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After makeup i love hair. I love long hair even though my natural hair annoys me because it's just not growing. I may have to try some Hair finity to get my life for that! I love to rock weaves and because of this i was really excited when i was contacted by a hair company called Anne Elise Hair asking if i wanted to do a review for them.  Since this was something i had never done before, i thought to give it a try as it would be fun. 

After exchanging a few emails with Anne who is the owner, we met up for drinks and she gave me some information on her company. Firstly, i must say she is such a sweet lady and we had the most awesome conversation. Anne explained to me how she sources for her hair. She also showed me a video on how her hair is wefted and i was very impressed.  One important thing i like about her company is that she sources hair textures that compliment each other and blends them together! How cool is that?I know i have purchased some weaves that were just too silky for my liking and did not blend well with my hair even when newly relaxed. 

ABOUT AERH: The company was started in 2006 and started providing hair from different origins. They went into machine wefting the hair as it ensured they were obtaining natural and pure ponytails and thus giving their customers the highest quality. It is from there that they developed the hair blends by blending hair types and origins to give certain and superior qualities. 

Presently,Anne Elise is introducing hair textures which are very high quality hair that have been processed in a non chemical way to produce certain textures whilst avoiding the damage that chemical processing can do to the hair . It is essentially a meeting of great quality hair and favorite or desired hair patterns. Again providing the best of both worlds. 

Currently,there are three hair blends /textures available on their website and a new one which i will be reviewing.

After our lovely chat, i was sent 300 GRAMS of the Anne Elise Classic Wave in 14,16 and 18 inches.It came in a natural hair color which is lighter at the tips. When i first opened the delivery box, i was amazed because the packaging and presentation was just AWESOME!!! The hair pack was placed in a very well made carrier bag with the company logo splashed over it. Now that's how u show your brand off. The main event itself was neatly placed inside a draw string satin bag for added protection. Also inside was a shower cap, a customized AERH paddle brush and Anne was sweet enough to include a bottle of 'Twisted Sista" because of the hair texture she sent! Thanks Anne!

Me rocking the hair!!!

ABOUT AECW:  This hair is naturally curly and very free stylish.It has a very bohemian vibe to it which i have never tried before. Oh well we all did the bohemian curls in school but this is not on the level of that HUNNIES!! This is "big geh hurr" LOL. This hair likes water so it may be worth wetting it often and then using the curl creme or a hair butter (light shea butter) or even a light based oil to seal it works very well to help define the curls. It dried quickly in the heat so don't worry about going around with wet hair. 

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: I saw this on Anne and i personally requested to review this because i was very interested in trying out this wave. It is not a very popular style especially in long lengths but this hair holds so well. It is very soft to touch and the curls are just so pretty. No funny smell very soft and full bodied. As i said above Anne sent me a tube of Twisted sista which is a curl activator. Its puts life back into tired, saggy curls delivering volume, bounce and curl definition to naturally curly, afro or permed hair. You don't need a lot just a little and i always like to work the product from the tips upward. I must say wearing curly hair is high maintenance and if you want your hair to look great through the duration you have it on you have to take care of the hair. This is no "shake and go" hair. 

-DO NOT BRUSH THIS HAIR!! Kindly use your fingers to run through it. Brushes are banned o! You can run a wide tooth comb through it when the hair is wet to detangle any tangled hair which i havent experienced with this at all!

-Be sure to condition your hair starting from the tip upwards.This works for me better.

-Do not use a heavy hair oil or serum on the hair so as not to weight it down and make it look shiny. 

-Mix a little leave in conditioner with water , fill in a tear drop spritz bottle , shake well and spray on the hair. Try not to drench the hair too much o so you don't end up looking like a puppy. Douse the hair in enough of the mixture to activate the curls, arrange as desired and leave to air dry.

My hair looks really full in the pictures and i tell you i did not use up the whole 300 grams o. I used a little over 200 and it is still so full and pretty. I am against getting my weaves cut up at the salon because they start to shed and i just don't like my hair in different pieces but i had no choice. A 100 g pack of hair is very full and i love that. I am loving it and i know all the ladies who love full hair or want to try out something new will absolutely love this. 

PRICE: This hair as other textures ranges between N15,500-N24,000 depending on individual length preferences. It is very affordable for the quality. There will be closures to match the hair types shortly so do check their IG page and website for updates on these.

If you are interested in purchasing this hair or want to know more about this  company, Kindly contact Anne Elise using any of the mediums below

Email: (preferably)
Twitter: @anneelisehair
Instagram: @anneeliserealhair 
(+234) 8103878447,
 BB PIN:7C8902AE

 Anne Elise Hair is also stocked at Melissa black boutique.This is at No 10, Furo Ezimora, Lekki Phase 1. You can also order from their website. They deliver all over Nigeria and offer hair coloring services for just N5000 so if you want to revamp your hair or go for a different look they can definitely hook you up. 

I really love this hair and i cant wait to try something else. Maybe a straight one, or something with a lot of color. What do you guys think? Does this hair suit me or NAH?? LOL

Sidenote: Wouldn't i make a great HAIR MODEL?? ;D 

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  1. Wow! this is really beautiful and I must say , very affordable.I got lost admiring it.and to the question, of course u wud cuz your face brought out the beauty of the d way which powder did u use.

  2. I forgot to add a good shoe model too.I can c ur back

  3. Of course u make a beautiful hair model. Nice review

  4. suits you hon! can't believe that's not the whole 300g o looks really full. nice review xxx

    1. This hair is absolutely gorgeous. I didnt think i would like the wave but i really did.