Monday, October 26, 2015


Hi Guys!!
Now this palette i purchased because i wanted the Carli Bybel palette immediately i saw it. i I felt sooo  shady not purchasing the Missy Lynn palette and you know we have to support our SISTAS!!!LOL. I also purchased this because was limited edition and i thought HEY! WHY NOT!  Now that i have this palette, i am glad i got it.

Missy Lynn if you don't already know, is a very popular and successful you tuber and beauty enthusiast with her own lipstick with Gerard cosmetics and this eye-shadow collaboration with Bh Cosmetics. 

The packaging is very pretty as with all BH Cosmetics packaging. They really do go all out and make very nice packaging for their products. I really like this one and the little motivational quote inside. Such a nice touch. When i opened mine, there was a strong smell of glue on it. Did anyone else experience this? :/.. Let me know guys.

When i first saw this palette, i was most interested in the highlight shades. The eye shadows didn't really do it for me because i kept thinking... What will i do with these colors? They looked a little hard to work with and also looked like the pigmentation would not be great. After getting my hands on this palette, i was super impressed. The colors are very pigmented and apply very well. I like the bottom row much more than i do the top row though. The purple's are my two fave colors.  I experienced no fallout with these and the highlight colors are gorgeous!! The first highlight color looks a lot like gold deposit. We could call this a dupe even. What i like to do with these are i spray my brush just a little to make the colors pop a lot more and i enjoy the product even more.

WHERE TO BUY: BEAUTYREVGNG (These where limited edition and i'm not sure if it is still available but you might get lucky)

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  1. Cute :)
    Maria V.

  2. Gorgeous colors! Great post.

    Kari Charle's Blog

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