Monday, July 21, 2014

MAC Dodgy Girl Lipstick.. Reviews & Swatches

Hi Guys,
Its review time again!! Today i'l be sharing wih you the Mac Dodgy girl lipstick from the Kelly Osbourne collection.

This is described as a light lavender. It reminds me of the Viva glam Nicki 2 lipstick but this is not as pale. This is a matte finish but it is not too matte. It is very easy to apply and has great staying power. Honestly, i didn't think this lipstick would suit me but it really does. I just had to get it after i missed out on Riri boy. I does sink into lip lines a little bit but it isn't much of a bother to me I have no problems reapplying and checking up on my makeup throughout the day so i can always fix that. 

In the picture above, i wore it with Zaron's "Prune Juice" lip pencil. I tried it on with M.A.C Currant lip liner but it didn't like how the pencil took the shine off the lip color. I didn't want an ombre look so i switched it out for this. Prune juice is a more subtle purple lip pencil and works well with it. This lippie looks great with a smokey eye. A lot of drama on the eyes will balance out the coolness of it

Overall, i love it and i will be rocking this for real!! I know a lot of dark skin people will shy away from this. Nooo!!! Trust me there is no lip color that is not wearable no matter skintone. I shied away from St Germaine for the longest time and i tried a friend's (with some lipliner of course) and it looked really pretty. I will be adding that to my collection now. Don't be scared, Givd it a shot!

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