that houses 20 beautifully pigmented shades . It also boasts of a huge mirror for perfect makeup application.Also, can i state that U.D is probably the only makeup brand that puts in work when it comes to the brushes they include in their palettes. I love the double ended brush included. Both sides are fantastic.

U.D was sweet enough to throw in a matching makeup purse that also doubles as an ipad mini case. HOW SWEET!! It's a decent size and can hold a great number of products.Urban Decay says they spent a long time deciding the shadows for this palette. They developed 50 shades and chose the top 20.. The shades are arranged in columns, with neutrals on the left, jewel tones in the middle, and smokey shades on the right, but I will be organizing my swatches from side to side.

There are noticeably more shimmer shades in this palette than matte. No transition colors which i think every palette should have.(i mean come on throw in a warm brown in the corner) but overall a very colorful palette.You get a green, blue,pink,purple,navy blue and others.

Brief description of all 20 shades:

Truth is described as a “pale pink-nude matte
Dragon is described as a “bright metallic green shimmer.” 
Vanity is described as a “smoky metallic eggplant with multidimensional micro-glitter.” 
Alien is described as a “pink-peach with golden shimmer.”
Last Sin is described as a “champagne shimmer with silver micro-glitter.”
Undone is described as a “pink-beige matte-satin with subtle floating tonal pearl.” 
Freeze is described as a “metallic medium blue with multidimensional micro-glitter.”
Lucky is described as a “metallic bronze.” 
Alchemy is described as a “deep fuchsia satin.”
Angel is described as a “light taupe with silver micro-glitter.”
Downfall is described as a “warm light brown matte.” I
Heroine is described as a “deep navy blue with subtle floating tonal pearl.”
Reign is described as a “rich brown satin.”
Bondage is described as a “deep, smoky burgundy shimmer.”
Defy is described as a “smoky taupe satin.”
DTF is described as a “taupe matte with subtle floating pearl.”
Brokedown is described as a “metallic golden brown shimmer with gold micro-glitter.”
Bobby Dazzle is described as a “metallic white with pale gold micro-glitter.”
Sonic is described as a “metallic red-copper.” 
Revolver is described as a “soft black satin with subtle floating iridescent pearl.”

This palette is a great buy. It is very versatile and a great all in one palette.I was stuck between this and the lorac pro palette but i eventually settled for this and i do not regret it. All the colors are highly pigmented with or without a primer. They blend well too. There are different textures to the shadows as well. You get shimmers, satins and some matte colors that aren't dull. Permit me to call them semi matte as i'm guessing U.D threw in just a tiny bit of sparkle in them to keep them from looking boring.(I.M.O).

Looking through the palette i realized that i don't have a ton of colors in there in my stash. The colors seem really fresh, new and different from anything i have. Overall, i am in love with this palette and if  you have been contemplating on this purhase go ahead on do it!LOL. Its  great to have as a makeup lover or a professional makeup artist

My favorite colors are: ALCHEMY,BONDAGE,VANITY,DRAGON and....... SONIC!!!! What are yours? Does anyone have Vice 1&2? What do you think of them in comparison to 3? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Lovely palette! Please do you know where I can purchase blackup foundation online