Friday, January 31, 2014

Coastal Scents GO Eyeshadow Palette"LONDON" Review

Hi Guys!! Its friday again. Today i have a review of my first coastal scents eyeshadow palette. Coastal scents in an online makeup store that provides makeup for people on a tight budget but do not want to compromise quality. They provide makeup at great prices and with good quality. Coastal scents is better known for their 88,180 palettes which are very popular among makeup artistes, youtubers and bloggers.
Today I'm reviewing another one of the Coastal Scents Go Palettes. This is the London inspired palette, and is one of my favorites of all the cities. I like that it has both brighter and neutral colors!
What Coastal Scent says:Unleash your royal beauty with our London Go Palette. Inspired by England’s capital city this palette is an assortment of twelve highly pigmented matte and shimmer shadows. Achieve a princess worthy day or night look effortlessly with elegant neutrals, majestic purples, and valiant blues. .

PRODUCT: This palette is filled with nice blue,brown, purple, berry and black colors.It is also mixed with matte and shimmery shades. I also like that they threw in some neutral browns for good transition. In my opinion, this is a complete palette. I believe a palette that has the necessary shadows for the three points of the eye which include (lid, crease and browbone) are complete for me. There are some colors that arent very pigmented.(top right two). They do fall out  a little when applied but nothing a little control cant fix. My best colors in this palette are the purple and two black colors. They are very pigmented are look very great when applied.

PACKAGING: The shadows are contained in a matte black case with the coastal scents logo imprinted on the cover. It also has a mirror for convenience.Very attractive outer packaging with the map of England i presume. The eyeshadows are housed in a sleek black case which is not too bulky.

PRICE: I purchased for N3000. You can order on the coastals scents site by going to

There are about other variations of this GO palette ... Paris , Moscow , Sydney ,Nuuk ,Cairo and Beijing. These are all equally gorgeous and there is definitely something for everyone. Overall i love this palette and i use it to create subtle looks for work.

Does anyone have this palette or any of the others?  Hope are you liking it so far?

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