Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: ACCESSORIESNG Makeup/ Fashion Site!!


Hi Guys!!! Today i am not just going to do any type of review. I am going to do a review of a company that i have completely fallen in love with even though they have finished my money... COMPLETELY!!!... This store is called ACCESSORIESNG with the catch line..... HANDPICKED AWESOMENESS!!!
I came across this site when i and my friend where raving about the M.A.C PleasureBomb lipstick and how we just had to get our hands on it because it was the most important thing to do in our lives at that moment.(Dont blame me pls, i have addicts as friends too).  She told me about the site so i went online to check it out and i was blown away!! This site is a makeup artistes/ makeup lovers dream!! They have everything from M.A.C to Ben Nye, Urban Decay, Marykay,Real Techniques, Ardell, BH Cosmetics, ELF, Lorac, Wet and Wild to SIGMA!! YES they even have Sigma too..
Apart from these, they also carry a wide variety of products and not just makeup alone. They sell Handbags, clothes, shoes, wristwatches,perfumes and accessories from brands like ZARA and Forever 21!

What ACCESSORIESNG says: AccessoriesNG was founded in December 2012 by Kikelomo Abimbola. The online store opened in January 2013 and has grown by over 300% since then. The company initially sold only Zara accessories and later expanded into H&M, forever 21 and other top US brands.
In June 2013, by popular request, the company started selling MAC Cosmetics. Today, AccessoriesNg carries a wide variety of beauty brands such as Urban Decay, Sigma beauty, NYX Cosmetics, Bh Cosmetics, Elf Cosmetics etc.
We also offer our customers one of the most extensive selections of accessories for men and women. Such as Zara and H&M Handbags, Fossil Wristwatches, Sunglasses, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.
AccessoriesNG ships nationwide or offers pick up service on request. The company also accepts special and wholesale orders.

AccessoriesNG is excited to bring variety, affordability and impeccable customer service to the Nigerian market.



This company allows you to Preorder items and custom order too. This means if there is a product they do not already stock, you can contact them and they will make it available for you. They also help you customize your MAC eyeshadow palettes or sigma brush sets. This is available on preorder. I have been wanting to build my MAC palette for a very long time but the MAC store here does not sell refills so i would have had to go through the process of depotting and even ordering some colors the MAC stores in Nigeria dont have.


The first time i ordered from them i, got my order very quickly and i had no complaints whatsoever. I purchased MAC Brownsript which i was not able to get at the MAC store. Imagine my surprise when i checked on the site and i saw it. I immediately placed my order because i had even gone on Amazon to see if i could get a third party reeller to buy from.Crazy right?
Price wise they are fairly more pricy on some items than when you purchase instore but i guess you cant get them the same price as you would instore. I believe if you really what a product that  you cannot get easily, paying a little extra over the cost price shoud not be an issue. Besides ,they have a business to run here... Generally, i think the prices of their products are very good on all their products.
Here is some delivery information culled from their website..
 Delivery Information:
 All orders are processed within 24 hours.

All orders except handbag orders will be delivered within 1 business day after processing.

Special Orders :Special orders are orders you request via email for products not available on our site.
Special orders will be delivered within 5-10 business days.

This company is very active on social media and you can contact them on any of the social platforms below. Their customer service is also very great and they respond almost immediately. 

 Contact Details: 
 Has anyone shopped on this site recently? What do you think of their products and customer service. I personally like them a lot. I will definitely be purchasing a lot more from them.
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I love shopping with AccessoriesNG...I get my purchases asap and the customer service is great!

  2. O.M.G.!! Why did this post just pop-up in my bloglovin' feed!! Like I need another site to feed my addiction :(. sort of hating you right now Presh.. haha xx

  3. I TOTALLY love accessoriesng. They have a way of bringing comfort to your doorstep. I'm a proud addict of their site