Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BEAUTY KINK GOODIES.. L.A girl concealers,eyeshadows...

Hi Guys,

Last week i was sent some makeup goodies from Beauty Kink. I was super excited about this because they where all from L.A Girl cosmetics. I'm sure we all know that brand by now. The one that had a stand filled with makeup and nail polish usually situated  at the back of any beauty store you visit. You probably just  glanced at the stand, put it back and bought some NYX. YUP that one..Well i must tell you, they are here to get what's THEIRS!! 

Honestly,i have to give it to whoever their new / "just woke up from a great slumber" creative director is. They did a major 360 and have been rolling out awesome products lately. From the pro concealers that are a beauty on a budget diva's dream to their eye shadow palettes that are great dupes for the high end ones and also their glazed paints. GO L.A GIRL!! Yasss i love a good "BRAND REVIVAL".

Recently they launched a matte lipgloss line.. ABH had us digging deep into our pockets but these are here to rival all the high end matte lippies out there. And for the price too? You know you have to get some.....

I will be do separate reviews on the products so i don't send you all into a snooze fest with all that reading. Keep checking back for the posts and makeup looks guys.


Thanks for Stopping by!!


  1. Hey!! welcome back... I completely feel you blogging can be very expensive and then all the pressure from social media...girllllll!!! I need to go on a ban myself after I try some of these liquid lipsticks and the orange colour corrector... and maybe the nude shadow palette xx

    1. GURL!! You need to go on a ban right now with all these things you are listing! lool

  2. Awww I am so glad you are back with a haul which I always enjoy!! I love the LA Girl Colour Correctors and I got a few myself except the Green one because I don't even know how to use it....Keen to see a tutorial or blog post on how you colour correct...xx