Monday, February 24, 2014

Get that color: Riri hearts MAC PleasureBomb Lipstick (DIY)

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Today i will be doing a different kind of post. This review was inspired by my rummaging through my friends makeup purse and finding PLEASUREBOMB.

So we all know how hard it was to get these Rihanna and MAC collaboration lipsticks because they were so impossible to own. I dont know what was the deal with Rihanna and MAC because they made such low quantities of a line they knew everybody wanted. Im not a Rihanna fan( fans pls o) but the lispticks seemed more like a collectors item to me and i thought it would be a nice idea to own them. These collections were selling out in minutes online and if you are lucky to find a reseller just get ready to part with a huge sum of money. But for a lipstick?. Hell no!!
So the inspiration behind this post was a picture i saw on Instagram on how to dupe this lipstick.. To get this you have to apply two coats of Ruby woo or Ririwoo twice and top off with two coats of candy yum yum . I tried this out and it was a very close match. I must confess i didnt really know how much of a match it was because i did not have the original product to match with this but i went online and what i had created looked very similar to the original thing. When i saw my friends lippie,  i decided i would try it and do a post for my lovelies who wanted pleasurebomb and couldnt get it. Now you can create the shade yourself..

Pleasurebomb is described as a Matte brightened vibrant fuschia color. Its pretty but i dont think its special. It can be duped easily and il show u how..

You should have a close color to Pleasurebomb. The thing with this is you will NOT get the exact same color because not everyone will apply it the same way but you will get something pretty close. From the comparison pic above you can tell that they are pretty close but the combo is a little more red.

On temptalia i saw that close dupes are Moxie and All fired Up. If you have these i guess you are good too.

I hope this post is helpful guys. I enjoyed typing it up.

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  1. Very nice. Those Rihanna and MAC collaboration lipsticks can drain a hole in someones pocket. Lovely alternative

    1. Hi Lape. Oh yes and then she released riri woo in all the collections which was a tad bit annoying to me.

  2. Are you kidding me????it can be duped!!! Hahaha... Saw pleasure bomb on a site, when I saw the price I was truly gripped with fear!!!
    But you are right though, we may both try, but one 's application may not be right and won't turn out as close... I'll try this till I get it... Thanks babe

  3. funny how i dont even own one riri mac lipstick. I guess Im just tired of all the hype and what not about these collaborations! Tuth is they just replicate the same shades and reduce or increase intensity! lol na them know. Nice post!