Thursday, January 9, 2014

Barry M Glitter/ Dazzle Dust Review

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So this is a part two of my most recent haul. I posted a picture on instagram and this is a continuation post. This is a review of some Barry M loose eyeshadows which are known as Dazzle dust's and Glitter Dust's depending on the one you purchase. I have not owned any Barry M products before but these looked very pretty and i was able to score a few.
WHAT BARRY M SAYS: Loose pearl dusts in a variety of brilliant colours that have been cleverly blended with ultra fine, diamond like glitter flecks. Ideal to experiment with, try on the cheeks, lips and body to create a stunning glitzy look.  
So i purchased: 

BARRY M DAZZLE DUST- 102(Burgundy with silver glitter)
BARRY M GLITTER DUST- 24( Beige with silver glitter)
BARRY M GLITTER DUST- 1(Silver glitter)
BARRY M GLITTER DUST- 21(Black eyeshadow with blue and green glitter)

PRODUCT: These eye dusts are very sparkly, shiny and perfect for party looks. I used them during the christmas period for some nice party looks and the stayed on and didnt crease when i applied my eyeshadow base. They blend very well and are easy to work with.

PACKAGING: These eye dusts are enclosed in a glass pot with a black screw cap top. I quite like the container,i think its cute but you have to be careful when opening so it doesnt spill everywhere.The product number is written at the bottom of the glass pot. Ughh i must say i do not like when products are numbered. Companies kindly give it a name for easy identification. Call it something cute also... ;)

PRICE: I got these for an equivalent of five hundred naira each.... N500!! I wish there were more colors to choose from though. It was an absolute steal. These retail for 4.50 pounds on the site for those who are interested in buying directly from the UK.

Overall i am very impressed with these products and  i will definitely recommend. They are inexpensive and very good eyeshadows. Can we ask for a Barry M stand in Nigeria?? PLS COMMEE  ;D
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