Friday, August 29, 2014

Why/How do you choose the makeup products you purchase?

Hi Guys!

Makeup is a big deal for me!! I love buying it and i love wearing it. After sorting out my entire makeup stash over the weekend, i was inspired to do a post on how and why i choose to purchase the products that i have right now. Buying makeup can be pretty expensive and i wanted to drop a few guide lines on how i purchase makeup and maybe inspire someone out there.

When it comes to makeup, i want to try out all the brands!! I envy Temptalia and Karlasugar because they get to review like every single makeup  product in the world. Now that's a super coooooool job if you ask me. During my free time, i go through product reviews online to guide me on what products  to invest my money in because makeup purchasing is an INVESTMENT. Trust me!! I hate to buy things that don't suit me or i won't get the most use out of especially when they cost a pretty penny. 

So guys , grab a cup of tea or something cuz this is going to be a lengthy post.. Here goes...

 Blog Reviews: This was the first guide i had when i started purchasing makeup and this is one of the reasons i started my own blog. I wanted my blog to be a point of reference like the ones i had visited and offer people honest opinions on the products i had purchased on my own. I enjoyed reading reviews and getting first hand information on makeup especially lipsticks!! I remember one of the first items i invested money in were the mac lipsticks. I wasn't just going to purchase any without seeing how the looked on someone. There was a review for every single lipstick i wanted from different people and it either made me want the lipstick more or change my mind about it. If three or more bloggers complain about the same items HEYYYY!! They cant be all wrong can they? Forums are a great source of information too guys. You get to find out a ton of information from different people on a topic and this really helps a lot in making up you mind on a product you may be skeptical about.

YouTube Reviews and Demos:Now this is similar to the blog reviews but a step better in the sense that you can actually see the product in action. You get to see someone who is your skin tone, lighter or darker wearing it and you say Hmmmmm i think i can pull that off! I have discovered a few makeup items that i purchased from watching get ready with me tutorials.YouTube really helped me especially with picking nude lipsticks like peach stock, Myth etc.. I really liked the way the looked but i wasn't sure if they would suit my skin tone so i searched nude lipsticks for WOC and there were a ton of videos on this. You cant go wrong with YT guys.

My Skin type and Tone: This is very important when picking out products. We all know there are a ton of products that are suitable for one skin type and aren't for the others. Firstly, foundation. I prefer foundations specifically made for WOC. They get the under tones right and there are a wide variety of shades to choose from. I also have oily skin so i like to stick with products that have sunscreen and can hold oil very well. Those are very important for me when choosing a primer, a foundation and a powder.

Popularity of the product: If you are a bad ass makeup enthusiast like i am you cannot escape this. From MAC to Urban Decay to Anastasia Beverly hills. You probably stalk their websites waiting for new releases and cant wait to get your hands on them. I have fallen victim to a few of these and some i regret, some i DONT. Like the Naked Palette. I love my Naked 3 palette and honestly i got it because i didn't get the 1st and 2nd and i just couldn't ignore all the talk about it.Well all the hype was worth it and im seriously thinking about gettign the Naked 1 too. The shadows are pigmented and super pretty. Also, the super famous Dip brow pomades too. They are everywhere and if you love makeup you definitely want to know what all the fuss is about so you purchase. I am seriously eyeing the AMREZY and MAYA MIA palettes that have just been released. Everyone is talking about them and the colors look great. But i'm thinking.. hmmmmm do i really need them? Then M.A.C!!! Don't let me get started on them with all their collections. I remember wanting the MAC Angel lipstick just because Kim K said it was her favourite lipstick. I haven't used it up to 10 times since i got it trust me!I try my best to keep up with the releases and something always happens to catch my eye. Some i end up loving and some i end up like "WHY DID I EVEN BUY THIS STUFF"?????

Price: Like i said before, makeup addiction is really expensive. I have been on a few international online beauty forums where people have said that makeup bloggers where mostly rich kids who could afford to buy each and every items they loved because they had free money at their disposal. There is some reasoning behind this but this is not entirely true. You can absolutely be a makeup blogger for a particular niche where you review mostly budget friendly products for people who can't afford to throw money on a YSL lipstick. I also read a blog post from a popular blogger(name withheld) who said she was taking a break from makeup reviews because she couldn't afford to keep buying so much makeup for financial reasons. This i can understand. As much as we all want to have several  foundations from the world's leading brands, they are pretty expensive. I personally try to not have more than three different foundations at a time. Presently i have a MAC, BlackUp and a Revlon. I wear the Revlon to work and the other two when going out. I'm not trying to waste my expensive foundation when i don't need to.I would like to try some NARS and LANCOME but only when i have a ton of free money to buy those. I am absolutely fine with the ones i have now as they do not dissapoint me. I also like to compare the high end and drug store eyeshadow palettes to look for great color dupes. I love my BH Cosmetics palette and Wet and Wild palettes very much....  but i still want a LORAC PRO palette tho!! LOL *wink*

Personal Preference: Sometimessssss, I JUST LIKE WHAT I LIKE!! I cant explain it. I see a product, i ogle over it, i buy it. Simple as that. I have purchased a few items because i really like them and even though i haven't used them much i just like having them. Call me a makeup hoarder if you will. It could be a drug store brand or a high end brand. It could be a nail polish, a mascara, whatever! If i like it i don't care much about the price at that point. I will purchase. Especially LE products.I can be so vain i'l be like "Oh you didn't get that? Really!! I have that!! You should have gotten that you know? LMAOO

 Soooo, this is my personal guide on how i purchased the makeup that i have presently. I'm guessing a few people share the same with me. I'd love to know what influences the choice of makeup you pick too. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed typing it up. Overall, remember makeup is fun! Don't over think  it or you take the fun out of it.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!


  1. I totally agree with u on all counts.. And yes I am one of those price sensitive on-a-budget make up lovers.. ;) I love the high-ends but the drugstore one do a good job too!

  2. Hmmmmm lips are sealed!I'm a compulsive buyer in general but when it comes to makeup I'm limitless.I don't even care if its high end or drugstore!mac has a serious hold on me like sometimes I ask myself "do u really need these items"but hey I'm a MUA so I find solace in that

  3. I love to follow beauty trends I totally agree with everything you mention here, if I love a product from a brand I go on to their website or other stores that sells them and register to get alert for sales, so most of the time I wait for when there are massive sales on beauty products, MAC don't have much sale on their products so I use departmental stores like debenhams/John Lewis, or better still wait until payday close my eyes and make that purchase.💄👄🙏🏼