Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!!?? Makeup Ban and IG makeup obsessions..

Hi Guys,
So I've been away for 2 months!! Yup! I know. Anyone reading this will expect me to start a whole story on how busy life has been and how i couldn't find the time to blog but that is NOT TRUE. Well for me at least.

What had happened was..... I put myself on a MAKEUP BAN! NO BUYING MAKEUP!

Earlier this year,i had to take a step back and calculate just how much money i was spending on buying makeup. From N6000 lip glosses to N15000 eye shadow palettes and N12000 foundations. Honey, my bank account was not happy. Knowing my person, i like to try out new products and i do go with product hypes . Hey if they say its awesome let me give that a try. *swipes card* We all know IG does not help. Come on its fun and we all get to share our thoughts on all our latest beauty purchases at the same time.If you are an avid makeup lover and you are on IG, majority of the accounts you follow will either have usernames that start with "MAKEUP BY.." OR "BEAUTY BY". lol!! ME= GUILTY!!!

I must state that  i know i do not  have to do product reviews alone to run my blog. There are other interesting things to talk about and share with my readers like makeup looks and beauty tips but honestly i just love doing reviews the most. I love to give my honest opinion on products but this can get real pricy because there is always a new matte lip stain or a new highlighter for the GAWDS!! 

Would you believe me if i told you i do not own one lip gloss from LIME CRIME!!! 0_0 * gaspsssss.... SALEM! AAAAHH! MY BAYBAY!!!

Anyway i broke out of jail y'all! I'm back with the reviews and makeup looks. Thank you to all my friends who sent me emails asking where i was. Im here hunnays!!! Wassaaap!! *wink*

And oh, these pics are from a look i never posted on the blog... U LIKE??

Thanks for Stopping by!!!


  1. Welcome back!! I know the feeling, I'm usually overwhelmed by the new beauty products available now.