Friday, July 18, 2014

How awesome are your Blending skills?? +Tips and Tricks.....

Hi guys,
Sometimes i just feel like talking! And im talking today!! The constant reviews and makeup looks can be a little boring and today i said i'm just going to talk about something im passionate about! BLENDING!

Now everyone is comfortable with slapping that gold eye shadow on the lid and you keep it moving. I remember back when i used to do this. That was my comfort zone and i stuck to it for a long long time. I had no eyeshadow brushes then but i would see pictures of people with three or four eyeshadows on their eyes and oooooh i wanted that so bad.

Fast forward a few years now, i have definitely gotten the hang of combining eye shadows and blending. When it comes to blending, i feel i do pretty well. I'm not perfect by any means because i do mess up sometimes. Especially with cut creases!! I spend a lot of time on my eye makeup especially when i'm doing smokey looks or playing with a lot of bright colors. Honestly, sometimes i over blend for fear of not blending right. I know i still have a lot of learning and growth to do.

Now, WHAT IS THE GOAL OF BLENDING YOUR EYESHADOWS? Well honey, this is to eliminate those harsh lines that you get when you put colors that are not in the same family together. When two different shades meet they  CLASH and we want them to be buddies. That's the idea! When you blend, it should be gentle and light handed. When you start blending colors with shimmer in them and they are merging into one color, hmmmmmm, something is going wrong dear and you need to probably start all over again. When it starts going  "greyish".. Trust me i've been there a TON OF TIMES. Its even more annoying when you need to be gone in a few minutes.

Let me give you some personal tips and tricks to blend like a PRO.. HERE WE GO...

- To get a great blended makeup look, use a nice, soft, fluffy dome brush. There are a ton of brands that have this. I trust the mac 217 ,224, Sigma E35 E40 and E45, CALA crease brush, and a ton of other products out there. Just get something that is loose and not tightly packed and your good to go.

- This is a personal preference of mine but i always start my eye makeup from the crease. If you apply your transition color first,this helps to build the "foundation" around the entire eye look you are going for. I have some primary crease colors that i use for this from neutral to smokey looks.. MAC Brownscript is my absolute favourite transition color. Others to use are Browndown, swisschocolate to name a few. Start from the middle and work your way to a fabulous eye look.

- For a very defined blended l i recommend using four eyeshadow colors.. Yes you ca use three. I believe three is standard. LID,CREASE and BROWBONE. But if you want a really defined look, you need to put a little something in your outer V. That is where we introduce the fourth color. For an everyday look, i recommend a black, dark brown, medium brown, and pale.  

Typical eyeshadow placement guide
- Try to blend moving in one direction. This helps you to not over blend and end u with that "greyish" color on your eye as opposed to what you were going for. When you get crazy hands and do windshield window motions, it will mess up your blend. I do recommend this for your crease color. It helps to evenly distribute but when working with more than one color.. NOT SO MUCH...

-Practise makes perfect. Also start out with familiar colors. This will help build your blending confidence. I  included a color wheel here to show you colors that are beside each other. These naturally compliment each other.They blend easier and make the task a lot more fun. Have a look. What do you think?

I hope i've been able to share some useful information for someone out there. Makeup is fun. Always make sure you have fun when applying makeup. I always do! No knowledge is too little or two much, and most of all ....Practise makes perfect!

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!!


  1. an awesome weekend too. thanks for sharing, I really like your blog

  2. This is one thing i struggle with. Just tagged you in one of my posts