Friday, February 28, 2014

MAKEUP MASTERCLASS with Jackie Aina( Lilpumpkinpie05)

Hi Guys!!
 So over the weekend i got to attend my first makeup masterclass which was put together by the lovely ladies behind MYMAKEUPNG.... Bukky Kinoshi and Tayo Sojebe. They brought to Nigeria the super popular and talented youtube beauty vlogger and professional makeup artist Jackie Aina(Lilpumpkinpie05)... Im sure everyone knows her and if you dont do go check her out.

The first time i came stumbled on Jackie's blog i think i was searching for bright coloured eyeshadow. This linked me to sugar pill cosmetics and then to her blog and guys i was wowed. This was like four years ago i think. Her eye shadow applications are the BOMB and she teaches people especially women of color how to wear makeup to suit their skin tone. The first time i heard of Shadow shields it was through her youtube channel and i stalked her channel when she did her Aaliyah series. I also did try out some of the makeup looks. She  has an amazing personality and she is hi-la-ri-ous!! We were giggling all through the class.

The event was a very engaging one and i left with a whole lot of information plus  new techniques. The session lasted for a little over three hours and during this time Jackie did a full face makeup routine on Tayo and then there was also some Q & A at the end. I was most interested in seeing her highlighting and contouring techniques because i have tried and tried and i still dont get it. I dont know if im not doing it right or its just not for me being that i have the oilest skin ever.

I had to leave early but i must say this was a good experience for me and i want to attend a lot more masterclasses from now on. As a makeup lover or artist you cannot know everything. Makeup has so many facets to it and i love to learn new things everyday. Knowledge is key.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. i also love to learn nd know more abt makeup.

  2. You look really pretty. Looks like a lot of fun