Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: INGLOT Matte collection AMR "77" EYELINER GEL

That was a mouthful but who cares!!! This INGLOT eyeliner is giving my Cat eye life and life in abundance. Hi Guys, TGIF!! Hope you had a great week. With the amount of eyeliner reviews i have done i'm sure my wonderful readers can tell "SHE" is an eyeliner lover. Most times at work i don't even wear face powder or lip gloss but i will put on a thick line of eyeliner just to give my face a lift. Might i say this works well!

I am not very familiar with the INGLOT makeup line and this is my first product from them. I haven't even bothered to check their website because honestly there is just too much makeup nowadays to keep up with.

I heard about this product at the Mymakeup Masterclass and how black and long lasting it was and they promised to stock it. Immediately they did, i purchased it and i must say this is the darkest and most long lasting eyeliner i have ever used!! It dries matte and stays put for a good 10 hours!! TRIED AND TESTED!! It does not shift or smudge and i even had to hold my wet wipe on my eyelid for about 5 seconds to let the liner soak up a little before wiping. It is that dry. Very easy to apply too.
I will definitely be repurchasing when this gets finished. It is a great product and yes inglot has a number of shades from this matte line so if you are into fun and bright eyeliners you should definitely check them out.

Alsooooooooo, *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* I know this is no secret to those who have been to the Palms shopping mall recently but if you do not know INGLOT IS COMING TO AMERICA  NIGERIA!!! ;D. You have to see it to believe it hunnies. Their store is the one right beside SHOPRITE. Cant wait to try out other inglot products. 

This eyeliner has beat all others hands down!! THE BEST!

Does anyone have this? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comment section.

PRICE: N3500


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  1. Nice... for some reason inglot means eyeliner in my head. Great to see you like it as much as everyone raves about it.

  2. I've convinced myself that I need this now x_x