Friday, February 21, 2014

MAC Prolongwear Painterly Paint Pot Review

Thats a lot of P'S but Hi Guys,

Its friday again!! So today i will be doing a review of a product i just started using recently. I never wear eyeshadow without a shadow base. It is an abomination!! Ladies are you hearing? Pls ooo. Dont wear eyeshadow without a base if you dont want to see "Nightmare of the creased eyeshadow" act out on your face. It is not a good look.

In those days when i was a makeup newbie( not like i am an expert now o) i used to do this. You know those DAVIS eyeshadow palettes with 16 color or so. Best believe i had about five of them and i used them on my eyelids alone and they would crease so bad. I graduated to so called  high quality products, still they would crease.. :/ . This had me very dissapointed.
My oily face also translates to me having oily lids. This would make my eyeshadows slip and slide. I remember my first proper eyeshadow base was the Marykay eye primer and i absolutely loved it. It totally erased the glossiness from my lids and my eyeshadow applied so easily. From this point on, i decided to hunt for the eyeshadow primers out there.

I had read a lot about MAC paint pots and watched a lot of tutorials on how to use this but i just couldnt bring myself to spend so much on an eyeshadow base. I have used NYX and Urban Decay and those two had served me just fine. But i wasnt satisfied. I needed to know what the hype was about.

What MAC says:A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.

PRODUCT: This paint pot is fantastic. It is a matte nude beige color and works well for a lot of NC and NW sisters out there. It helps to neutralise the color of your eyelids, stays on all day and completely enhances the color of any eyeshadow you put on it. It blends easily but be careful not to put too much so it doesnt settle into your eyelids and cause creasing. Yes it can do that if you do not use it well . I am an NC45 and i was a little skeptical about this because it is way lighter than my skintone but for a base it doesnt affect anything and only enhances whatever color you put on it. It helps you blend eyeshadows with so much ease and if you like to create gradient effects this is your bestie.. I absolutely love it and recommend. I know this is always in close comparison to SOFT OCHRE which is a yellow beige. Im thinking of getting that but i dont know if i really need it. Maybe some dark colors like Groundwork.

PRICE: N4500 on 
WHERE TO BUY: MAC store at The Palms/ Ikeja City Mall.

 Does anyone use this as well? I am absolutely in love with it and have no bad comment whatsoever. Ok well maybe the price knocked me off a little but it is worth the price. Close your eyes and buy it if you are an eyeshadow girl you will not regret it. Im so glad i did and i'm really enjoyIng it.

Thanks for stopping by guys and have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Haylooo!! I've got a paint pot in my collection as well, it's called Soft Ochre. I initially wanted to go for Painterly, but after swatching I felt it was a little too light for my taste, and might alter the pigmentation of my eyeshadow. So went for Soft Ochre, which is a really nice toned down beige-nude in comparison and it's a great primer, zero complaints!

    1. lool @ hayloo! These paint pots are so amazing. At first i wondered what all the hype was but now i want them all. Even Jackie said she thinks primers are useless compared to paint pots.. They are fantastic

  2. I have a confession. I have paint pots, color tatoos and aqua creams ( they're just so pretty in the jar, don't judge me) but I don't use them, I seem to reach for my Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Your review has now 'gingered me' to rummage through my stash and use the damn things. And yes, I'm an eyeshadow freak. Can I just say again, I love your blog. You guys are gingering me to blog again oh. Ok bye!

    1. Haha. Pls don't abandon them they are just so amazing. Thank you so much for visiting and you should start blogging again. Drop your blg name too