Monday, May 26, 2014


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Hope you all had a great weekend. Remember when Anne Elise sent me their gorgeous hair to review, i was also sent this activator to help with maintenance of the hair. I used this product through out the duration i had the install in and i wanted to drop a quick review for anyone who has hair of that kind and wanted a little hair care product advise.

What TWISTED SISTA says: Twisted sista activator puts the life back into tired, frizzy curls.  Designed to nourish and revive hair to deliver volume, bounce and perfect curl definition to all curly hair types.

Directions: Apply a generous amount into your hands after washing hair and run through wet or dry hair from root to tip.  Apply more if needed, depending on hair type.What Instantly activates curl. Non-greasy formula adds volume and contains a UV filter.

DazzleBeautie: All through the time i had my super curly hair on i used this product and it gave me beautiful and lustrous curls . I mainly focus this on the tips of the hair and work halfway to the top. I didn't want the hair to feel heavy. This product feels like a cream and does not weigh down hair at all. It also dries quickly once applied. You don't need too much, just a little will do the trick depending on how full your hair is. Remember to start from the tips and work all the way up if you have to. It says to start from root to tip but i think the reverse is better for me. It helps with control of the product. I would also recommend using this once a day. Dont go too crazy with this guys. It says that it can also be used on natural/ relaxed hair so if you are either of these with super curly hair this is your baby.

There are a ton of curl activators out there. Even Water o!! It works trust me. LOL But this is the first product i have tried and so far i really like it a lot. I would definitely love to get my hands on more of this product. Unfortunately, its not in Nigeria yet but i hope a beauty store carries this soon. 

WHERE TO BUY: Walgreens, Superdrug, Target, RITE AID

Does anyone know of any other curl activators? I would love to know what you all use.

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