Friday, September 30, 2016


Hello Guys,

Colourpop released metallic lip colors a while back and i didn't know if i would like them. They seemed a little too shiny and i wasn't convinced on a metallic liquid lip color. Being the addict that i am i stalked colourpop's twitter and placed my order on the website immediately it launched. I could only grab two colors as the other two got sold out quickly.Boy do people love this brand.

My order included 3WAY and ZEBRA out of the 4 colors that where released. After receiving and swatching, i noticed there was very little product in the tube. I had to swatch a few times to get good color pay off. I was a little dissapointed with this. I have never had any issues with colourpop products. The two colors i have are quite similar but one is a little more wine than the other. On the lips there is not so much difference. The formula of this is a satin. I actually thought these would be matte but they aren't which to me is a good thing. For some reason i don't see myself wearing this a lot or maybe i just didn't get the colors i really wanted. For the price i guess i cant complain too much even though colourpop makes awesome products. Thinking of getting new shades to try out. Maybe Flitter or Salt? Let me know what your faves are!! 

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