Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello Guys!!
I honestly do not know where or how to begin typing up this post about the Beauty Africa conference that just ended on Friday. First of all, last year's edition was the maiden edition  in Nigeria and if you thought that was BIG,this year was on a whole other LEVEL!!

Beauty Africa is the largest event dedicated to beauty and wellness industry in Nigeria and i was in awe of the number of international companies that came into the country for this event. There where well over a 100 companies both local and international. 

When i walked into the hall, i was in awe..  I mean super impressed!! I didn't know where to start taking pics from or what direction to go first because it was just too much for me. In a good way that is.I walked round the hall at least twice to get a feel of the whole event,look out for some familiar face before i started taking pics. The organisation was way better than last year and there where well defines stalls for different brands. The flow through the hall was great for easy access and movement and the display and lighting was perfect. I had so much fun walking round the hall and taking pics for the blog. If you missed it, don't feel too bad! Your girl has pics for ya! *WINK*

I took a ton of pictures but i didn't want to make this post too pic heavy!!(Like it still isn't anyway.LOL) Unfortunately, i didn't attend any of the classes for day 1(there where two classes going on simultaneously) as i had to get back to work but i will share the those i attended from Day 2 in another post tomorrow!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics! 

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  1. Giiiiiirlll!!! You got better pics than I did!! Haha! xx