Thursday, May 28, 2015


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So this is part one of my L.A girl review. Being an eye shadow girl i am very particular about pigmentation. I cannot stand chalky shadows or some with no color payoff.  I won't even bother. L.A girl released four eye shadow palettes with different themes. There is something for everyone..A palette to create neutral looks, smoky looks, romantic and bright looks.

I received the Nude and Smokey palette and i couldn't wait to play with them.

WHAT L.A GIRL Says:  Four gorgeous must-have eye shadow palettes filled with a dozen majorly pigmented shades ranging from super wearable looks like Nudes to bolder looks like Neons. L.A. Girl’s Beauty Brick Eye shadow Collection gives you the best of all colors to allow you to create stunning looks! The variety of colors and textures in the Beauty Brick Eye shadow Collection include shimmer and matte shades making these captivating palettes very versatile to go from an everyday look to a night out.


Dazzlebeautie: This has got to be the most popular of the fourth palettes released.It is very wearable and great for soft,flirty, romantic and sexy looks. It holds 12 colors with a combination of 3 matte and 9 shimmery colors that are very wearable for both day and night time. 

This palette is very similar to the Urban decay naked 3. There are some serious dead on dupes in there. I like how lightweight it is and the price is great. (Comparison pic above)

From the swatches above the pigmentation of this is alright. Some colors are soft , buttery and pigmented . The matte colors you will need to put in a little extra hand to get good payoff and the shimmery ones are great.  I suggest using a primer with these to get better pay off but overall this is a great palette to have.


Dazzlebeautie: Everyone loves a great smokey eye. I know i do. This palette like the nude has 3 matte and 9 shimmery colors. There are blues, grey's, bronzey and deep navy colors to create different sultry looks.

 The color pay off of this is really great as well. The bronze color has the BEST pigmentation of the bunch if i might add. It is such a pretty color and i really like that the most. As the other palettes it is lightweight and the price is great for anyone on a budget.


What do you think of these palettes guys? Let's chat about it below.

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  1. Haven't picked up any of these shadow palettes from LA Girl and to be honest I don't know why. Maybe it's because I currently can't keep up with the number of palettes I've got! Hahtag JUNKIE! lol Great post hun xx