Monday, November 3, 2014


Hi Guys,

Hope you all had  a great weekend!! Last week i showed some goodies that where sent to me by YangaBeauty. In it where some makeup items from Bolwin cosmetics. This lipgloss was included and i couldn't wait to review it for you all. Quite frankly, i wore this for two days straight so i could give a good review on it.

BOLWIN COSMETICSBolwin Cosmetics is owned Omowunmi Bolade. The company strictly focuses on lip based products  like lipsticks, lipliners, lipglosses. They have about 40-50 shades in the matte texture and also available in creamy and hi gloss textures. They say alll their products are long lasting and they contain vitamin e for healing and soothing of the lips.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: This lip gloss in "HEDONISM" is aniridescent pinky purpley two tone gloss. It has some blue undertones too. The first thing i noticed about this was the size. A lot of lip gloss these days are just so tiny you don't even get to rock the gloss very well before it finishes. This is a good 8g so be sure this will serve you for a long time.

 The formula of this is smooth and thick in a good way. It applies easily and doesn't feel goopy on the lips. To get the color payoff in the picture above i laid it on three times and it didn't feel heavy at all. It is also very pigmented as you can see i didn't even have to wear a lipstick under to give it more color. You can definitely rock this alone or over any lipstick of your choice.This is the only color i have from the line so i can't generalize the performance of this for the rest of them. I would have to try them out.

So far i like this and it will be a stable in my makeup purse!

N.B: IM BRINGING MY MONTHLY FAVOURITES BACK!!!!!! WHOOOOP!!(the amount of disruption a faulty camera can cause)

PRICE:UNKNOWN (I'm guessing somewhere between (N1000-N2000)

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