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As much as we love makeup and are carried away with all the foundations and stuff out there, we forget that these products may affect us especially people with sensitive skin. Lets leave all the cute stuff for one second and focus on skin for a bit. I must confess, i have neglected my skin a couple of times and this led to me having some crazy outbreaks and the like. From then on, i made sure to pay more attention to my skin because when you have flawless skin you have flawless makeup.

So along with the Sleek makeup i received a while back with the amazing Flash-a-pout Lip stains, i got some skin care products as well. Four products from their exfoliating range and one from their lightning range. I have been using some of them religiously and i have even finished the Cleansing foam and i'm over half way into the face scrub. 

WHAT SLEEK SAYS: Sleek Studio Skincare range comprises of 2 main Products : Exfoliating Range and Lightening Range.

The Exfoliating Range :This is for individuals who do not actually want to lighten but only want their true skin colour to show forth. This range eliminates dullness and allows bright natural colour to show through. This comprises of 5 products namely; Come clean , scrub away my troubles, protect me restore me, Neu skin reveal , Neu skin reveal more.

The Lightening Range: This range has been produced with high quality lightening agents that do not damage the skin. This is for those who wish to lighten thier skin and will have to borrow one or two items from the exfoliating range to chieve maximum results . This comprises of 4 products namely; Clean n Lightn, Tone n Lightn , Lightning in a bottle and Lightning in a jar.  

COME CLEAN: This face wash is amazing. I love how it comes out as a mousse and it lathers very well. It makes my face squeaky clean and smells absolutely awesome. I will definitely repurchase this product. I hear this doubles as a makeup remover but i haven't tried that yet.

SCRUB AWAY MY TROUBLES: This face scrub is mixed with dead sea minerals and i must say it really gets in there and gets the dead skin off my face. When i apply this on i notice it does tingle a little bit. It also smells amazing. Very citrusy. After i was off my face, it feels velvety smooth and i really like this product.

NEUSKIN REVEAL: This cream is formulated especially for night use. It has fruit acids and i love this because i noticed it clears my face up. You know those tiny annoying rashes you may develop due to stress or skin neglect, this clears that off. It leaves my skin looking smooth.

NEUSKIN REVEAL MORE: This is a serum to the Night cream.They work hand in hand and i don't know if you can use this alone. I do not advise to anyway. Sqiurt a little on your hand and mix with the night cream for maximum results.

LIGHTNING IN  A JAR: This is a beauty cream  that helps to fight acne, reduce wrinkles and brighten dark spots and patches on the face. I hear this can be used as a makeup base but i doubt i will be trying that anytime soon. Not with my kind of skin. I tried using this cream once but its just too thick and heavy for me. It reminded me of POP and no one got time for that.  My face is too sensitive for it. It does smell okay but i don't really fancy this all that much. I once purchased the Lightning in a bottle but i stopped using it because it didn't work well for me. I was not pleased with that but i must also state again that my face is one of a kind.

Kindly check Konga and Jumia for individual prices of each

In general, I really like the above four products and i would repurchase again. I'm also glad that i do not need to look to fore

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