Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Lychee Luxe: Pinky coral with gold shimmer
Angel: Light warm pink
Rebel: Mid tonal cream plum
St germain: Pale Cool toned pink

Hi Guys,

So, these lip glasses i got because i wanted to expand my lip glass collection. I know i know do i really need any more makeup. YESSSS!! :D I noticed a lot of people complain about the MAC lip glasses and say they are sticky and all that other stuff. I think they compliment the lipsticks very well and help to give your lip color a little twist sometimes. 

After i decided to purchase some "glauses",you know i couldn't just get one(blame the addiction), i ordered LycheeLuxe, Angel, Rebel and St Germain. Everyone of these except Lychee luxe came out with the fashion sets collection and guys i was dying to own them all!! The concept behind the collection was so cute. If you guys don't remember, it was basically grouping perfectly coordinated lipsticks lip glosses and nail polishes in different textures and finishes that where most popular in different regions of the world. I think these where from 2012 because the 2013 summer collection lippies where Ablaze, Heroine, Silly and Embrace me. Those caused a frenzy as well. I got them all except Silly. I digresssss LOL

A little info on the glosses below...

LYCHEE LUXE: This is described as a pinky-coral with golden shimmer. Now this lip glass has been around for a long time. Itis actually one of MAC's best selling lip glasses. It is a peachy coral without being too orange and it is not as sticky as the others. Applying this for me was so easy. I didn't have trouble  navigating it around my lips too much. The shimmer catches the light beautifully and it has quickly become a fav of mine.

ANGEL: This is described as a light warm pink. In all honesty, i got the lipstick a few years back because of Kim Kardashian. I was on every beauty site/blog that this was her favorite MAC lipstick and every babe that heard this just had to get her some. Me inclusive. I honestly don't even wear the lipstick anymore. I decided to get the lip glass as motivation and this is a really pretty cool pink. It has a frost finish even though it i'snt all that frosty. It can look milky if you over apply this so i advise not to put too much on.

REBEL: This is described as a mid tonal cream plum. This is more berry red to me than plum. It is a tad bit reddish with a slight hint of purple too. This lip glass matches the lipstick perfectly. It is quite opaque but i must say this doesn't apply too evenly. If you look at the lip swatch above you will see how the color transfers more to my top lips.  I had to do a little work to get it right. It really is a pretty color though.This gloss will look great on any skin tone also. Do try it out, don't let the color in the tube scare you. I thought it would be dark but it is not at all. It is long lasting and you can totally wear this alone for a hint of color to your lips.

SAINT GERMAIN: This is described as a milky pale cool-toned pink. It is semi-opaque, but it applies fairly unevenly and settles into lip lines quite a bit. Honestly, i got this lip glass because i have been tempted too many times to get the lipstick but i know it will not look good on me. But that pink is so pretty!!! Ahhhh  guys i don't even want to wear it with a lip liner even though it looks too much like my peptobismol i take for heartburn. To me it even looks a little funny on caucasian people. I advise not to use this lip glass alone. It will look super milky and off if you do so. Do layer on a pink lipstick or any color of your choice for an added punch. Also ,don't forget to line your lips. I only apply this on the center of mine, smack together and i'm all done.

Does anyone own any of these? Do let me know what you think of them /MAC Lip glasses in general. I know they can be a little goopy but the staying power is awesome and i personally know how to make them work for me.

PRICE: N3550

 I dont know if the MAC store still has these. I never thought to check but you can buy them from Konga. They also have a ton of other MAC lipglasses and i prefer the convenience.

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  1. well detailed and informative review,i personally think these lipglasses works well with the Mac lipsticks