Friday, July 11, 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Clearsmooth all in one Powder

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I thought i would round off the week with a review of this product i got recently. If anyone attended the first maybelline masterclass that held at Four points a few months back, you definitely heard about this powder..Most especially in the shade CACAO!! How can i forget that name so soon. It was said that there was going to be so new inexpensive powders suitable for Nigerian weather and i couldn't wait to try them. This powder comes in 

The Maybelline clear smooth powder is one that makes a lot of promises. It says on the pack, discover the powder that does it all... THROUGH IT ALL. Clear Smooth All-In-One is available in 6 shades from lightest to darkest- Toffee, Caramel, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Mocha & Cocoa. It promises to do a few things to your skin once you put this on

Controls Shine
Conceals flaws
Perfects tone

DazzleBeautie: Now let me tell you what i think. First of all, i like the packaging. It is so pretty and i love that they made the packaging pink. It is slim and sturdy. It is also very compact so it sits perfectly in your makeup purse or in the corner of your bag. Wherever you want to keep it. Now, this powder is very good. I have been using this powder on its own since i got it. It really matches my skin tone and it gives really good coverage.It is lightweight but still manages to give good coverage too. It also helped to control shine. That part was what really interested me because i never find powders that do that.It doesn't have any funny smell too. 

One thing i would say is Maybelline needs to make more shades of this. The color Toffee is great for me but it also matches my skin a little too much. I mean this in the sense that when i wear it with a foundation that is my shade it will look a little dark for me. 

Overall i like this product a lot and i will recommend.

WHERE TO BUY:  Any House of Tara store near you.
PRICE: N2000

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