Wednesday, September 14, 2016

REVIEW: House of lashes Haul

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After deciding to seriously step up my lash game i was on the hunt for some fuller and more daring lashes .The regular #43"s and #523"s where no longer doing it for me. Well except on the days when i am not going anywhere special and don't need all that drama. I did some snooping online and i found some awesome lash brands that had just what i needed and at a good price too. I decided to take advantage of a free shipping sale from HOL and i picked up some of their popular styles.

My haul included  ICONIC, SMOKEY MUSE, STARLET and HEART BREAKER lashes.
HEARTBREAKER :These Heart breakers are a lot like you – soft and playful, but with an edginess that highlights your individuality. Bewitchingly asymmetrical strands accentuate these romantically woven lashes,  bidding people to notice every eloquent blink and every impish look.  

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: These lashes are for people who like subtle/ no drama on their eyes. These are super lightweight and not dramatic at all. I wore these twice and came to the conclusion that I don't like them. After falling in love with the more dramatic styles I don't think this is one I would rock repeatedly.
STARLET: Are you ready for your close-up?! Strike a pose and make your way onto the red carpet with our NEW Starlet lashes.It is our most dramatic and voluminous style from our Premium Luxe collection. These multi-dimensional lashes will compliment every special appearance you make. An award-winning look for all you rising stars.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE : When I saw these lashes online I was like Yessssss I'm gonna give them the BIZNESSSS with these. Lmao. Starlet is a super dramatic lash that is not for the faint of hearts. Once on it looks so beautiful but it also packs some weight to the eye. The band is also super thick so it can be a hassle trying to get these on. I struggled the first few times I wore these so I guess this style isn't really my thing but il always keep one just in case. 
ICONICBe daring. Be unforgettable. Be Iconic®. These showstopping lashes combine a dynamic V-formation effect with a criss-cross pattern, lending your soulful eyes the boldness of history's most celebrated beauties and trendsetters.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: These lashes are long full and super lightweight. I remember thinking they would be heavy on the Lids but not at all. They look good with every makeup look and you can  even get away with rocking them without an eyeliner. These are my favourite and I can't stop wearing them. They can be worn at least 10 times over before discarding them. I put mine to good use for a while and they didn't rip or loose shape.
SMOKEYMUSEReflect deeply and dream freely. The source of your inner goddess and inspiration comes from within. Introducing Smokey Muse, the newest addition to our Glam Collection! Our new lash spikes the interest of every artist and inspires every makeup look. This multi-layered, moderately dense, and oh-so wispy lash style is made with our thin flexible band for extra style and comfort. Supremely fitting for every smokey eye or a night on the town.

DAZZLEBEAUTIE: These lashes are my second favourite from house of lashes. They aren't as long as Iconic which I love so much but they are full and give the eyes a very sexy effect. I love wearing them with a very dramatic eyeshadow combination so they don't compete with my eyes too much. These are super longlasting as well and I noticed with use they become more fuller.

That's my review on the 4 HOL styles I got. Can't wait to try more!!! What are your favourites?

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