Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Hair/ How i colored my Virgin Hair extensions

 Hi Guys,
Today i will be doing a post i have never done before (context wise) and i think i will also introduce this to my blog... I do mostly makeup reviews and i dont really talk about hair because honestly im not a hair treatment junkie.. I usually do the little i can with my natural hair and cover it up with extensions..
I must confess i am a weaveaholic!! I wear weaves a lot and once in a while i braid to switch it up.. That being said, i hardly ever try color with my hair. I m not very experimental and i stick to black or light brown hair colors. I dont even play with curls (bohemian, carribean) i stick to my wavy or straight hair because i know what suits me and i take hair seriously guys. I cannot go to a salon and leave if my hair does not come out looking right. I will not manage it for two weeks till i think its time for a new look. I also do not like short hair. I am not the tallest person and i feel it makes me look even shorter and boring. (Just my personal opinion).
This year i decided to try some new stuff with my hair. Firstly i decided to start with color. I have always wanted to try out blonde/gold hair but i didnt think i had the skin tone to pull it off so i experimented with braids and i got a lot of nice compliments on it. When i got this hair,i knew i didnt want it in its natural color. I ombre'd the ends of the hair but it was just too long for the color change to be significant but i did like it still..
This was the end result of the hair. Sorry guys i didnt take a picture of the hair before i colored it but from the top you can see the natural color of the hair. It was a light brown color and i guess thats why it took the dye pretty well..

I decided to recolor the hair and this was the result of my second attempt. I also chopped of about 4 inches because it was just too long and i couldnt deal.It came out with a variety of tones. The tips became really blonde and i had some honey gold at the middle. It is very intense under the sun but i absolutely love it.. I dont know what took me so long to wear colored hair. It doesnt look wierd on me at all. It also make my face look a little brighter too.

FREESIA Professional Dust free Bleaching powder
FREESIA Professional Oxidant Cream
WELLA Series COLOR Shampoo
WELLA Series COLOR Conditioner
Mixing Bowl
Hair Dye brush
Foil Paper

  • Brush the hair out into two or three parts depenidng on how full it is (i make sure not to get my hair chopped up in the salon. I hate it when its in pieces)and secure with rubber bands.

  • Mix a 50/50 portion of the hair dye and oxidant cream and mix properly. Make sure its pastey guys you dont want it to be too watery.

  • Start applying the cream on the hair from the tips. The trickis to color the tips and leave for about twen minutes before you apply the centre portion of the hair if you want to get a very prominent ombre effect. I didnt really care for that as i knew the hair would still come out with little streaks and i wasnt going for a defined ombre look so i didnt wait.

  • Make sure the cream is evenly distributed all over the hair and wrap the hair with the foil paper and leave for 20minutes. The foil paper will be hot to touch because of the Hydrogen peroxide in the oxidant cream.

  • Make sure to check the hair at intervals to know if it has reached your desired lightness. Leave the solution longer if you have not reached your desired lightness but not longer than 30 minutes.

  • Wash hair with your professional shampoo and leave to condition for at least one hour(my preference).

  • Leave hair to air dry or blow dry. 
Thats what i did guys!! I absolutely love the outcome and i will be sharing some hair stories with you all. What do guys think?  Do you like it? 

If you have any questions send me an email or leave me a message on Instagram. I always respond and i love to hear from you guys..

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  2. Wow. Really nice where can I get the products? Hope it isnt too expensive.

    1. No dear. They are not. I alctually purchased the shampoo and conditioner abroad but you are free to use any other professional brand product you choose. You can use garnier, pantene pro v, or any other ones you find. Im very sure you can find them at any health plus or even ,mega care. I purchased the dye at a hair product store in Lagos island... Every thing was N4000.

  3. Really nice. Will definitely use it.

  4. Hi! Where do you buy your hair from in naij??? Looks so gorge!

    1. Thanks dear. I purchased this hair from my friend but if you are interested in buying good quality hair i suggest you try Mides Mane.. I have been using their hair for a while now and i am very happy with it.

  5. This was an interesting read! Lash extensions, all day long. Hair extensions- I have never ever tried and would have no idea what to do with them! The falling out part terrifies me! But I do love to try these hair extensions.