Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi Guys!!!
So i wanted to get this post out quickly before it gets stale!!! On Sunday, i attended the Launch of the New House of Tara makeup store at Centro Mall and boy did i have a good time. I got to really MEET Tara products for the first timeget a feel of them and peep the new store. I also got to hang out with a few beauty bloggers and they are so sweet and fun to be around.
So if you are in Nigeria and you do not know about House of Tara i dont even know where to start from because there is so much to be said. House of Tara is an indigenous makeup brand owned by Mrs Tara Fela-Durotoye and has been around for a very long long time. Ive had a few freinds rave about how fantastic some of their products were like their eyeshadow base and mascara and i said i would try them out someday.( I tend to be a product snob guys but i have since repented). The various products in the line are all given interesting african names after people and places and i really like that. It makes it feel really "Homely"

 So the gist of that day..When i walked into the store, i was completely blown away. I honestly could not believe that a Nigerian makeup brand could produce a stand alone makeup store of such high standards. It is so welcoming and the design is gorgeous.I expected it to be bigger but the size seems just fine. The products are displayed so beautifully you just want to play with them and purchase too of course. The staff were also very friendly and full of smiles. I was very impressed. I also noticed that the packaging of the products had changed from the old silver packaging to black. I absolutely love the new look as it makes it look much more classy. I went armed with my camera so you know i took a ton of pictures...

After peeping out the store we were ushered to the roof top for a little party where i got to hang with some beautiful ladies.

Unfortunatley, i noticed  that i didnt have any pictures with them. You know how the person taking pictures never gets to be in any. Well, that happened to me.. I was able to borrow(STEAL) some from Shally of Olumakeovers...

 Last four pictures courtesy OLUMAKEOVERS BLOG...

Look at me taking pictures like a pro though!! Honestly, this is the first time i really got to use my camera for anything other than product pictures.
 In all, i had a fantastic time!! I also did a little makeup shopping and i loved everything i purchased. I will be sharing with you guys what i bought soon along with reviews  so stay tuned .
Thanks for Stopping by!!!