Monday, January 27, 2014

CoverGIRL Queen Collection Bronzer in "Ebony Bronze" Review


 Hello Everyone!! Hope you had a great weekend. Everyone is into the whole highlight and contour business.Its not a new thing to professional makeup artistes but to we makeup lovers it came out of nowhere.. Okay maybe somewhere or someone..the great KIM KARDASHIAN.. I remember looking at her pictures and going why is her face and nose so chiselled and how does she make her eyes look so bright... Wow she is gorgeous blablabla.... Well i found out its all make up!!!
Its a technique of using light and dark products to achieve concave and convex dimensions on the face.. This helps to attract and detract light from and to certain areas of the face thereby giving it more dimension.... Anyway i digress....
So todays post shall be a brief review of a product i bought to contour.. This product is non other than the Cover girl queen collection bronzer in Ebony Bronze. This product is not new, well maybe new to Nigeria and i managed to get my hands on this. This product come in three colors.. Light Bronze, Brown Bronze and Ebony Bronze.. Ebony bronze being the darkest of the shades..

WHAT COVERGIRL SAYS:Mineral-enriched formula pampers skin and controls oil, for a sun-kissed glow without the shine. Beautifully matches skin tones from Rich Sand to True Ebony.
Plus, we're so sure you'll love COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer, that if you're not satisfied with the results, well refund your money. ( o_O OOOOOOK)

PRODUCT: This bronzer is very pigmented and has a little sparkle in it. It is the darkest color in the collection of bronzers and i feel this is a little too dark for me. I should has tried the Brown Bronze. Even with a light hand it gives off a muddy and reddish color after a while. I tried using this as a crease color and i quite liked it. Im not saying this wont look nice on other people or people with same skin tone or darker skin but for me it  looked a little too muddy. I applied this with my Contour brush from  real techniques and this was the result.

PACKAGING:Cute packaging, in a clear top compact case. Didnt come with a brush or anything. Snaps shut. Thats all!! :D

Generally, i think this product is fair.. i would rate it a C+. I dont like it as much as i thought i would.I tried using this around the perimeter of my forehead and ooohhh no, i looked so wierd and it didnt look good in pictures at all..I will stick to using this only on my cheeks for now. Who knows i might fall in love with it later.
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  1. Ma'am you are flawless and it doesn't look bad on you, just ordered mine I hope I like it.xo