Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hi Guys,

I recently ordered some colourpop highlighter's from MYMAKEUPNG as i was super impressed with the performance of their eye shadows and all their products in general.(Still coming down from my high on the liquid lipsticks.Eeeeeeek) I did some shade surfing and i found two colors i felt i absolutely had to have. They where Avalon and Wisp. I also chose these because they are very brown girl friendly and ashy highlights are a NO NO for me!!

What ColourPop Says: Wisp is a pearlized Golden champagne color with highly reflective hues of gold duo chrome finishes. 

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: This highlight i had heard so much about. WISP! WISP! Everywhere on the gram! I was even more interested when i found out it was very similar to Becca Opal.(THANKS TO DUPE THAT).The pigmentation of this product is amazing. It does have the same moussey consistency as the eye shadows but not as bouncey. This colour is such a pretty champagne color and catches the light beautfiully. I also haven't had any breaking with these unlike the shadows.

What ColourPop Says: A pearlized true golden bronze with golden pink duo chrome finish.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: This colour i got because it reminded me of my MAC Gold deposit MSF that i use all the time. I have a bunch of highlighting products but that one just does it for me. I decided to get a C&C version of it and i must say i am super impressed with this. COLOURPOP STAYS WINNING!!! This product sinks into the skin and just gives a pretty glow.It will look absolutely stunning on dark skin. 

I want to try other colors but i don't know which ones to get. They all look so pretty but some do look a little bit light for my complexion. I love that these are super long lasting and give a "LIT UP" look that is very natural. What colour's do you just have to own guys? I would love to find out.

PRICE: N3100

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  1. Avalon looks like such a pretty shade for darker skin tones like mine so I'd go for that.
    Colorpop highlighters are so pretty, their whole range of cosmetics are really affordable.