Friday, May 9, 2014


Hi Guys,

Great face powders can be a task to find. Especially ones with reasonable prices. I have used a ton of face powders but i gave up on finding one to control oil. I just look for powders with good coverage and also ones that match me perfectly.

I recently discovered this MILANI powder from my big sis. Honestly, i don't know how she heard about it but i saw it on her and i fell in love with it. She is a full coverage makeup girl and i liked how well it set her foundation. I decided to get this powder in Medium 108 and this is the second one i am using guys. It is amazing. Before i saw this with my sister, i had snobbed it a ton of times. I had no idea i was ignoring one of the best drugstore powders out there.

DazzleBeautie: I visited their website and i noticed that they have discontinued this product or something. This powder is an absolute winner even though i expected to be dissapointed by it o. It is full coverage if you ask me because if i wear this without foundation, it still covers up my blemishes a little. I had no problems matching this to my skin. This particular shade somewhat adjusts to a variety of brown skin tones. I know people that are darker and lighter than me and wear this shade. It does hold my foundation pretty good and doesn't look ashy or leave a cast in my pictures. There are about five shades of this in Nigeria now because the other shades will not sell much here. This i was told by a seller.

PRICE: N2000
Honestly this product is sold almost everywhere. If you walk into most makeup stores you will see it there. IF you are at Tejuosho market and you want to buy, check the makeup stores there. You will definitely find it as well. I cant remember if Konga stocks this. 

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