Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hey Guys,

I don't do a ton of nail polish reviews because i'm not  a big nail polish buyer. I do oogle at a couple O.P.I glitter polishes when i see them but i never really buy any. I do have a few sally hansen ones that i haven't even used in a while. Boohoo!!

I was sent this and i did like the color at first sight. I have seen the L.A girl polish stand at the poise store and i eyed a few colors so i was all smiles when i got this.

What L.A Girl says: Add a pop of color to your style with bold shades that delivers rich coverage and intense shine. This collection of a trend-based colors, themed to compliment your mood and style.

DazzleBeautie: I like the dark color of this. You need a good two to three coats to get great color pay off. Now let me go off on this polish. The formula of this nail polish is horrible. It left little bumps on my nails and it just looked terrible. I thought i had forgotten how to apply nail polish(i mean is that even possible?? Even a five year old can work the brush) but nope it wasn't me. I don't know if it was this bottle or it is a general problem with the L.A color polishes.

If you look at the nail swatch you can see the surface of my nail is rough. That was right after a fresh application. I searched up some reviews of this product and i didn't find any complaints. Hmmmmm, anyway i will try another color and review it to make sure it wasn't just a bad batch.

Did anyone experience something similar? Let me know what you think.

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PRICE: N1050


  1. Yes! I had the same thing happen with this polish. It is a sand like texture. I wish the bottle was labeled as a textured finish- I could have avoided purchase.

  2. I had the same thing happen. To start with I thought something was wrong with my nails so I got some base coat and thought that would fix the problem but it feels like grit is in the polish. Not a smooth finish at all and I can't say I am impressed.

  3. I used the LA Girl base coat, two coats of the nail polish and finished with the top coat (base/top coat are the same). Began chipping off the edges of nails in a couple days; after 4 days it's completely a mess. I don't see how this stuff gets good reviews anywhere. Too bad, I liked the color (Glam).