Thursday, September 1, 2016

WHY I TOOK A BREAK FROM BLOGGING!! Hiatus..Getting my Groove Back...

Hello Everyone!!!!
I CANT BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN 9 MONTHS SINCE MY LAST POST!! I know I have a lot of explaining to do as to why I stopped blogging and i really don't know where to start from. I can say i was busy with life, work and make up a ton of flimsy excuses but the honest truth is blogging got very tedious and boring for me and i needed a break from it. I honestly planned on taking a one month break to just do my thing on Instagram and see how it goes but one month turned into 9 Months... *covers face*... I'm terrible I know...

 As with anything we do as humans ,it sometimes gets too routine and monotonous and we want to try something new. I have been blogging for 3 years and i keep looking for ways to get my content to my target audience faster and in an eye catching way because i learnt that humans have a short attention span and quite a lot of people do not like to read. Frankly put,  being a beauty blogger and running a blog takes a lot of work. First you have to take pictures, then edit the pictures, draft a blog post, post your work and then drum up attention on different social media platforms to direct people back to your blog.You also have to follow a consistent blogging routine so your regular readers know when to expect new content from you. Being employed does not give me the time to post on a fixed schedule because my life gets overwhelmed with other responsibilities.

Also, being on different social media platforms can be a ton of work. There is Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Snap chat and also blogger. For me it became too much work managing them and having any time for myself so i thought HEY!! Why don't I just focus on another social media platform (Instagram) where I can share pictures of  a look with product details and I can reach other beauty lovers and  brands instantly. Doing this in the past few months has really exposed my work and my followers  have grown quite significantly. I am also able to interact with people directly and not through the comment section which I do not always have time to review instantly on blogger as with Instagram and Snap chat.
Something still surprising is the amount of views that I get on the blog weekly.*whoop*  I noticed a ton of people still visit  and It tells me this blog still has something to offer. 

After giving it a some of thought , I have decided to resume posting on my blog again... BABY STEPS.. A lot has also changed in my life since November. I have grown as a person and i plan on doing more than just makeup and beauty related posts.  I will still share my makeup looks and any other beauty related content.

I read all your comments both good and bad.. Some people even scolded me in the comment section .LOL!!  Thank you for all the love and continuous support during my Hiatus!! I appreciate every single message i have gotten and I hope this post explains it all..I've been very present on IG though so i wasn't really gone ... So here 's to growth and more success on this beauty Journey!!!


  1. welcome back baby! missed you xx

  2. Finally.welcme back.missed u thoroughly.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Keep doing your thang and you'll be surprised a where God takes you!