Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: BlackUP Mattifying Fluid Foundation

 Its Friday again so that means another review. This review is a long awaited one because i have been using this product for a while but i never actually had my own bottle of it. Haha . My sister is a huge blackup foundation lover so she always had an extra bottle of foundation at home and i has access to it. Hey!! you cant beat tha free stuff! ;)

In all honesty, i had never tried or heard of the brand BLACKUP till my sister brought this product home. I was like where did you get this foundation and she said they have a stand in Montaigne place and i went to check it out. This was about two years ago.

So the gist about this makeup brand is that it was founded in Paris, the year was 1999 by a professional makeup artist of African ancestry. According to them, this is is the first premium brand to enhance the look of black women and all women of colour. It offers luxurious skin care and makeup focused on modernity, elegance and innovation.
Every black|Up product is developed and formulated to answer the specific needs of women of colour and to enhance their natural beauty.
(All this gist was culled from their facebook page)  

So about their foundation this is what they say:

What BLACKUP says: This moderate coverage second-skin foundation has an ultra-light, oil-free texture that is virtually undetectable, giving dull, tired complexions a radiant, luminous glow with a matte finish and long-lasting finish. Available in an exceptional range of natural-looking shades that respond to the needs of ethnic women, to embellish and perfect skin with the utmost discretion.
    • • Gives radiant luminosity to a dull, tired complexion
    • • Light texture that moisturizes skin
    • • Oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free
    • • Mix small amount of Fluid Foundation with your day cream to accentuate skin's natural radiance and for a more natural look

PRODUCT: The first time i wore this foundation,i was very  impressed. It is oil free and i have the worst oily skin ever. I put on my primer(very important ladies) applied, and this foundation matched my skin perfectly.. OMGGG i was so happy because i always had issues with foundations leaving a white cast on my face( revlon colorstay im side eyeing you).. This foundation applied smoothly and did not make my face oily for a few hours. I must say after a while you will get shiny but nothing a little blot paper cant fix. It gives medium to full coverage depending on my much you want. I usually start off with two pumps for my whole face and add more if i feel some places need more coverage. BLACKUP offers this particular foundation in 14 shades from FL01-14 a-la their website. The first shade i used was FL04(my sisters) but i found that it has a red undertone and after a while it made me look dark. I was gifted this shade in FL03 for my birthday and this suits me PERFECTLY!!!It has a yellow undertone which is great for me .  Ladies if you are looking for that dream foundation, look no further, go to the stand and get matched. You will love it!

PACKAGING: The product comes in a clear plastic case with a pump. I like this as i can control the amount of product that comes out. It is lightweight and not too bulky. I have no problems with spilling whatsoever. It is simple and functional.

PRICE: This was a gift as i didnt purchase it but it costs N6900. For some this is quite pricy and the general prices of their products also but this particular product is worth the price if you ask me. BlackUp  launched its first stand alone store in Nigeria at The Ikeja City Mall so if you are interested head over there and get matched.. They also have their stands at all Montaigne Place outlets all over Nigeria.

Has any one tried this product? How do you like it? Ive been meaning to try the primer and also some blushes and lipsticks. Im somewhat of a product snob for some items because i cant justify purchasing a blackup lisptick for say N4000 when i can go to my trusty mac counter  and pick a similar shade. Kindly let me know if there are any shades you like so i can check them out. Thankies.
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  1. I love this product, I can't sing its praises enough! I haven't tried a lot of foundation, but of the few I have, this is hands down the best. I recommend it to everyone that asks and they all love it. It's really pricey, but for job it does, totally worth it in my opinion. Plus, for me a little goes a long way.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one loving it :)

    1. You are very correct. It is amazing and perfect for women of color

  2. Would love to try out Black Up! What's your Mac foundation shade?